Still On The Brain. . .

What I’m still wondering:

– How a photographer can still have his job after taking these:

yanks pic.jpg

ask that with complete seriousness. I didn’t even put the two worst
ones  up because.. well, they’re that bad. Check them if you so dare here
and here. The other player pictures from the other 29 teams actually
looked like they weren’t shot by a guy with this:


… but let me not continue to criticize the guy that took the Yanks’ pics
[before he cries] and instead give the Yanks a little heads up: I have
a camera [a sexy Kodak with 10 MP] and I’ll work for minimum wage… on second thought, for the chance to have DJ give me a
smile, I’ll work free of charge.

How I managed to get poor CC sick… apparently, he wasn’t able to go
through with tossing BP today because of the flu. Sorry bud.. but hey, look
at the bright side: I’m feeling better 🙂 [*Cough* It’s your problem
now. *Cough*]

– What this would get on a “awh” scale:


… or would it not get anything at all just because it’s A-Rod?

– Who in their right mind would dare to battle this mean, blond skyscraper?:


Joe G.’s boy Dante, that’s who… and I’m betting the little one won.
Never underestimate a 7 year old… I’m not kidding.

Side Note: Swish is loving it. His last tweet:

“This team is amazing. Cannot believe I have been blessed enough to be here. I am on cloud 9.”

We’re glad you’re on the team Nick.

More Major Leaguers need to sign up for Twitter… or at least give
some personal updates on their websites once in a while. It’s the age
of technology and fans that can’t get enough fellas. Get with it.



  1. mlbmark

    I thought Kaybee got CC sick. I am still raving about your smash to center. BTW I think these photos are kinda artsy, and trust me if you put these on a gallery wall in one of the boutiques in West Chelsea this summer, it would be an overflow crowd and they would go for many thousands. It looks like cool art.


  2. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – Uh oh. Maybe he took Joba’s mug shot after that DUI. That’s probably why he looks so sad in his pic, lol.
    Mark – Lol, thank you. You know what was the best part about that hit? It was Primabolan free. These guns are all natural baby, lol. About the pics.. ehh, they don’t seem so artsy to me, but nonetheless, taking the player pics for baseball is not a job for an artsy photographer. Because I lack any sense of art, I’m obviously perfect for the job 🙂
    – V

  3. Jane Heller

    You could totally do a better job than that photographer! It’s almost as if he told the players to look weird. The one of Edwar Ramirez is especially funny. Do I really need to sign up for Twitter? Isn’t Facebook enough????

  4. levelboss

    V, you should put captions for each of the pictures..

    Jeter: Jessica Alba got married?
    ARod: i just blew the Hall of Fame
    CC: 180 million.. yes!
    Joba: i got the squirts bad

  5. flairforthedramatic

    Jane – Nothing is ever enough. Sign up for Twitter! Guarantee you’ll enjoy.
    Elizabeth – Wouldn’t it? I think it’d be one more step up for the popularity of baseball.
    Jeff – Lol, why am I not surprised?
    Happy Youngster – Ehh, I don’t know about hungover. To me, he looks like he’s kinda scared lol.
    Level – Lol, I should’ve thought of that. Good ones.
    Aaron – The Andy one was really terrible lol.. I kinda like CC’s only because he looks like he’s daydreaming or something.. he looks like a little kid 🙂
    – V

  6. roshkoch

    I agree with Mark. They look like an artsy photog was bothered into doing routine work. They should have had their minor league photographer, Jess Kovalcin, do the shots.

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