The Sweet Smell Of Redemption And Barbecued Mitt

… specifically the mitt of Jose Molina, which received a lot of heat from what A.J. tossing today in his second start and second win of the season.

Though I didn’t know it’d be brought by A.J. Burnett, or that it’d even brought tonight, I told you it was coming.. payback.

burnett heat.jpg

It was probably only fitting that after a complete disaster, we’d get a near
no-no, but boy was that satisfying. There’s not even much else I can
say about it except can we see that again? [preferably by Andy

Side Notes:

– Though it’s probably far from becoming official just yet, it’s sure looking like Molina will be [or at least should be] A.J.’s personal catcher this season.. Their chemistry during the game is obvious.

– If Red Bull ever becomes labeled as a PED in the baseball’s future, it’ll clearly be because of Swish. Another bomb hit by the man tonight and if he keeps it up.. well, Jeet may have to fight to keep his most beloved Yankee status.

And clearly not ready to let someone take that from him, DJ bashed a
homer of his own in the 9th to  finally put his recent slump to rest.
Though the homer forced Mo to sit back down in the pen, I’ll take it.
The 0-fers were not pretty.

– What was
pretty though was Bruney’s appearance in the 9th, which brought results of the white supremacist variety: K.. K.. K.. and ballgame.

I forgot to address it the other day, but when interviewed on Monday A-Rod
made a couple statements that suggested he is renewed and will be
keeping his head in the game this season, saying things like he’s going
to “cut some of the fat” and “refocus [his] career”. Currently, he’s
still working on getting people to believe that:

a-rod focused.jpg

A-Rod somehow manages to have a no nonsense season [without another
scandal], I will be the first to applaud him [if I don’t die of shock],
but right now, my brain can’t even imagine it.

– Oh, and apparently Nady might be injured [and the fun begins..], though it is unsure yet. He will have an MRI tomorrow on his right elbow to see if it’s serious, but the words “sharp pain” aren’t reassuring..

On Deck: Hopefully
another gem and the series win for us, with Andy on the mound for the
Yanks facing  another Andy [Sonnanstine] for the Rays at 4:08 p.m.
before the big home opener at Yankee Stadium tomorrow, which can’t come
fast enough..

P.S. – After
being reminded today by Pete Abraham that the Yanks got Nick Swisher in
the deal that shipped Wilson Betemit, I spent several minutes in awe
of the fact that that may very well be the greatest trade ever made.



  1. levelboss

    the best acquisitions so far this season.. Swish and AJ

    Swish already seems like a historical Yankee – the kind the fans remember as both a character and a solid player

  2. Jane Heller

    I’m wondering if all the pitchers want Molina to catch them, given how well he throws out runners. Wilson Betemit. Seriously. And we thought we could win with him as our bench player? I can’t wait for A-Rod to be back. He can date all the strippers he wants for all I care – as long as his hip holds up. Just no boli, no cousin, no Madonna.

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Level – I agree. Much better than those two aquisitions the Yanks got a few years back by the names of Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano, lol..
    Julia – Swisher is sure making a name for himself.. Thxx for the congrats.. though I actually would of preferred to be down one, so I can dedicate it to how many trophies the Yanks will have after this year 😉
    Jane – Molina does have a gun, and pays great attention to the runner.. The Swisher-Betemit trade is genius.. the best, hands down.. I can’t wait for A-Rod either.. though I hope he doesn’t bring more drama [tired of it just a smidge].. some homers will make me forget it quickly, lol..
    – V

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