In Retrospect

About two weeks later… here’s what I missed:

America: The Land of The… Losers?:

We were all optomistic at first, but in the end, the World Baseball Craptastic winded up ending
the same way it did 3 years ago… with team USA brushing off their
elimination and team Japan heading home with this bad boy:

wbc trophy.jpg

Surprised?… I’m not. Yeah, I admit I was one of the many who were hopeful and arrogant, thinking our boys had to take it this time around… but part of me knew the Baseball Gods would be playing the same cruel trick on us it had before, having the U.S. beat at its own game, just so they can get a good laugh.

To state the obvious:

Bad News: We lost again. We should be embarrassed.

Good News: The baseball we actually care about is starting up in a little over a week so… ehh, whatever.

[[Btw, I did enjoy watching the WBC though, despite the slight tinge of bitterness.]

Batting #2 In The Two-Hole… Leadoff:

Joe G. isn’t done shaking things up just yet. Apparently, he has
decided to switch DJ and JD’s slot in the batting order, trying Jeet as
the leadoff man for size this season. Though it will feel odd seeing El
Capitan’s name somewhere other than the two-hole [for more than a few
games], according to Peter Abraham, the move makes sense. Why? He says:

1.) Because of Jeter’s frustrating tendency to ground into DP’s.

2.) Because Jeter has supposedly become a singles hitter.

3.) Because the change gives him more opportunities to reach base, which is a plus, with Jeet having a higher career OBP than JD.

In my not so intelligent opinion, I say:

In 37 at-bats batting in the leadoff spot over the past 3 seasons, Jeet
hit .216. In 10 at-bats batting second over the past 3 seasons, Damon
didn’t get a hit. [Note: I’m fully aware you can’t tell much from 10 or
37 AB, but it’s the only statistical evidence available, since both
have played nearly all their games in their regular slots.]

Girardi is primarily enthused about this decision because of what he
has seen of Damon in the two-hole during Spring Training, while Jeet
was off playing in the WBC. As far as I’m concerned the only real
decisions that should be made during Spring Training are those
regarding rookies, a position left to fight for, or players coming back
from injury/surgery that you aren’t sure will be ready for Opening Day.
Why? Because otherwise, it’d be like scouting high school ballplayers
based on how they hit in a batting cage. Can’t judge on practice.

Though the importance of a batting order may or may not be bloated
these days, it is a change from the norm for these guys, so it could
spark a change.. for good or bad will be determined this year I guess.

Abraham’s Verdict: It makes sense.

Mine: It’s promising.. but a toss up.

Double C Gets Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun…:

… with the call to start both the season and stadium openers, so hand the man some doublemint gum.

cc tossing.jpg

it was obvious C-Sab would be starting the season, I thought perhaps
Girardi would manage to figure Pettitte into the April 16th stadium
opener somehow, considering the fact that it will be a historic start in a new monument to the Yankees franchise and CC has just recently donned the pinstripes, but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Side Notes:

– Though Melk has turned it up now in S.T., it’s looking more and more like Brett The Jet will be winning the outfield
job over the Melk Man with the lineup swap of DJ & JD,
which would separate the lefties… Though I love Melky [the kid has
a lot of energy and brings a great vibe to the team] I think Brett
taking the job would be better a choice, as he brings another level to
his game with his dangerous speed on the bases to add to his abilities
in the OF, as his show of the bat. The only question is will he bring
it all season at the plate.

It was hard to keep up with the headlines while I attempt to not fail
any classes during my last semester of high school, but I caught the
front page story regarding some self-loving pics of A-Rod that were a
little… well… no comment. The only thing I will say is I thought
he’d be out of the spotlight after the surgery because he wouldn’t
likely be involved in another scandal… but how did I not anticipate

– Seems I also neglected to consider that the leeches we call “the press” would still be pining
for stories with his name on it enough that they’d go looking for more on his
past… However, I gotta give it to the reporter who found out the latest reason why people are baffled he, of all people, was blessed with the greatest talent in the game. Though linking him to Spitzer was probably bound to happen, impressive.

**Can’t believe I forgot this, but the new Yankee Stadium is looking beyond gorgeous. Add that to the fact that it will have a Johnny Rockets [whose cheese fries and onion rings I wish I could have on a daily basis] and what do you get? Me panhandling on the subway in the near future after spending all my money on as many Yankee tickets as I can get. **



  1. levelboss

    nice write-up, V.. i actually like the switch with Jeter and Damon..
    but i thought Teixeira would bat clean-up (while A-Rod’s out) with Matsui in the three-hole, but Girardi i think will have it the other way around.. over all though i’m really happy with the lineup.. if the Bombers can stay inside of 6 games of first place until A-Rod gets back then i think they will do quite well this season

  2. juliasrants

    I find it hard to believe that I am agreeing with a Yankees, manager, but I think Joe has made the right decision. Jeter hits into too many double plays not to try it. Good luck with school! Any plans yet for next year?


  3. Jane Heller

    I like the switch, V. I agree with Julia on the GIDPs and how they might be minimized with Jeet leading off. Mostly, I just want whatever works! Always glad to see you back on the blogs! You will forever be known in my house as “Vanessa, my first friend at MLBlogs.”

  4. flairforthedramatic

    Level – Thanks 🙂 I think the switch sounds like a good idea when you think about it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be. Either way, I don’t think it’ll make tooo much of a difference. I’m happy with the lineup as well.. will be happier when Alex returns.
    Julia – He does hit into a lot of DPs.. which is probably the smartest aspect of this move. We’ll see how it works out. I’m planning to go to college.. which one, as of yet, is not set in stone.
    Jane – That’s my take too. If it works, it’s fine by me… And wow, lol, I’m honored that I will forever have that title. 😀
    – V

  5. mayz

    Yankees home opener: Sabathia v. Lee? It looks that way. I should be on hand for the last three games of that series. (Would be there for Opening Day if I was a millionaire and could afford those tickets).


  6. redstatebluestate

    Ordinarily, I’d say belly up to some corporate junket to get game tickets, but since they’re all pulling out of their deals for suites and tanking faster than A-Rod chokes in the playoffs, panhandling seems to be the best option 😉

  7. flairforthedramatic

    Jason – The ticket prices for the first game are outrageous aren’t they? I’ll be going to the third game of that series. See you there =)
    Jeff – That was exactly my thinking lolz..
    Jenn – Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe it. I would also say he needs some serious counseling, but knowing him, he’d probably have a questionable rendezvous with his counselor [and his counselor’s best friends] as well.
    – V

  8. Elizabeth D

    I really enjoyed the WBC too. And even though the US lost, I think it still kind of shows how we gave the world the beautiful gift of baseball. After we realized that we can’t shove democracy down everyone’s throat, we gave them baseball, which is just a taste of democracy.

    I liked your analysis of Jeter and Demon switched. I agree with you a bit more– it’s a “toss up”. And it looks like Gardner got the job. What do you think?

  9. Greg

    I laughed at the GIDP reason, with the exception of leading off the game, I don’t see how this will reallly make a difference unless they are expecting Gardner to never get on base. 😉 He must have grounded into a lot of double plays in the first inning of games.

    I’ll save some of my change from tips in case I see you in the subway.

    Red Sox Ramblings:

  10. neal07

    I don’t know about Jeter hitting leadoff and Damon hitting second. And I’m not quite sure it matters all that much. As for the WBC, my backup backup team won once again, sending a clear message to the US that Japan is still chock full of talented players.

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