Breathe. . . Order Has Been Restored

… and no, it wasn’t restored just with a win.

What Happened [That We Wished Would’ve Happened 3 Days Ago]:

1.) The offense scored a load

box 4909.jpg

2.) the starting pitcher for the Yanks notched a K [multiple ones in fact]

3.) Tex forced O’s fans to realize best attribute: shutting up [which is tied for further making fools of themselves]

cano & swisher.jpg

and lastly…

6.) Mariano Rivera did what Mariano Rivera does [sit them down at any age because he’s Mariano Rivera]…

Fellas: This is more like it.

Side Notes:

– Beyond sad start to the day. It was recognized by a moment of silence before the game.

– Gotta love this quote by Michael Kay today: “Sometimes even a Lamborghini
or a Bentley has trouble getting out of the garage, but once it hits
the highway…” [he didn’t finish the sentence because it was obvious
that what happens is

Congratulations to Ramiro Pena for getting his first big league hit in
his first at-bat. Damon teasing him by tossing the ball [not the real
base hit one] into the stands was good stuff, lol.

– I love Nick Swisher.

– If you listen to the post game interview of the man mentioned above [which you can hear on Pete Abraham’s blog here] you can hear the music he played in the clubhouse today. He blasted some Snoop [which I did as well to pump me up for my pre-spring training workout]. When asked “You don’t actually ever give up on being an everyday player right?” his response was “Oh hell nah.” Lol.

On Deck: Pettitte vs. Sidney Ponson tomorrow afternoon… really looking forward to this, lol.



  1. Jane Heller

    You weren’t kidding. We did use the same headline! Since I get the Extra Innings Package here in CA and we weren’t given the YES feed, I was stuck with MASN and Jim Palmer (snooze) so I missed Kay’s joke. Looking forward to facing Sir Sidney tomorrow night. The Yankees should send him to the showers by the third inning, but he could throw a no-hitter for all I know.

  2. diamonddiva

    When Ponson played for Baltimore, I used to call him Pillsbury…as in the Pillsbury Dough Boy, because he resembled the PDB back then. (Bald and chubby!) The match-up between Pillsb…er, Ponson and Pettitte should be fun! Nice win for the Yankees today. With all the hoopla over signing Sabathia and Teixeira, Burnett was just sort of The Other Guy. Well, The Other Guy got his team back on track!

  3. mikeeff

    yeah that was a good one from Kay, wasn’t it?. i have the extra innings package but the pic quality on MLB TV is so good now i decided to watch the YES feed on my laptop.

    looking forward to seeing andy tomorrow.

  4. mikeeff

    there is definitely something wrong with the comments on MLB blogs lately. i just lost a post i tried to make.

    oh well…good luck to andy tomorrow

  5. mikeeff

    there is definitely something wrong with the comments on MLB blogs lately. i just lost a post i tried to make.

    oh well…good luck to andy tomorrow

  6. redstatebluestate

    I wonder if your love affair with Swish will end once he posts a year batting average under the Mendoza Line. He did it here in the Chi and got a quick boot. Haha. Hard not to like a party animal like him though, gotta admit. Been following him on Twitter. What a goofball!

  7. flairforthedramatic

    Jane – I’ll take the former of those two options. Sidney tossing a no-hitter would be smack in the face, lol.
    Shelley – PDB LOL.. nice nickname. As for A.J… I’m glad he was the one to get the Yanks back on track. It was a good start for him, which I hope is the start of a lot more to come.
    Mike – I’m looking forward to it as well. I can’t say enough how happy I am that Andy is back for another year. Let’s go Old Reliable!
    Jeff – Lol, I don’t think this love will diminish with poor performance on the field.. However, if he starts playing Carrie Underwood in the clubhouse, I’ll give him the boot! =)
    – V

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