In Retrospect

The World Is Coming To An End:

Okay.. not really..
but mine is. I’ve been without cable for the past two-ish weeks
[because the cable company is full of retards and the people I
surprisingly get my genes from are… well, I won’t go there] and
oxygen is running low. This is the reason I have failed to
update for a week [along with the fact that I’m lazy].. but I’m going
to attempt to cover it [simply because Jeff oh so politely demanded me to entertain], though I’m sure I’m the one that needs to be filled in and he and Allen are the ones better at the entertaining.

The Week In Retrospect:

Manny Apparently Not Completely Unwanted:

which was a surprise to me. I actually put money on him not signing for
at least another week, because we all know he’s the kind of idiot that
would hold out that long, but props to him for realizing he had no
other option. Extra props to the Dodgers for being the only team that
even cared.


that’s it. His sole name is, and will always be, a headline. The
multiple reasons why it’s bold today are a) because D.R. might not see
him play for them [yet again] and b) because A-Rod displayed his intelligent ability to never phrase his words correctly [yet again].

those who may not know, I am Puerto Rican. For those who have
miraculously managed not to know, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans have had
a friendly, sometimes not so friendly, Boskees type rivalry with one
another for what seems like forever… and considering that nearly my
whole school is Dominican, and most of the guys I argue baseball with
are Dominican, naturally, after hearing Alex would be playing for D.R.
this time around, I heard a lot of this: “We got Alex. D.R. is taking it
this year! [Blah blah blah] Haha.” [They emphasized that last part.] Now, I
honestly couldn’t care less which WBC team Alex chose to play for, so
long as he came back to the Yanks ready to kick a**, but now, with the
news that he has a semi serious hip injury, I’m saying: take no chances. If Joe G. follows my advice [which he better], I’ll hopefully be lying saying: Haha, he doesn’t really have an injury, Alex just ditched you again. =P

that second bit about A-Rod, let me lay down the official quote: I
wish (Reyes) was leading off on our team or playing on our team. That’s
fun to watch. I don’t know about everyone else, but to me, that didn’t
sound like a direct shot at DJ… however, what it did sound like to me was complete stupidity. I would normally call it ignorance or a slip of the tongue if it were anyone else, but by now,
it’d be unfair to say that Alex said that, like so many other things,
without thinking. It almost never ceases to baffle me the fact that he
is completely incapable of predicting how the media will spin things
beforehand. You’d think he would’ve learned.

El Capitan Becomes El Capitan For A Different Team:

…that has an unsettling feeling in your stomach doesn’t it? With DJ’s contract expiring semi-soon, at the end of 2011, many are daring to envision him possibly in another uniform. Though I take the same stance as Joe Auriemma, “Derek Jeter is and will always be a Yankee“, Yankee fans got a little taste of what the minute possibility of him playing against the team he was born to play for would feel like yesterday, when he sat in the opposing dugout
at “GMS Field” [Legend’s Field sounded 10 times better]. When he was playing for the U.S. in the last WBC, it
was okay.. and I thought it’d be fun to see him play the Yanks,
instead of on the Yanks, for once, but let me say this: I don’t care
how competitive you are, if you’re joining forces with Pedroia and
Youkilis against your own team, you make sure you lose [and not go 2-4
with 2 RBI’s], because  in no way is this a pretty sight:

jeter wbc.jpg

never let ^that^ happen again.

Start writing the contract now [and don’t
be stingy] so that the thought of Jeet declining doesn’t have a chance
to cross people’s minds.

Latest Leaders:

won’t even make a separate post about this one because I dropped to
#41… but considering I posted once  the entire week, I have to say,
not bad at all. Thanks to everyone for continuing to come back.

Side Notes: [Sorry I forgot these..]

– For what real artistic MLB photography looks like, check this pic out here. Better than those other ones no? [It’s JD for those that can’t tell.]

– For the reason why all males are probably jealous of Yankees, check this out here. Yeah, Joba can rock the dorky glasses.

P.S. I seriously don’t know what else is going on in baseball.
P.P.S. Turning the big 1-8 next Thursday. Soooomeone should get me a Yankee uniform without the name on the back.



  1. juliasrants

    Vanessa – You did a great job of summing it up! I don’t think you missed much else. OMG – I’m watching MLB Network – Hot Stove just came on – the Talking Heads are wearing party hats and throw confetti to celebrate Manny finally resigning! What is the world coming to!


