A-Rod Makes Smart Move

Yeah… imagine that.
Just when I was ready to say that his dumb alter ego went and took
control of him again, Alex goes off and does something not dumb… he
makes a good decision… who could’ve seen that coming?

Seriously though, now that the news is out that Alex will indeed be opting for “a less invasive surgery
that will have him out till late April or May [with the latter more
likely], instead of just playing through it, it’s time to break it
down. Why is it a good move? The answers:

1. Because Dr. Philippon says it is…
I’m not the brightest person in the world [yes I am], but I’m sure that
that would be the person you’d want to listen to. I forget what those
two letters before his name mean, but I know they’re mildly important.

2. Because it gives Alex a much needed vacation…

no, I’m not talking a sitting on the beach type. He had plenty of time
to do that in the Bahamas. I’m talking about a vacation [albeit a short
one] from the torture. Unless the press is desperate enough to continue
stalking him or Alex finds a way to stir controversy in recovery, he
will be out of the spotlight for a few, which could do him some good
[or no harm at least].

3. Because gives Alex a golden opportunity…

It won’t give him the chance to redeem himself completely, but if
[Baseball Gods forbid] the Yanks somehow manage to play ’08 ball this
April, the fans will surely be anticipating Alex’s return even more..
and though the pressure will be great [which is something he should be
used to by now], if he manages to bash them out of the ballpark when
he’s back, he’ll look like Superman. Anything is possible [not really,
but Garnett said it so it sounds good].

Alex will still need an additional surgery after the season, going with
this option now makes it so that he can rehab faster while decreasing
the chances he’ll have a setback than if he tries to be Superman now
and play through the pain. I dare say again: smart move.

Side Notes:

– Only saw the second half of the USA game yesterday, but ahhhh, good stuff. I missed me some meaningful baseball.

– Also yesterday, D.R. lost, P.R. won… hehe.

– Mo looked kinda cool in a Panama uniform.



  1. 26andcounting

    Vanessa –
    I think A-Rod’s decision was a smart one. With this surgery he won’t miss the majority of the season. However, I do think the Yankees should try to still get another 3Bman. Do you really think that A-Rod will be 100% for the rest of the season?! I think the answer to the question is unfortunately a No.

  2. Erin Kathleen

    Well, you’re right about nos 1 and 3, but I doubt very much that A-Rod will be out of the limelight during his recovery. He might not get himself into any trouble, but we’re going to have to hear about every single detail of his rehab, whether we like it or not.

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – I hope so too. How much would it suckk if he breaks down middle of the season? Well.. that actually wouldn’t suckk for you guys lol..
    Leah – Yeah, the Yanks obviously need a backup.. no offense to Cody Ransom, but he won’t fill the huge gap in the lineup, with A-Rod’s bat not there.
    Jeff – Lol, it may be.. hmm.. we may have another Carl Pavano on our hands.. the horrrror.
    Elizabeth – Indeed. I think it’ll be of at least some help.
    Erin – We probably will.. but more towards the end of his recovery.. I say within two or three weeks of his return we’ll be hearing the daily update, down to how many times he takes a breath each day.. who else is looking forward to that? Lol.
    – V

  4. Jane Heller

    V, Ken Davidoff had a great post yesterday (wish I could find it) about his fellow beat writers and how their constant bashing of A-Rod is unfair. It was the first time any of them stepped up and said, “Leave the guy alone.” I applauded. And to me, Mo would look good no matter what, although he’s getting sooo bald.


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