On The Brain. . .

Yes, I have one.. and here’s what’s swimming in it:

The possibility that A-Rod may have taken steroids since ’03… Hold
on, I need a second [or 38] to digest this… Okay, I’m good. Now, let me say this to all parents: Do not name your
child “Angel” [or Michael] unless you’re sure they won’t turn out to
be a steroid carrying, banned from baseball trainer, who likes to
accompany a recently admitted ‘roid user, along with his recently
blamed cousin, for an entire season, in which the ‘roid user won an
MVP. I’m just saying.

– The possibility that Angel Presinal may have just followed A-Rod around to give him some of MJ’s Secret Stuff.

michael's secret stuff.jpg

mean, Alex hasn’t failed a drug test since ’03, and as far as I know,
H20, Flouride, and whatever other chemicals in tap water that manage to
make it through filtering is not illegal [or a drug at all] and it still worked for Bugs

– The question: Does the press realize that they,
in fact, have the same so called “single white woman obsession” with
A-Rod as the one Torre wrote of about Alex with Jeet in The Yankee
Years that they made a big deal of?

– The warm tingly feeling I felt when I read this… Sportmanship.. a beautiful thing.

– The question: Exactly how cool is Nick Swisher?

swisher bruney.jpg

– The irony in how a guy [Damon] making $13 million this year “can’t pay bills right now“.

– The cold from hell that’s got me trying to remember what it’s like to breathe through your nose.

If my cold doesn’t kill me, I think my continued lack of cable since I
moved to the wackest borough of NYC [take a guess] last week might do

P.P.S. Just read a great article on A-Rod that might lessen the rage people have against him or open a few eyes. Click here for it. Here’s an excerpt:

“I am disappointed in Alex Rodriguez, but I am
frustrated and disgusted with the sanctimonious members of the press,
too many for me to single out individual names, who deal in speculation
and hyperbole and question his sincerity based on theories that are
little more than vapor … or smog, and who dissected every moment of
Rodriguez’s press conference in Tampa — every word, every pause, every
facial expression — looking for an exposed piece of flesh to attack.”

Can I get an amen?



  1. flairforthedramatic

    Elizabeth – It’s actually Damon that can’t and it’s because his finances were frozen after that Stanford Financial Group scandal.
    I hope I feel better too.. I had no school this week.. it ruined my vacation. 😦
    – V

  2. levelboss

    “the wackest borough of NYC”

    do you mean Queens? Brooklyn? Manhattan? Staten Island???

    surely you’re not talking about Da Boogie Down Bronx! 🙂

  3. juliasrants

    I think Damon’s assets are frozen and so are all of Swisher’s credit cards because of an SEC/Fed investigation into the Stanford Financial Group. A-Rod still has some explaining to do – boli was also illegal to use in the Dominican Republic when he was using it; someone is guilty of illegal drug trafficking.


  4. flairforthedramatic

    Level – You got it with your first guess. Crummy Queens.. Of course I’m not talking about the Bronx.. I would never say the Bronx is wack! Oddly, the Bronx is the only borough of NYC I haven’t lived in.. weird.
    Julia – I believe it’s Damon & Nady whose have their $$ on hold.
    Like I said on Twitter, I’d rather Alex be guilty of drug trafficking than still using ‘roids and lying again, but I’m betting it’s the cousin who will get the blame for the drug trafficking as well.
    Greg – Good point, he wouldn’t be as cool.. but still cool, lol… and yeah, it’s nice to read a story about the good in sports finally, even if it isn’t about baseball.
    – V

  5. Jane Heller

    Sorry about your cold, V. I hate not being able to breathe! That story about sportsmanship was very touching. I also enjoyed reading the YES article on A-Rod. Somebody likes him. Woohoo. He should take that writer out to dinner! Swisher? Not ready to call him cool just yet. He needs to hit above .250 first. 🙂


  6. roshkoch

    I just read that feel-good article before coming to your blog. Ironic.

    Yes, it is Nady and Damon who have no cash right now. Maybe A-Rod can spot them a few bucks. If not, they can camp in GMS Field. They should anyway, just for kicks. Swisher would do it. He IS cool.

    Wanna know how cool he is?


    I just wrote a blog about Swish.

  7. joefromnewhampshire

    Well, unfortunately anyone and everyone carry suspicion at this point, especially since amphetamines do not increase your size (meaning anyone could potentially be a suspect). But right when ARod came out and admitted, I had to at least THINK about him having used since then, and before then…


  8. flairforthedramatic

    Jane – I’m actually feeling better today, yay 🙂 lol. I don’t know if Alex should take him out to dinner. People might start talking. I can see the headline now: A-Roid Bribing Press To Take His Side. About Swish.. he’ll be cooler when he gets that avg. up, but he has some natural coolness you can’t take away from him lolz.
    Rosh – A camp out of the guys at GMS Field [which I’m seriously unhappy with the renaming of.. it sounded better as Legend’s Field] would be an awesome sight. I read your post. Good stuff, good stuff.
    Joe – Yes, I don’t think that suspicion will ever leave him now. It’s really a shame… not just about him, about the whole game.. how it’s gotten to the point where we fans can’t trust the word of any of the players these days. The sad part is, the steroid news won’t be going away any time soon.
    – V

  9. Erin Kathleen

    Amen, Vanessa. The media’s sanctimonious “coverage” of the steroids scandal is enough to make me ill. And where was all of this righteous indignation when Pettite and Giambi admitted they were doping? Why is it only guys like A-Rod and Barry Bonds who are getting raked over the coals (especially since A-Rod did come clean. sort of)?

  10. xcicix

    Queens isn’t too bad…Staten Island really sucks. My friends who live there are always complaining about the ferry and if they miss it they’re 30 minutes late to school (totally true)…but if you’ve lived there before you know it. And I’m wishing the A-Roid thing will blow over, too…isn’t the rest of baseball doing something more interesting (or stupid)? Anyways, your blog’s pretty cool.

  11. flairforthedramatic

    Erin – Seems to just be the way of the world. A-Rod has and always been under tougher scrutiny than the avg. guy could probably handle. Kinda comes with the territory of being as great a ballplayer as he is I guess.
    Jen – Much better actually. 🙂 Swish does seem pretty cool. Hmm.. I should send an email his way then. I hope to see him do well in New York. I know he’s going to love it here.. not to say that Chi Town sukks.. but it isn’t no New York.
    Xcicix – Ehh, Queens doesn’t float my boat.. but yeah, Staten Island is up there on the wack scale too. Lol, I think the news about him will start to lessen once the season starts and the reporter actually have something to write about. Thxx for the compliment 🙂
    – V

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