At Last, The Tides Have Turned

.. and the world has restored itself to it’s former glory:

beckett swish francona pena.jpg

^This is more like it.^

Side Notes:

I honestly can’t believe nothing went completely haywire in this game.
An upset has been almost guaranteed every night when playing this damn
team.. and yet, no problems. Has to be a sign from above. Tides have definitely turned.

Boston.. as flattering as it is, you really can’t be the Yanks. Van
Every may also be sporting a 0.00 ERA, but he’s no Nick Swisher. =P

Though Ramiro Peña did his job in this game [unlike the guy who started off
at 3B this season], A-Rod can’t come back fast enough. The bats got it
done, but one is still holding hands with the Mendoza line. Tex needs
the original “failure with RISP / booed at home & away” guy, A-Rod, to
absorb some [or a lot] of the pressure.

Speaking of ‘roid boy.. more news came out about.. what else? A-Rod and
steroids. Right about now, I really don’t give a damn. Just as A-Rod is
about to return, low and behold, it hits the fan that used steroids in
high school and with the Yankees. Could it be any more convenient? What I’d love for Selena Roberts to explain is how he managed to use them while in a Yankee uniform
and yet not fail a single drug test since ’03. Also on the list of things I’d also love her to do is 1.) disappear, 2.) attempt to deny her obsession with him so I can laugh, and 3.) use her excellent reporting skills to go research the top 5 most unoriginal book titles of all time, because I can guarantee hers is on it. “A-Rod”? Really?
Best you could do? You know, you didn’t really have to be afraid that we’d actually expect you to write about anything other than #13.

– In continuing to talk about this game though, I must take the time to highly praise The Melk Man for his performance. Leche has a lot of fight in him and is finally wreaking havoc again.

– However, I must not praise the Yankee execs who have obviously not gotten it right yet.

On Deck: Pettitte
facing Jered Weaver tonight looking to keep the train moving [hopefully
right over the Angels these next two games and the Red Sox the next two
after that]. Won’t be satisfied until this winning streak hits.. 172..
or the Yanks puts up some lopsided numbers in the two game set with the
idiots Monday & Tuesday. Payback is calling.



  1. levelboss

    it’s funny how the Yankees and Red Sox are facing their respective nemeses (plural of nemesis) for a 4 game set each..
    the Rays have handled the Red Sox and the Angels have handled the Yankees in the past – and at least the Yankees (for now) beat their nemesis while the Red Sox are still being man-handled by theirs
    i used to call Kazmir the ‘Red Sox Killer’, but now i think that title belongs to Garza

  2. mikeeff

    last night was…so much fun and for so many reasons. ( beckett cough , cough)

    I’m glad you brought up Ramiro Pena…what a great kid. you know what V? i have to wonder if we might have a few more wins if they had gone with him instead of Cody. I guess we’ll never know. Melky? nice. I’ll believe it come June. ( if we dont have a new guy by then)

  3. levelboss

    easy now, Julia.. just making conversation 🙂 this is how i normally speak to another Yankees fan (in this case with Vanessa)
    maybe i should’ve worded it differently in that ‘Garza pitched an outstanding game’ and ‘he seems to do well against the Red Sox’
    i’ve heard the term ‘Yankee Killer’ before also – like in reference to Anaheim, and i was just saying that Kazmir used to be known as the ‘Red Sox Killer’ and now perhaps Garza has that moniker

  4. flairforthedramatic

    Level – And it’s continuing.. Red Sox being manhandled and Yanks miraculously getting back at the usual Yankee killers.
    Julia – I don’t know why.. Nick is ten times cooler 😉 And so, you swept us, big whoop, lol.. it’s almost unfair that the next Boskees series is only two games, but I’m looking forward to some payback anyway.
    Jenn – Yeah, I’m hoping it was just April syndrome for Tex and he turns it up this month.
    Mike – We may have notched a couple wins if they started out with him, who knows.. I know that we wouldn’t have won tonight’s game w/o him [and Jorge of course]..
    Jane – It’s still rolling along =) And about Selena & the Duke lacrosse situation.. disgusting. I despise her.
    – V

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