In Retrospect

Semi rounding up this past week [rather randomly]:

– Baseball is funny. Exhibit A [B, C, D and especially E]:
The New York Mets. At this point I really don’t know if I should
further their embarrassment.. but I’m going to anyway. *Virtual
bowdown* to the art form of losing they’ve developed. First Luis
Castillo’s epic failure, and now 3 errors in an inning by all
infielders but Luis Castillo.. irony at its best.

– I live for interleague play. Because of it, a pitcher
did the honor of knocking the other out of a game, the big man became
an offensive threat and Mariano, the Sandman, Rivera put on a batting
helmet and hit it hard. I’m seriously thinking the Yankee arms could pinch hit in non-interleague games, if necessary.

Mike Gonzalez is a ginormous weirdo. How does he not get the slow play
fine for his windup alone? It’s like a minor rain delay every pitch. [And like we haven’t had enough of those..]

– A-Rod.. glad to have you back. [And I’m not just talking about your bat.. back to women that don’t have biceps bigger than yours is a good sign.]

– It’s pretty clear right now that Joe G. is going to play the hot bat to handle the
outfield situation. That currently has Swish sitting out.. [for last
night at least.] What does the Red Bull Manic do on the bench? Sharpie his bat. Classic Swishness.

Happy belated to the Capt’n. Don’t know if he’s in the lineup tonight,
but if he isn’t.. jeezus, Peña makes a hell of a backup. If he is, the
Mets are the perfect opponent to kill the funk.. considering he hasn’t driven
in a run in two weeks, since last facing the blue & orange. DJ’s
cologne bottle is just laughing at him. Yeah, double plays aren’t fun to
ground into, but imagine how fun they are to watch. [Funny how the move to leadoff was supposed to solve that problem huh?] [That didn’t quite
turn out to be the Happy Birthday I had in mind..]

– Brett The Jet = Beast. Yeah, the kid has legs.. but 5-6, with a homer at Citi? Beware the beast.


Yours truly is officially a high school graduate. [I’m as surprised as you are.]
Now which Yankee wants to sign my yearbook?

P.S. R.I.P to the man that gave the world P.Y.T.

P.P.S. Will live-blog it tomorrow, for the last game in this interleague road trip. Hope all stop by for the ESPN bashing at least.



  1. thekfny28

    Nice to see that you’re still alive, Vanessa. Lol.

    The Mets don’t like to hog the spotlight, V. When it comes to errors, they share the effort. They work as a team.

    Kate Hudson ain’t my type but she’s a cutie, definitely. Not significantly older than Alex, either.

    Uh, excuse me. I coined Brett the Jet. You can’t take that from me without permission!

    I’ll definitely come down tomorrow night Vanessa, Yankees are going to kick some Mets tail…

    -EJ the Kid From New York

  2. flairforthedramatic

    Dillon – Yeahh, I love it too. It’s nice to get that taste of the NL..
    Jane – Thankss.. and yes! Have you become a twitterholic already?
    Mike – Thank you. Same here =)
    EJ – Coined it? Lol.. everyone calls him that. I’ve been using Brett The Jet for a while.. but nvm, lol. About the Mets.. haha.. they used to say about Shea, “it’s a dump, but it’s our dump”.. they should start saying this one, “we stink, but we stink together”. Looking forward to having you there 2mrw.. sorry [again] about not being able to attend you in-gamer.. Was busy all together leading up to my graduation.
    Julia – Thanks.
    – V

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