Blowing Out A Candle Without A Breath?

Yeah, it’s possible.. Have two teams with powerful offenses go head to head and a blowout as a result is not so surprising.. However, one in which the winning team did not smack a single ball over the fence?… Who knew…

Check out the beauty of a box score:

52509 box score.jpg

19 hits spread throughout the lineup [none of which were of the long ball variety], 11 runs [none of which scored via the long ball], and 4 RBI’s by the king of the long ball [none of which were a result of the long ball].. surprising, and yet good stuff.

Side Notes:

– Brun heading back to disabled list after only one appearance. I hate to throw he who must not be named into the air, but I must say.. you’ve just about used up your DL tokens for the year Bruney. Hope you figure out the problem.. and don’t suffer any bruised buttocks in the process.

– You can obviously partly attribute the turnaround by Tex to the return of the guy hitting behind him, but Marky is now getting hits [and homers] off broken bats.. That is all his amazingness [and hopefully not that of banned substances]..

– Didn’t write about the games these last few days, but bringing up Melky’s magic here is necessary. The Walk-Off Wonder Boy has been putting on a show. Someone should really change the scoreboard and make it the 9th for his every at-bat.

– Bowing down to the performance of Hughes right now. Holding the Rangers to 3 hits, allowing merely one walk, over 8 innings? Definitely WWE belt worthy [and apparently Phil wasn’t afraid to flaunt it.. doing post-game interviews with the belt on his shoulder.. haha]..

– I reiterate: A-Rod = beast.

On Deck: Joba on the hill again following the less than an inning outing he made versus Baltimore after being hit with a liner. He faces Kevin Millwood in the second game of this series with my second favorite team [though, sorry, Yanks get 99.99% of my love]..

P.S. I’m all for honoring the soldiers who’ve fallen and America itself.. but caps the color of red? Really? Sure, it goes with white and blue on the flag.. but not with the Yankee uniform.. just sayin’..



  1. Jane Heller

    I agree on the red caps. I was like, WHAT? It looked so….wrong. I would have gone for red, white and blue, stars and stripes, something. Comparing Bruney to CP is terrifying. Must be all that weight he lost. LOL. I guess they’ll bring Edwar or Alba back up. Which doesn’t inspire me with confidence.


    Hey they got 11 runs and 19 hits with the red hats!!! Maybe they should wear all red next game? 😛
    Also, I like “Walk-off Wonder boy,” that’s great XD

  3. juliasrants

    V – I think the Red Caps are a nice touch. Honoring the men and women who died for our country is worth it. And I like how all the games being played stopped at 3pm local time to take part in the National Moment of Remembrance. The red hats, I believe, are coming back in 7/4 & 9/11.


  4. flairforthedramatic

    Dillon – Doesn’t seem like the leg was bothering him.. but only last 4 innings.. ehhh.. I wish Joba would put all the doubt surrounding the best position for him, starter/reliever, to rest already..
    Jane – They really looked completely off.. I hope when Bruney comes back it’ll be for good.. Trying to have confidence in the pen w/o him is a tough task..
    seindsfeld – Noooo.. I think they can do just fine w/o the red caps, lol.. And yeah, I thought it was pretty clever too, hehe..
    Julia – Of course you would.. they don’t clash w/ the Red Sox uniform, lol.. They really were out of place on the Yanks though.. just didn’t look right.. The moment of silence was nice though..
    Jeff – Orange juice does warrant extra letters.. or were you talking about the otherrrrr kind of juice? Lol..
    I get the chat thing here:
    Jenn – Yeah.. They should’ve kept the color the same as the teams’ regular hats and then just have the flag or the flag insignia..
    – V

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