First Look At The New. . . Stadium?

It’s still 90 feet to first.

It’s still 314′ down the right line.

It’s still home to the boys in blue and it is still “Yankee Stadium”.

So, what exactly has changed from the old ballpark to the new one the Yanks move into now?

getting the chance to see the stadium during the Yankees workout
earlier today, I think I’ve answered that question. My answer is
simple: Yankee Stadium isn’t a stadium anymore. I don’t think anyone who took a look at the stadium today could argue against the fact that it has moved well beyond that… possibly to the point where it’d be acceptable to refer to it as a Colosseum
… or a vacation getaway. I
don’t think I’ve ever been more amazed by a piece of architecture.
Pictures don’t do it justice, but here are some I took for you guys:



Notes From The Workout:

For a guy that will likely not see a lot of playing time, Nick Swisher
was mighty excited. He seemed more like the fans [kids in a candy
store] than one of the players [who were all pretty chill and laid

– For a guy that is a big part of the rotation and will hopefully
be a big influence [for what we’re paying for him], A.J. seemed pretty
down. He was showing no love. Though he did toss a few into the stands,
he looked like he didn’t want to. In one of the pics above he was just
standing there looking down at a ball that people were screaming for
him to toss to them… and then just winded up kicking it away. Swish,
it’s officially your job to brighten that man’s day. Force a smile on
him, will ya?

– I can’t explain to you how lame it is that the fans aren’t allowed into the lower sections without having a ticket in that section, especially when there wasn’t even a game and the stadium was only a fifth full… but whatever, me and my best friend managed to use our evil methods of trickery to get past Yankee Stadium staff… stealth baby, stealth.

– Looking at the ballpark from the upper deck is an insanely beautiful sight. With that said however, if you happen to be one of those fans that… I don’t know, actually pays attention to the games, instead of just the pretty scenery, the seats aren’t so great. I don’t know if it was just me, but I found them to be noticeably farther than in the stadium across the street… BUT, Yankee executives: Try all you want to exile us from the people on the cushion seats, but we still cheer the loudest!

– That last pic was what I thought of that. I made sure I made my mark with those converse imprints on those rich cushion seats, hehe.. =)

– All in all, good day though. I mega missed me my Yankees.



  1. Jane Heller

    Great pix! I just posted some from Sliding into Home, but yours have your personal stamp on them. Glad you had fun. I’m just sorry AJ didn’t. What a grouch. I can’t wait to see the museum upstairs. Or do they make you pay extra for that?!

  2. flairforthedramatic

    Level – Lol, I don’t know.. I haven’t named the cam yet, hehe =)
    Jane – I’m so glad I got to go. The ballpark looks beautiful. I don’t know what was up with A.J. but he should get used to people screaming his name. He’ll have about 50,000 doing it on 5 day basis, lol. I didn’t get the chance to see the museum, but it’d be a smack in the face if they made you pay extra.
    Julia – I don’t know. He’s a Yankee. He should be thrilled 24/7 lol =D
    – V

  3. Dillon M

    I defintely wish I was there for that. The pictures are great. I am looking forward to get there sometime this summer to see a game.

  4. Elizabeth D

    Great pics!! I loved your description of Yankee stadium as a “coliseum”. From your pictures, it sounds like you are right. It’s good to see that Nick Swisher is excited to be there, and that he’s interacting with fans. He’s gotta spread his joy to AJ. AJ isn’t really an emotional person from what I remember of him on the Marlins. But I really dislike those players who completely ignore fans!
    Good job of leaving your mark on the stadium 🙂

  5. flairforthedramatic

    Demboys – I’m trying to go to as many games as I possibly can this year. I love the new stadium. I didn’t want to leave it yesterday. =(
    Jeff – Lol, you had to throw that in didn’t you? Just admit it, you want to be a Yankee fan now =) hehe..
    Jason – No, not all of them. The closer the seat, the more cushion. The upper deck has regular ones. Lower, you get the ones with the bottom cushion, and the Legends seats, closest to the field, might as well be Lazy Boy sofa seats.
    Homer – The stadium did seem more bright and colorful.. but it was a pretty sunny day, so that could be it..
    Greg – I used iMovie [a Mac application] to edit the vid.
    Lol, I will not be happy if that ends up happening.. I’m sure the Yankee execs will not be too pleased either. The last thing they [or anyone] wants in this world is another Pavano.
    Elizabeth – It really is. You feel like an ant when you walk it. It feels so massive and larger than life.
    Though A.J. might be the less cheery type, I’m sure Swish can get him to loosen up and laugh… that, or Swish could just annoy him, lol =)
    – V

  6. Erin Kathleen

    Well, if AJ doesn’t appreciate all of the millions the Yankees are paying him, I know someone else who will 😉 Seriously though, the new Yankee stadium looks absolutely beautiful, great pics and video!-Erin

  7. steve_t

    Hey V, it’s been a while. The new stadium is nothing short of magnificent. What a beautiful park. Yeah, sure, we have the history and all that stuff at Fenway which I do love, but this new home for the Bombers should turn any fan green with envy. It’s a palace fitting the Empire.

    Looking forward to yet another great year in the AL East!

    Steve T.

  8. flairforthedramatic

    Erin – I definitely will! Lol.. thanks, the Stadium is truly gorgeous.
    Steve T. – It has been a while. I’m looking forward to it too. =) Kind of surprised a BoSox fan would admit envy, but I’m liking it, lol.
    Donnie – I love the Subway Series. Kind of suckks that you must wait that long, but have fun at the game in June!
    Babu – As am I, as am I.
    Jenn – The aisles are a little bigger, but ehh, doesn’t make much of a difference to me. The only thing I care about is the boys on the field. =D
    – V

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