Blehh. . . Double Dud

it’s too early in the season to be let down like this and I’m too tired to elaborate on this disappointment, I’m going to
keep this post short and pay attention to the positives:

1.) The Yanks at least made this guy happy:


2.) A.J. has the opportunity to be the first Yankee starter to notch a K.

3.) Sooner or later the offense will realize ’08 is over… hopefully.

4.) Tex’s updated average is .111. [Yeah, that’s a positive… for obvious reasons.]

mark teix sellout.jpg

5.) Only gave up 7 runs today and 6 walks.. that’s what I call improvement.

Side Notes:

Thanks to Mike, Jason, & Jane for stopping by for the in-gamer..
made this game much more bearable. Hope the next one is accompanied by
a win.

– Special thanks to the ballplayer by the name of Derek Jeter for getting us the least bit hype at the end there.

– Tomorrow
A.J. is on the mound for a 1:35 ET start… but if you look ahead, you
will see that we’re in store for the match-up of a lifetime on Friday night.
Andy Pettitte will be going head to head with… Sidney Ponson. Oh
yeah.. get ready.. lol.



  1. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – Very true.
    Jenn – It was fun indeed. I’m positive it will =)
    Jane – Your very welcome.
    – V

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