Asking For Four Pushing The Envelope? MIN @ NYY 7:05

          With the past three games in the Bronx all resulting in a Yankee win of the walk off variety, please excuse the cockiness and/or confidence [whatever you want call it] as I say, damn, I wouldn’t mind seeing one more.. [though I would settle for anything resulting in another W and a Crazy Stein if I must].. Check in here for another in-gamer for the last game of this series with the Twins [who’ll probably heading out of New York in rush after it’s over.. and I wouldn’t blame them].. Join in  on the chinwagging even if it’s to virtually heckle at the Yanks [all fans welcome] or to simply express your distaste for ESPN [as we could probably have fun all game doing that]..

Game Time: 7:05 p.m. ET

                                   perkins mugshot.jpg                                                       pettitte mugshot.jpg

<a href=”” >Game 38 MIN vs. NYY</a>



  1. chocolatethunda

    Dont mean to spam or anything like that but, my friend and I have a very similar site that does Cover It Live blogs. We cover Dodgers games on Fridays.

    I think its cool how you guys had a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan help covering this game. It makes it more interesting. Anyway, if you want to see our site here it is…

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