Blast From The Past Gets Kick In The. . .

Note: I was two seconds from testing the censorship with the headline, but I figured you’d get my point.

This one may have not been a Beckham kick, but any win against a former
Yankee pitcher is one that should be exaggerated [for no other reason
than because it’s funny].. and despite the offense putting up 4 runs
on the board with 7 hits, the said “kick” in the game came from the
pitcher that went 7 innings, holding down the 1st place Royals [mind
blowing, yes] to 1 run and 3 measly hits: Andy Pettitte a.k.a.
Old Reliable a.k.a. the man you should give a contract with plenty of
zeros to without him even asking for one. I don’t care if he isn’t a
young stud anymore. The guy still looks good:

pettitte 410.jpg

… [and gives you solid outings to boot.]

Follow the formula that’s sure to bring approximately 158 more W’s with Bruney & Mo afterward and you get this:

yankee win.jpg

A hell of a let down for Royals’ fans [yeah, they have some]..

Ruining opposing team home openers–> love it.

Side Notes:

The other blast from the past, Nuke LaFarnsworth, opted to swallow
the tears this time and settle for payback by easily sitting down 3
Yankee hitters in order, all via the strikeout. We appreciate the love.

– Cano with 2 more hits today.. Did someone give this guy lighter fluid again?

DJ Swish drove in another one today. Though it may not make Nady/Matsui
happy, I say keep the guy with the hot bat in the lineup and screw the
original plans.

– Alex is apparently ahead of schedule with his rehab and is looking to come back possibly at the end of April [or at least before the original May 15th target date].. Though I’m looking forward to seeing his name in the lineup again [and not Ransom’s.. no offense..] his miraculous fast recovery just seems like it would be a definite backfire.. Reasons why I say this: 1.) It’s Alex Rodriguez. 2.) It’s Alex Rodriguez.

On Deck:
CC’s second shot at his first win in pinstripes against Horacio Ramirez
at 7:10 tomorrow night. Are these afternoon week games and
night games throwing anybody else off?



  1. Greg

    I caught some of this game, and Pettitte did look very good. However, it’s the Royals. You are supposed to shut down this team, or even no-hit them 😉 This team is terrible, and will probably end up in the cellar again this season despite them being the “sleeper” pick of the media this year.

    Red Sox Ramblings:

  2. Jane Heller

    We seem to be every team’s home opener, hence the weird start times. But I enjoyed this game. It actually took less than nine hours! Andy was great (Royals or no Royals – they still had bats in their hands) and I think the shadows in the batter’s box shut both teams down in the late innings. Let’s hope CC pulls it together tomorrow!

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – I couldn’t understand it either. He was meant for the Yanks, he only wanted to be on the Yanks, and is still rock solid. I would’ve signed him right out of the gate.
    Greg – You have a point.. it is the Royals.. but Andy will be wiping the floor with batters this year, I guarantee it.
    Jane – Yeah, those shadows were ridiculous. Even the umpire was getting thrown off… at least I hope that was his excuse.. Looking forward to ruining the Rays home opener next, hehe.. =)
    – V

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