Opening Day Dud

To sum it up simply, I present to you the before shot:

yanks before 3.jpg

… and the after:

yanks after 1.jpg

SoOoOo… How ’bout Game 2?

Side Notes:

– I seriously need an explanation on the purpose of an off day one game into the season.. Just don’t get it

– The House that Ruth built is checking out.

– Alex really should’ve been at the Oriole Opener.. would of given him the shock of a lifetime hearing someone actually booed louder than him.

– Speaking of… Tex: Give Eutaw Street a souvenir today, will ya?

– In the never ending story of Yankee “drama” [one not involving a stoned dragon… but possibly a drunk one] the next topic is Joba getting caught on tape blabbing away to the officer
who busted him for those DUI charges last October that brought him down from hero level a notch. You can check the vid: here.

the Daily News of course blew it out of proportion, claiming he was
bashing New York, but c’mon… seriously? No big deal. If you think that a New
Yorker wouldn’t hit someone who cuts them off… well, you obviously
haven’t been to the city and/or driven in it, so my advice, plan a trip
to the Big Apple and try it.

*Heads up:  I will not pay for your hospital bills.*

Hosting an in-gamer for tonight’s game featuring Chien-Ming Wang and
some guy whose name I can’t even pronounce, much less spell, so stop by
if you can. Will be trying out the Cover It Live software ma-jig again,
so should be easy to comment back & forth. [Oh, and sorry for the delay on the post.. ]



  1. juliasrants

    Vanessa – I think the off day is for the series that open in the north – ie: places that still seem like winter! That way if there is a postponement, they can still get the whole series in. It is still early in the season – and that’s why I was so surprised at how badly it appears that the NY media bashed the Yankees after just one lose. I guess the win is pretty great.


  2. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – Okay, that makes sense.. And yeahh.. welcome to our world. The media portrays every loss as unacceptable.. Harsh? Yes. Necessary? Maybe A surprise? Not at all.
    Jeff – Good luck Jeffy =)
    Michael – Heyy, check back here at 7:00 to join in.
    Gomets1010 – It’d be very foolish if I were worried lol..
    Aaron – I’m sure he will. I’m betting it was just Opening Day jitters or something. I’m not stressing it.
    Jane – YES it did, LOL..
    – V

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