The Ugly, The Uglier, The Ugliest. . . & The Ugliest-er

Okay, I may or may not be exaggerating it a bit, but there was nothing pretty about today’s game.

The Ugly:

The weather:



The Uglier:

The Royals uniform:

royals alternate uniform.jpg

The retro uni still looks crummy. The only uniform powder blue was ever meant for is that of young school girls.

The Ugliest:

The double Buckner by Swish & Robbie that screwed Joba over:

joba rain.jpg

started off the game rolling… but when the rains came in the 4th, he
got himself into trouble. However, he would’ve easily gotten out of it
[and not doubled his pitch count] had it not been for the ball, off the
bat of Callaspo, that went right through the legs of Swish and right by
Cano, backing him up, which led to 2 unearned runs, which just so
happened to be the difference in the game.

The Ugliest-er:

The 8th Inning meltdown that ruined it all.

coke & molina.jpg

in the pen: Joba can’t do it all. As much as some fans would like him
to, he can’t start and cover the 8th too. Handle it next time will you?

Side Notes:

People complain about Cotton Eyed Joe at the stadium, but Kauffman
Stadium was jamming to the theme of Jeopardy and Entourage.. do the
Royals think they’re clever?

Though the mistake of calling the ball hit by Callaspo a hit was
corrected later, the official scoring today [and pretty much the whole
series] was bogus.

There’s a chance A-Rod will show up to the game at the Trop tomorrow,
but an equal chance that he may not because he supposedly does 8 to 9
hours of rehab a day… Siick..

On Deck: Wang vs. Kazmir at 7:08 tomorrow night [What’s with the start times at the Trop all precisely 8 minutes after the hour?] Let’s hope the Yanks receive some help forgetting about this loss on the plane to Florida with a little entertainment from this guy:

P.S. Beckett is a tool.



  1. mikeeff

    what a mess, right V? so many lost chances. please tell me i will never have to look at that worthless use of a roster spot named melky. I have a lot of problems with girardi’s line up decisions today …

    it’s just so sad that joba couldn’;t get a well deserved win.

  2. Jane Heller

    First of all, that video was great! I loved the reaction shots from some of the passengers, like they thought something terrible was happening. As for the game, blech. Should have been a “W” if we’d had a reliable 8th inning guy to get to Mo. And yeah, Bobby Abreu took exception to that pitch from Beckett, and then he was one of the few people who didn’t get ejected. I miss him.

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Shelley – Ouch, you win.
    Julia – Just a little, he deserves it after that fiasco yesterday.
    Mike – Girardi gets some of the blame, but I think the loss ultimately rested on the shoulders of Veras and Coke.. but ehh, what can you do? I just hope more disappointments out of the bullpen don’t continue to happen this season.. It’s already obvious that that’s the team Achilles’ heel.
    Jane – I think we do have a reliable 8th inning guy in Bruney, but he can’t pitch the 8th everyday, so someone has to be as reliable when Bruney and Mo have pitched multiple days in a row.. I think that’s the key. I miss Bobby too, lol.
    – V

  4. flairforthedramatic

    Jeff – Sailor Moon knew better, lol.
    Greg – He has an awesome and unique name, that’s what he has, lol.. Josh Beckett.. so generic, hehe.. [And yes, I will defend it because the head hunting you speak of was unintentional and Joba didn’t even go up to Youkilis, let alone threateningly, when he complained, so =P]
    – V

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