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As promised:



[[Yeah.. there are cup holders.. lol..]


[[and beer of course..]





[[Notice the entire empty section below]:


[[Sun trying to peek through]:



[[Old Yankee Stadium under deconstruction already.. ='( ]:



[[Building the future of the Bronx.. and tearing its past down..]:

Game Notes:

The on and off rain the entire day didn’t make the sky a pleasant
sight, but I couldn’t have picked a better day to leave school, skip
class and head to the game, lol.. 14 innings and my best friend and
I stuck it out for all of them to watch the Melk Man deliver the game
winning walk-off homer to right after nearly 5 hours of play.. classic. Will forever have the honor of saying I was at the first extra inning game and saw the first walk-off in the new Yankee Stadium.. =D

– #1 Thing I Hate
About The Stadium: Stadium staff/security.. If you at any point wonder
why the stadium gets so deathly quiet during the games, odds are it’s
because of them. For one, the fun is nearly completely ripped out going
to the ballpark when you can’t move down to empty seats because of
staff at each opening checking to see if you belong.. It’s especially
stupid when more than half the stadium is empty.. [though the a large
portion of the other half is all crowded around, watching the game from
the staff checkpoints].. My second reason, however, is the fact that
staff & security do not tolerate jack shizz.. If one guy gets too
loud or tries to get the outfielders attention, the blue jacket people
give him a talking to quickly.. I’m sorry, but heckling and loud people are
apart of the game.. if they weren’t there, it’d be a library.. The
“heckling” wasn’t anywhere near bad either.. security, please, let
there be a little life.

One thing that did go a little overboard was some taunting turned into
an argument [two seconds from being a fight] between a couple guys up
top.. all over an umbrella blocking their view.. It was pretty stupid..
but we got some major laughs out of it, lol.. [I actually got a video
of it.. but it was a little NSFW with the language, so I won’t put it up

Another thing I got some laughs out of is Nick Swisher’s complete
ownership of the bleacher creatures.. That dude amps them up and
gestures for them to make some noise when he wants it, lol.. Another
reason he’s the coolest is that unlike most, he’ll wave or look in the
direction and smile to anyone or any group of people calling his name
loud enough nearly every time [not just during the roll call].. It would
be siiick to have him spend a game that he’s not playing in sitting in
the bleachers..

– A salute and some applause for Jose Veras.. didn’t think he had it in him to pitch multiple scoreless innings [let alone one]..

Crowd Quotes:

“Green umbrellas have herpes!”

– “Oh, c’mon.. My girlfriend gets wetter than your umbrella is right now.”

– “Daaaamon! It’s meee. Joohnn!.. from last niiight… Mellkkyy! It’s meee.. Jose!.. Arriba!!” [Completely random, lol..]

– “Sweeeeeeney! Nod if you can hear me!” … “Sweeeney! Move if you can hear me!.. Oh yeah!”

“Wait.. why did they make a big deal when he came out?” [Seriously
asked by my best friend right after Mariano’s entrance.. Yeah, she’s still a large
baseball virgin.. though she claims she’s a Mets fan.. more like a
Yankee fan in training, hehe..]

On Deck: First Boskees series of the year beginning tomorrow. Joba on the mound facing Jon Lester.. it should be good.

I completely called the Jeter home run.. 3rd correct call I’ve made of
the season.. 3 more than I made in ’08.. The stadium is improving my
stats as well..

P.P.S. Stock market trying to get their hands on a little of DJ Swish’s magic too? Swishness to the rescue. It’s all good.



  1. Jane Heller

    I felt like I was there, V! Great job. I hated the security people in the old place, so I can only imagine how much I’ll resent the new crew. I do think the Stadium looks beautiful. That video screen is just enormous. (Too bad you can’t post the video of the fight. 🙂

  2. kozmo

    Great job with the photos and scene-setting, V.

    Veras was tremendous, perhaps his best pitching as a Yankees. I never thought he’d go that long, much less be as great as he was over that stretch. I’m not sure it felt like a classic watching it on TV since the Yanks blew numerous chances, but I could be wrong. Also, since you were there, it must have had a different and more energizing feel.

    Great call on Jeter’s blast.

    Are you planning to go to any more games soon?
    Jason from The Heartland

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – It would indeed look better.. Yankee Stadium not filled to the brim is not a pretty sight.. hopefully that’ll change once the execs realize their idiocy.. Security is over the top.. Bloodsuckers I tell ya..
    Jason – I completely thought he was going to blow it too.. As soon as he came in I felt it.. and then that walk was the warning sign.. but then he handled it from there and held the A’s down. I was utterly surprised.. I hope he continues to show that kind of performance..
    I admit, I probably wouldn’t have loved it as much had I been watching it at home, considering the mistakes and blown chances by the Yanks, but it just felt good watching it at the ballpark.. The game-winning homer got the minute crowd to yell rather loudly for how little people were left by the end of it.. My best friend & I were high-fiving people we didn’t know, lol.. it was good. As for future games, I’m probably going to go the 2nd Red Sox game @ the stadium on the 5th and will definitely be going May 19th.. And you??
    William – Lol, yes.. The Yanks will apparently be trying to rectify that in meetings soon.. I don’t know how they didn’t believe $900-$2000+ tickets would not fall under the category of overpriced, but they need to fix it, because the stadium looking that empty is not a pretty sight.
    – V

  4. flairforthedramatic

    I don’t know how I completely missed your comment Jeffy, but sorry about that, lol..
    I always thought it was the red ones man.. My teachers aren’t good for anything, lol..
    – V

  5. raysrenegade

    Great photos!
    I love the caption on the empty seats. I just got wind of a 4 percent increase in 2010 prices for the New Yankee Satdium. How great that is, when you can not even get someone to sit in your stadium, and you have a price increase mentioned after less than 15 games into the 2009 year. Only in NY.

    The stadium security will clam down after a few months. I remember when the Trop. had its first game ever the security force was anxious and ready for anything, but got a bit rude and crude without an cause. they got better, and before the end of the season there were gracious and talkative to everyone. Just takes time for the grandour and the intensity to cease from the top to the bottom of the food chain in baseball.

    Rays Renegade

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