USA vs. Netherlands In Gamer: Brink Of Elimination

          Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the USA game against Puerto Rico
yesterday.. but being both American and Puerto Rican, it was kind of
hard to choose a side, so before it went down I simply said whoever
wins, wins [though I kind of wanted P.R. to get the W, to further embarrass D.R.]… but now with the U.S. set to take on the Netherlands,
who have already pulled off an “upset” in this Classic, in a win or go
home game today, I’m thinking I should host an in-gamer for this one. Hope all you
US Americans can join.

Game Time: 7:15 ET


Game Notes:

7:13: Chipper has been scratched.

7:43: 1-2-3 inning for Oswalt.

7:55: Bases loaded…..

7:58: And the U.S. only gets one run on the board.

8:02: Greeatt DP started by Rollins.

8:10: Could they emphasize the use of the mercy rule on yesterday’s game any more? I think the embarrassment has been made clear.

8:11: Ouch.. good tag to nail Braun at second.

8:14: 2 Run bomb by Rollins.. 3 – 0, U.S.

8:25: Schoop’s reaction to his K, before it was even called a K, was kind of funny.

8:54: Oh yes.. Oswalt gets out of the inning, sitting down Jansen with a K, and keeping the Devilish Dutch off the scoreboard.

9:03: Rollins.. again.. drilling it, this time for a triple.

9:06: Another triple.. Roberts, the fill in, is now a hr away from the cycle.. I can understand why the Dutch wanted to protest his name in the lineup.

9:18: 6 zip after 4.

9:19: Love the MLB ’09 The Show commercial.. hehe..

9:29: Bases loaded.. no outs……

9:30: Woah.. weirdest successful throw to the plate I’ve ever seen.

9:37: … Might we see another mercy rule game today?

9:53: Dunn hits it to the moon. 8 – zip.

10:07: The Netherlands manage to get on the board with one.

10:23: .. Okay.. the Dutch get another one.

10:25: Rooi gets one thrown behind the back.. and now some tension.. both sides warned.. things are getting interesting..

10:33: Score now 8 – 3 .. The Dutch better not have another upset stored in their arsenal.

10:49: 2 outs away from the Dutch’s elimination.

10:52: And game over. Team USA moving on.

P.S. I officially turned 18 this past Thursday, so I can now proudly say I am able to sign any legal document without parental consent.. so Yanks: hook me up with a contract.

P.P.S. Scored tickets to the 3rd game in the first series at the new stadium.. am I excited much? Mmm.. yeah.



  1. flairforthedramatic

    Happy early b-day! If i makes you feel any better.. I’m still feeling kinda old, lol.
    โ€“ V

  2. Elizabeth D

    Sorry I’m a bit late ๐Ÿ™‚
    The fact that Chipper was scratched isn’t too bad, I mean he hadn’t done ANYTHING anyway. I’m sad that Pedroia is injured, in fact, I’m nervous! At church today (not that I went voluntarily…) my silent petition was for him to make a speedy recovery.

    Oswalt looks good, better than Peavy (*sigh*). I wish we could have done more with the bases loaded, David Wright DOES owe me a home run.

    LOL the mercy rule is all they’re talking about. It was embarrassing but fun to be there.

    How was your birthday?

  3. flairforthedramatic

    It was okay.. kinda laid back.. winded up hanging with a couple friends of mine.. didn’t want to do much.. just super excited that I’m 18 finally!!
    Have I mentioned how jealous I am that you went to the game yesterday? Argghh, lolz.
    โ€“ V

  4. flairforthedramatic

    I’m thinking he’s going to get that HR…. The Dutch might be pretty pissed if he does though..
    โ€“ V

  5. Jane Heller

    Just tuned in and see that the USA has this one in hand in the 5th. And yeah, all they’re talking about is the mercy rule. LOL. Hope you had a great birthday and that you have many happy years of Yankee fandom ahead of you!

  6. flairforthedramatic

    Thx Jane.. I do hope I have plenty of those years too..

    And Elizabeth, ugh, yea.. that was a bit of a letdown..

    โ€“ V

  7. levelboss

    Happy Birthday, V
    here’s a list of what you can do at certain ages..
    17 – see R-rated movies
    18 – vote, can get cigarettes legally (hopefully you won’t ever smoke), and officially a ‘legal adult’
    21 – drink legally (hopefully carefully and responsibly of course if ever)
    25 – get a rental car without any co-signature

  8. flairforthedramatic

    Lol, thanks for giving me that heads up. I do not plan on ever drinking or smoking, so growing older doesn’t have many perks for me… However, there is that driving thing ๐Ÿ™‚
    โ€“ V

  9. redstatebluestate

    Sorry I missed this In-gamer. I always liked those. Have to do the chat thingy too. See, I missed it cuz I was gallivanting through the streets of New York trying to persuade all the Yankees and Mets fans to see the light and join the Cardinals’ caravan. Didn’t work. Hehe. NYC is a fun place though. Been several times… but this time was all work and no play. Boo hoo.

  10. welikeroywelikeroy

    You could legally drink and gamble if you came to Quebec. Those things are overrated anyway. I went there when I was that age. Although the French I knew were those Moulin Rouge lyrics. They did get far! Its awesome that you are going to a game in the new stadium. There are probably going to be a lot fun things there to distract you from baseball. No more sorry workers hauling ice up to the second level I hope!

  11. flairforthedramatic

    Homer – I can’t wait for the game. The new Yankee Stadium looks hott..
    Elizabeth – Will do, will do.
    Happy – Oh yes he can, lol.
    Jeff – Argh.. next time tell me when you’re coming to NYC.. I would so drag you to a Yankee game.. and you WILL like it! Lol..
    Sorryyyyy for the absence again. [Right about now, I’m not sure if I have more absences from school or this blog.] If I don’t post by the end of the week, I will change my layout to the Cardinals… [you know I’m not letting that happen, so check for a post soon]..
    โ€“ V

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