Screwed In More Ways Than One

thought it’d get worse than that 22-4 game.. but this just about did
it. No lopsided score, but this one couldn’t get any more cruel. It
really needs no recap, but let me lay out how ugly it was, how much it
pissed me off, and how the Yanks are screwed [at least for near future]:

1.) Joe G. has a twisted delusion that he’s a magician and can pull his managerial decisions out of a hat.

2.) Playing Where’s Waldo
Bruney was rigged.. he wasn’t even in the picture. Where was he? On his
way back to New York for an MRI for his elbow. And why were we forced
to play the guessing game and didn’t hear about his departure or even
the suspicion of a problem with his elbow until after we needed him and the game was over you ask? I’d love to know that too.

The only thing worse than Cody Ransom, is no Cody Ransom. Despite his
A-Rod-esque trouble under the pressure.. when you have to resort to the
backup’s backup.. you know you’re screwed.

Wang can reuse his blue badge once more as he is on the DL again.
Though there doesn’t seem to be an actual injury, with the Yanks
expected to merely make something up to get the extra roster spot while
he figures things out, I almost wished it were an injury.. At least
then we’d know the problem. But seriously, can our rotation ever last more than 3 weeks into the season?

5.) The ’08 Yankee offense just won’t die.. The reappearance of the sky high number of runners left in scoring position was ridiculous.

The ‘pen is a box of chocolates.. You never know which you’re going to
get. Seems to be a toss up between the good or the bad one when the
BruMo tag team doesn’t roll out. Tonight just so happened to be a mix. The Good: Phil Coke, Albaladejo and Damaso Marte. The Bad: Mariano Rivera… and Damaso Marte.

7.) J-Bay needs to learn a thing or two. You do not smack one off Rivera. Quite the opposite in fact. He smacks you with a cut fastball that your bat can’t do anything but shatter in defense against.. Next time, get with the program.

8.) Youk won this
round.. but just a head up: protect your ribcage later today facing
A.J. big man.. Ortiz’ only spoke of headhunting.. Everything from the
neck down is fair game.

Side Notes:

– Speaking of Big Papi.. a big old Golden Sombrero for him.. Not so mean without Manny behind you eh?

– Prez Levine is one funny dude. Despite the hint of bastardness, his comeback at Don Garber is priceless:

Don Garber discussing Yankee attendance must be a joke. We draw more people in a year than his entire league does in a
year. If he ever gets Major League Soccer into the same time zone as
the Yankees, we might take him seriously… Hey Don, worry about Beckham, not the Yankees. Even he wants out of your league.

– Speaking of.. I must say, Boston’s tiniest ones are the most dangerous.. I swear.. they are sneaky little.. well, you know.

On Deck: Some eff-n payback, I plead. Burnett must again be forced to perform big and now on the biggest stage in the second game of this season within the season, facing Josh Beckett at 4:10 p.m. ET.



  1. Greg

    28 LOB between the two teams to go with 7 GDP for both teams. Holy Baserunners Batman.

    Was a classic Yank – Sox game, but tomorrow’s could be even better with the AJ – Beckett match-up.

    Don’t forget to look for me on TV. Haha. Vendahhh #41 in the nice Yellow shirt.

    Red Sox Ramblings:

  2. juliasrants

    Vanessa – you don’t sound very happy! lol! It was a great game! I don’t think there is anything wrong with Bay and the Yankees pitchers already seem to have the memo about going after the Red Sox players from the head down. And congrats on The Sandman for now having an even dozen blown saves against the Red Sox. Can we make it a baker’s dozen?


  3. Jane Heller

    You got it all covered, V. I, too, wondered why we weren’t told about Bruney until after the game, during which we were all going, “Why isn’t Joe bringing in Bruney???” Supposedly he hurt his elbow Wednesday and we’re only hearing about it on Friday? Is this deja vu all over again with the injuries like last year? Sounds like we need A-Rod back sooner than ever. Looking forward to exacting revenge today with Burnett on the mound. PLEASE GET IT DONE, AJ!

  4. joefromnewhampshire

    Ortiz isn’t struggling like that because of the absence of Manny, he is struggling because his bat is slower, and he is cheating on pitches. He basically seems to be guessing when he does swing.

  5. redstatebluestate

    As the avid Yankee/Red Sox hater that I am, I am pretty neutral in this rivalry though I do admit that I watch it very closely (cuz it’s always entertaining!). I think today the wheels are gonna fall off Burnett’s breakable arm and Beckett’s gonna be lights out. Just a feeling. I feel in in the “force”. We’ll see.

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