Bringing The [Metaphorical] Thunder

coming off 6 consecutive games falling into the win column, lucky
number 7 would not come without your highness bringing the good fortune
[..just sayin’], so I made an appearance.. Check the picz I
took from the ballpark:



Side Notes:

– ‘Bout damn time I go to a game this season where the weather ain’t feces.

– Brun must
get the hookup from Alex a.s.a.p. and tan that scalp.. going baldy
wasn’t smart to begin with but physics 101: skin’s pigment will not
darken where hair was once covering it.. just sayin’ [that probably had
nothing to do with physics..]

Andy Pettitte was my very first autograph.. the guy is the greatest..
and has one set of pex on him. Also got my very first baseball from
Edwar.. though it was actually caught by my friend next to me 2 seconds
before it would’ve hit me in the face because I wasn’t paying attention
for a split second.. For anyone who follows me on Twitter [which you should], you’ll know I’ve been a concussion waiting to happen this week.

– Phil Coke is a funny dude.

– I doubt anyone is keeping score, but put another one on the board for me, as I utterly called the Texual healing homer.

Mariano’s entrance will forever stir goosebumps, but CC’s came
dangerously close to touching it today. I don’t know the song he walked
to the mound to, but the beat and the swag from C-Sab got me pumped.

– A-Rod = beast.

Crowd Quote(s):

– [Two seconds before the start of God Bless America] “Hey take your hat off you damn terrorist!”

On Deck:

Hughes making another start [possibly his last if Wang is coming back]
facing Jeremy Guthrie. Would love it if that whole 8 run thing that
happened last time he faced the Orioles didn’t happen again. Try and make it 8 wins instead eh?

In The Hole:

– Two words: Joba. Huff.

P.S. Yeah, I’m cool with security like that..

P.P.S. He’s still the coolest, but Swish should definitely whip out  the unmetaphorical bad boy, Thunderbolt. Screw the fine. Hit it into outerspace.. or.. to anywhere besides a fielder’s glove [if you didn’t already know that the other uniforms aren’t what you aim for].. Just sayin’..



  1. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – They should, shouldn’t they? Lolz..
    Jane – No prob.. It was very cool to get that close.. I must go extremely early to every game I go to now =)
    Level – That was classic, wasn’t it? I love the crowd, lol..
    Jeff – Had to point that out, didn’t you? Sheesh.. lol..
    And woah, new website? Whatt whatt? =)
    – V

  2. raysrenegade

    The more you hear Phil Coke, the funnier he is in person.
    He is just one of those guys who is so grateful to be playing ball.
    I had a chance to talk with him at a local watering hole when the Yankees played the Rays.
    Too cool on the Andy Pettitte autograph.
    I love the crowd comment, that is a priceless Bronx-ism at its best.
    Terrorist= guy with hat during any singing beside the 7th inning strtech.

    Rays Renegade


    can I marry you so I can get that close too sometimes? 😛 very funny blog, i like it a lot 😀

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