In Retrospect

I’m too worn out [and lazy] to really recap what I’ve failed to blog in a
week [and because the last two series got more than enough headline
coverage.. for two separate reasons], I’m going to keep it simple and
give ya what’s on the brain:

– I don’t know how it’s possible for the Yanks to score 9 runs off Johan Santana, and yet only manage to muster 4 hits off Fernando Nieve.. but it’s pretty funny.

Epic Failure = Luis Castillo.. Sorry Mets fans, but you can never come
back from that. A-Rod didn’t even yell “Ha” on that one.

– Today was my last official day of high school [g’damn, it lasted forever], but something tells me I shouldn’t be enthused. When a grown man throws a fit
because someone dared to make a minor insult about him, the whole “high
school never ends” thing really gains some credibility. Bruney voiced
his opinion and K-Rod responded oh so brilliantly by acting like a
sissy. Way to show his comments really didn’t bother you smart one.
Brun actually intended to apologize, but  apparently ‘Cisco needed to act big first [while standing 3 feet shorter..].. would never have guessed those two are the same age.

– Though the guy pulled off a miracle, pitching two
scoreless innings without walking a guy on Saturday, Jose Veras is
still a disease, as his incapability to find the plate has spread to
the starting rotation, which has forced the pen to work overtime.  You
can thank the tattoo-bearing, thrown out of a bookstore badazz A.J. Burnett for saving the arms yesterday.. but it’d be nice if you’d manage to kick a** against the one team we really can’t afford to be embarrassed by, A.J… Just sayin’..

– Speaking of Boston.. I have no choice but to hand it to ya.. With an 0-8 record, can’t even attempt to deny the fact the Sox have owned the Yanks so far
this season.. but the fans at Fenway are something else.. “You used
steroids” chant? No offense, but leave it up to Boston fans to state
the obvious. C’mon.. I honestly expected more.

What I didn’t expect.. the Yanks letting Big Papi come out for a
curtain call for his every HR without retaliation.. Granted, they’re very rare from him these days, but.. it’s amazing the incredible amount of things a player can get away with if he isn’t in a Yankee uniform.

– My last thought.. *virtual hour long standing ovation for Mark Teixeira*.. Gotta commend a guy who endured a month long.. um.. initiation,
without a single complaint, while continuing to work till he got it
right.. which he has, as he is tearing it up, and doing the little
things.. The guy really plays his heart out.

On Deck: I’ll be attending tomorrow night’s game while CC is on the hill. The opposing pitcher probably doesn’t matter.. it’s the Nationals.

Also On Deck: St. Louis vs. Detroit.. the Jeffy-Allen showdown.. oh boy =)

P.S. Interesting story here.. Next time you want to have a few words for an ump, watch out.. apparently they can eject more than just the guys on field these days..[in high school games at least]..



  1. juliasrants

    I thought the “*” signs were a nice touch. And Vanessa – did you just admit that A-Rod actually cheated by calling out to players to get them to drop the ball? 😉 And A.J.? Sorry – less then a class act in the bookstore. If he couldn’t keep his mouth shut he really should have stayed in his hotel room. (I blogged on that last week.)


  2. thekfny28

    Haha, I’m not the only one who remembers the “Ha!” incident? That was awesome. Biggest moment of Howie Clark’s career.

    Frankie Rodriguez is Puerto Rican, ‘Nessa. It’s in his blood! He can’t help it!

    My last day is in a few days. My brother ended school already… next year he’ll be a senior… so yeah, grats on that.

    I could come up with better chants than that, and I’m a 12 year old Yankees fan! Jeez’m, Boston!

    I would’ve loved to see Papi get plunked. That’s good ol’ baseball right there.

    Shairon Martis, Vanessa. He’s a rookie from the Netherlands… probably been their best pitcher, though I could be their best pitcher with how the Nats have been going.

    -EJ the Kid From New York

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – I admit nothing, lolz.. About Burnett.. ehh, true.. but it’s A.J.. what do you expect? He’s just a leader of a motorcycle gang type of guy.. and kids nowadays hear swears from birth.. Wouldn’t be the first time a ballplayer let out some foul language in front of children.. Exhibit A: Alex Rios –

    Dillon – I thought it was all over too.. I was ready to be pissed offf and depressed.. then it dropped and I went crazy. I’ve never been that thrilled, lol..
    EJ – Ooh.. please tell me you didn’t go there.. I hope you just forgot that I am Puerto Rican!, lol.. [And psstt.. K-Rod is Venezuelan..]
    Papi does need to get plunked though.. or someone, anyone on the Red Sox.. there hasn’t been a brawl in a whiiiile.
    – V

  4. thekfny28

    Venezuelan? God DAMMIT!!! I keep forgetting that. I guess I’m just confused cause he’s a Met. Oooo…

    Yeah, well all Hispanics are fiery anyway. I’m Dominican and I admit that; in fact, we’re probably the most fiesty of them all.

    I didn’t know you’re Puerto Rican at all, actually. You don’t look it. 😛

    By the way, the one thing that ticks me off about the K-Rod/Bruney incident is Ryan Church’s comments afterwards. He said:

    “It was cool,” outfielder Ryan Church said. “Frankie walked right up to him and got right in his face. And the kid didn’t say a thing.”

    First of all, it was COOL? It was immature and ridiculously stupid. Second of all, Brian Bruney is not a kid. He is a grown-*** 27-year old man, and while you are 30 you still exemplify the maturity of a 10 year old. “Oh it was cool, Johnny stood up to Kevin the bully and Kevin was all quiet!” Thirdly, why don’t you learn how to round third base before you start making comments like these?


    -EJ the Proud Dominican Kid From New York

  5. diamonddiva

    Shairon Martis is 5-1, with a 5.04 ERA. But I don’t think it matters which Nationals pitcher will be on the mound tomorrow — Sabathia shut out the Nats, 5-0, the only time he faced them last season. I anticipate a similar performance tomorrow.

  6. Elizabeth D

    Nice entry, Vanessa. Definitely surprising for anyone to get 9 runs of Johan. Castillo was definitely an epic fail, I was disappointed but I’m sure you weren’t. Congrats on finishing high school, when do you graduate? I’m so ready to be done lol. By the way, I want you to know that I did not cheer the steroids chant, or the ‘Yankees Suck’ chant. I politely clapped for everyone except Damon and Rodriguez for personal reasons. I think it’s hilarious how Papi comes out for a curtain call every time now. It’s just that we’re so happy that he’s finally turning it around. And he needs the support. Enjoy the game!

  7. Jane Heller

    Great recap, V. I was smiling with every observation. Really looking forward to meeting you today at Stan’s. I wish you were going to the game again tonight though; maybe you’re the Yankees’ lucky charm. 🙂

  8. welikeroywelikeroy

    Being a Jays fan, those AROD antics still get me to this day. I will never respect him as a player after that. I could have let the steriods go, lol.

    Rios seems like a relaxed, nice guy, but man does he have a temper. He went off on that guy after having struckout 5 times the previous game. Funny, how a attractive person like (women say he is attractive at least) can look so ugly. He is a good player, I hope he learns from it.

    I’m impressed with how you guys hit Santana. The bats are really coming alive in the Bronx. I can’t wait till the Jays get there to see the homerun festival.

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