  2. xcicix

    Wow…people in your school care about baseball? You’re so lucky! That is a strange picture, though…Jeter is totally a Yankee. If Hal Steinbrenner doesn’t resign him, he’s way dumber than I thought. You’re pretty good at entertaining, and happy early birthday!

  3. levelboss

    “For those who may not know, I am Puerto Rican.”

    you mean you’re not Chinese-Romanian-Apache??? (i apologize to anyone who actually is Chinese-Romanian-Apache if this is offensive – just trying to make a quick joke)

    happy birthday next week, V

  4. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – LOL.. urg, I need my cable back. =(
    xcicix – Thank you. No one in your school cares about baseball? How’s that possible? Lol… and btw, I’m still amazed that someone living in New York is a D-Back fan.. so random lolz..
    Level – Thanks.. and LOL.. I doubt I have Chinese in me!
    Jane – Thanks.. I have zero planned as of right now.. I’ll probably go somewhere like bowling or something with a bunch of friends though.. I don’t really like to do the whole big party thing.. I’d rather kick back.. kinda suxx that my bday falls on a Thursday though =(
    gomets1010 – Isn’t it? The guy was born to be a Yankee.. now and forever.
    – V

  5. redstatebluestate

    Ha! Okay, I feel entertained now. Interesting point about the D.R.s vs. P.R.s. I like that. It’s sorta like the rivalry between my two sides of the family: Scots and Irishmen. Basically, no matter how much we argue with one another, we end up getting drunk together in the end. All is well that ends well… A-Rod might not play at all now. Don’t worry, V! He’ll be good to go for the season and won’t forget how to hit in clutch situations until the playoffs start 🙂 When’s the big bday?

  6. 26andcounting

    I was happy that it was Hughes who got the start against Team USA. Team USA is not a MLB team with minor leaguers, but a team with All-Stars. That being said, it was also amazing that the Yankee minor leaguers who played later in the game got to see true MLB pitching. I was very impressed with the game . . . even though the Yanks lost.

  7. Brian Legentil

    The only people who thought A-Rod’s quote abut Reyes was a shot at Jeet just wants him in more headlines, he was only talking up his (temporary) teammate. I’m sure if Jeter said “I wouldn’t mind if Pedroia was playing 2nd for the Yanks,” no one would think that was a dig at Cano.
    MLBlog: Whistlin’ Past The Ballpark

  8. Elizabeth D

    Arguing baseball with [annoying] guys=story of my life. Better than talking about nothing though right? A-Rod simply needs to think before he speaks, perhaps he should take a public speaking class? And Derek Jeter IS a Yankee– I can’t see him anywhere else. Then again, I couldn’t see a certain former Red Sox that is now your outfielder anywhere else but hey…
    Jeter is a bit different though.

  9. flairforthedramatic

    Jeff – March 12th.. Pisces!!
    Homer – I hadn’t even realized it was a “big part of my life”.. I guess the saying is true.. you never know what you have until you lose it, *tear*, lolz..
    Brian – Good point about the Jeet – Cano scenario.. I feel bad that every word that comes out of Alex’s mouth is criticized to the bone, but hey.. no one can do anything about it.. except the reporters, who could lay off a bit.. but pff, like they’re going to stop now..
    And yeah, it was not a pleasant sight.
    Elizabeth – Lol, story of mine too. I was going to say Alex should take a class on how to deceive or master the art of political correctness, but whatever works.
    Jeter is definitely a different story.. no comparison.. That boy has pinstripes in his blood.
    – V

  10. roshkoch

    V, do the Dominican fellas in your school typically detest Arod? I found, during my visit to the D.R. last summer, that the Dominicans we encountered held a very deep resentment for Alex for choosing to play for the US instead of them in the original classic. Do you see that same trend with your schoolmates?
    Rosh //

  11. flairforthedramatic

    Rosh – Ehh, if the ones that are Yankee fans don’t really hate him or anything, but the ones that aren’t sure made a point of insulting him. Very few fans in my school are die hard.. with one of the few being me of course 🙂
    Jeff – If I have a bad bday I’m so blaming you! Lol.
    Indiansn06 – I don’t think anyone disagrees. It’s one of those facts of baseball 🙂
    Jane – Werd.
    Happy Youngster – No clue yet.. I hate making plans.. I’m more of the spontaneous sort, lol.
    – V

  12. mayz

    Concerning that Team USA picture: Pedroia should really be careful to make sure no photos are ever taken of him when he’s standing on the less elevated piece of turf. He looks like a midget in that photo.

    BTW- just created an Indians blog, feel free to check it out if you ever want to read up on the Tribe!

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