When Video Games Become Real

… things like this happen:


and this:

and this:

.. but those last two were besides the point.

That box score is all you get for a game summary.

Side Notes:

– My replacement suggestions for Wang in the rotation: Swish, the bat boy or the stadium squirrel from last year. Can’t go wrong with those options.. or any, for that matter.. is there even a slight possibility that it could get worse than that?

My explanation for the home run fiesta: The Indians have discovered a
new undetectable super steroid, put an invisibility cloak over some
midges they brought to New York and got extra help from the specters
still floating around, who are throwing a fit because the seats that
were named after them in the new ballpark are a joke.

Despite putting up another 0-fer.. Swish still got me laughing with his
presentation of the Yankee lineup before the bottom of the 1st and his
accurate one word prediction of the game’s outcome during BP with a
yell of “Fore!”

The pressure was obviously high for Claggett, having to make his major
league debut in Yankee Stadium in relief of a horrible outing by Wang..
but 8 runs? and a grand slam? in 1.2 innings?… Good luck kid.

– As for the other relievers.. yet another game where not one arm kept a run off the board.. The pen doesn’t need help, it needs complete facial reconstruction.

Probably another way in which the Yanks will promote the new stadium’s
greatness: “Love the long ball? You’ll find it here.” I only wish there
was a stronger word than simply ridiculous to describe the stadium’s secret power.. If, by some miracle, there’s a day that the stadium doesn’t
witness a home run this season, be sure there’s a ventilator on hand..
many will be shocked. I don’t know how a one block move has produced
such a difference, but boy, it’s going to be one hell of a season..

On Deck: A.J. Burnett facing he who shall not be named at 1:05. If anyone is going to be hitting homers tomorrow, it better be the Yankees. A loss versus Pav can not happen.

P.S. Viva la “We Want Swisher” chant.



  1. levelboss

    da Stankees is back!!! hoo did that smell today!!!

    1) Wang goes to Triple-A (or maybe Double-A) to try to get his groove back..
    2) TWO of the following get bumped up to first-class – Hughes, Aceves, Tomko – one for the rotation and one as the long reliever
    3) move A-Rod’s rehab up one week – he seems to be progressing well


  2. redstatebluestate

    Wow. I was at a wedding and got a txt message from a friend sayin “Tribe score 14 in 2nd inning”. I swore it was a typo. It wasn’t. I laughed. I’m still laughing. If the old Steinbrenner were running things, he’d have fired the entire team by now. Wow.
    PS. “Methods of Stalking Me” — classically funny!!! 🙂

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