New Stopper Steering Way To Payback? NYY @ BOS 4:10

          With last night’s game obviously not going the way had Yankeeland planned, I thought it’d be most appropriate to host another in-gamer to either take joy in some payback, or agonize over another defeat, together.. Really hoping it’s the former of those two.. Anyone [including BoSox fans] that wishes to join the chin wagging, please do.

Game Time: 4:10 p.m. ET

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<a href=”″ >Game 17: NYY @ BOS</a>



  1. redstatebluestate

    Okay, gonna check in here. I’ll be busy with Cards/Cubs on Fox. Here’s the crappy thing about MLB.TV, I can’t have the Yanks/Sox game on my computer because it’s blacked out (thx Fox) even though I can’t watch it in my region. FML.

  2. flairforthedramatic

    Lol, that really suckks.. well you can still stop by and make fun of both teams if you wish =)
    – V

  3. ltmikethunders

    Wow, I saw the Yankees lose and all I gotsta say is:
    -Theyre NOT the same late-innings heroes they used to be
    -I have Absolutely NO respect for Ellsbury because 1. He looks like carlos beltran, and I hate the Mets and 2. He plays not with arrogance, but the next level of it called cockiness
    -We have NO veteran Yankees starters excluding Pettite, and everyone else is feeling the pressures of playing for the best sports franchise there is
    -Bruney would have SLAUGHTERED those sock-wearing pigs if he were there (straight-up)
    -The Swish is definitely the player of the fans, the men and women that embodied and gave significance to the original cathedral, the renovated church, and the new palace
    -On that note, the colliseum is incredible, but I am one to believe that it completely RUINED the bleachers by allowing bleacher newbies and fans from the box seats to stand around. I attended the April 17 game against the tribe (props rite there for a good game, though I hate Jacobs Field for those pests that messed Joba up) and Tina was REALLY pissed that non- creatures were doing whack chants
    -One particular chant that had me rolling was when the bleacher newbs were chanting ‘let’s go yankees’ and the creatures responded with ‘where they going?’

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