Or Not. . .

Unbelievably despicable.

All I have to say after that slow and painful massacre is maybe the Yanks should’ve ditched these love seats:

legends suite.jpg

… and spent their money on a bullpen that just might not let this happen:

yanks boston 42509.jpg

Though 8 of those runs were charged to Jeckyll/Hyde Burnett today.. a 6 run lead turned into a 5 run loss? Seriously? I swear the bases were loaded more times than hours played these last two games… Disgusting.

Side Notes:

– I honestly don’t even care about winning the game tomorrow.. I want each and every player wearing a Red Sox jersey plunked… twice.

– Jim Wolf and Brian O’nora both should pay the eye doctor a visit. Burnett was squeezed and [to quote a tweet by Rebecca of This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes] “If TIM F***ING MCCARVER says [Ellsbury] was out, he was f***ing out.”

– Thank you to Jeffy, Jason, Julia, Tim The Wiz, Nick, Andrew & Pinstripepower for all stopping by the in-gamer today.. Julia was obviously the only one happy by the end of it.

On Deck: Hopefully the real stopper will be standing up. Andy Pettitte facing Justin Masterson in a “Can we salvage some
pride [assuming we have any left]?” game tomorrow night. I’m thinking
it’ll be another disaster, unless Old Reliable can go the full 9.. or 8
at the very least [though Boston seems to have a spell over Mo]..
*Fingers crossed*..

P.S. If Joe T. were still managing and George Steinbrenner were still in charge, Joe G. would of got a verbal smack in the face by now. I hate to be hard on him, but c’mon.. a couple bad moves too many.

P.P.S. According to Abraham, “Bruney has what they are calling a strained flexor mass. His ligaments
are fine, it’s a muscle injury. He will not throw for a week and
they’re hoping that takes care of it.” Some good news.. but we’re still screwed till he gets back..



  1. tamarabaseballfan1

    I totally agree 100% with you!! is sooo ridiculous this yankee ball club!! all the money and all the expectection for the new stadium and all the player they got expending soo much money for what??? empty seats and games being lost?? c’mon!! at home or away the yankees have a horrible start this season. sometimes i believe that what one of my friends is always saying is the truth and it should be done, which is breaking up the whole team and start from scratch! get a whole new team with young players that really want to play and have the passion for the game! a team that will get this yankee club back on track! but hey that’s just me! and also the prices for the tickets at the stadium are crazy, it makes you re-think going to a baseball game and believe that’s not a good thing. but the yanks really need to get together and fix all the mistakes they are making.

  2. tamarabaseballfan1

    Oh yeah!!… I forgot!! ELLSBURY!! WAS f**** OUT!! !if that would’ve happen in nyc, god knows what would’ve happen to that umpire!!

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – Glad you had a great b-day, even at the expense of us Yankee fans, lol. Better be on the lookout in Boston if the Yanks lose again today though.. Tim just might head down there w/ the heavy artillery 😉

    Tamara – It is pretty ridiculous. I was one of those people saying “Oh, stop complaining” when everyone was making a big deal about the price tag on the new Yankee Stadium while it was being built.. but now that it’s done, I’ve completely switched sides.. They spent the majority of the money on the rich seats, and no one is even showing up for them. It’s beyond embarrassing. Though your proposition of breaking up the entire team seems a little drastic, I don’t completely agree with it. However, I would only do that to the bullpen right now.. I think all the guys [except for Mariano of course] in the pen are completely expendable. Our bullpen is in no way reliable, and it’s what’s going to kill us. I don’t really think it’s a matter of having a passion for the game, but I do wish that the players would be less corporate and show more emotion on the field, like Swish does. The ticket prices are ridiculous.. but hey, that’s the Yankees.. The organization seems to be getting what it deserves with the low attendance, but I really hope they learn their lesson. Those La-Z-Boy type seats in the Legends Suite really disgust me.
    And YES, he was out by a mile. Couldn’t get that call more wrong. Every one saw it except the ump.. ridiculous.

    Jane – You can host whenever you please Jane.. I’ll no doubt show up lol.. I think it’d be really fun at your place, considering you have a lot more readers, so bring it on =)

    – V

  4. levelboss

    overall i think it’s not too bad at all..
    consider that the Red Sox had three advantages in this series..
    1) no A-Rod
    2) no Bruney
    3) home field

    i’m not making excuses nor am i taking away the wins by the Red Sox, but it’s just FUNNY (read ironic) that Bruney got hurt just before or at the start of this series.. i think Firday’s night game would have been a win for the Yankees as Bruney could have held the 8th and given Mo only a 3-out start AND in yesterday’s game, i think Bruney could have held the held the score to 11-10 and given Mo another save chance
    we’ll see how the Red Sox do when A-Rod and bruney come.. i personally think the Yankees will have the wins next time

  5. Jane Heller

    V, how do you host those in-gamers? Is there a web site for Cover It Live? Also, do you know how to put those poll meters on the blog so people can vote? I need to do it for when I post the pics from the Flip Video Cam contest. I’m so technology challenged, so any help would be appreciated!


  6. flairforthedramatic

    Lol, well the website for the software is http://www.coveritlive.com/
    About the polls.. I’ve never put up a poll I don’t think so I don’t really know, but you can do a google search on it and I’m sure there are a ton of sites that help with the poll making. I know The Max uses http://www.polldaddy.com There is also another one here: http://www.addpoll.com
    I think they give you a code after you create one and you can input it into your post if you click on the html mode button when you’re creating your post. Hope that helps. =)
    – V

  7. levelboss

    ON A VERY SERIOUS NOTE.. i read that students in the Queens area of NYC had been confirmed as having the swine flu.. Vanessa i thought of you as you’re a student in Queens.. i hope you’re okay.. what have they told the residents there?

  8. levelboss

    ^ update: actually in NYC, labs confirmed that 8 people have ‘probable’ swine influenza.. they have to send specimens to the CDC in Atlanta for full confirmation

  9. flairforthedramatic

    I actually go to school in Manhattan, though I do live in Queens, but nonetheless, I’m fine.
    Really appreciate you asking Level =)
    – V

  10. levelboss

    nice to hear that you’re alright, Vanessa

    be careful (although i don’t know how careful someone can be with a virus outside of wearing a surgical mask) because i just read about a confirmed case from someone who works in Times Square

    get your vitamin C up

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