Back In The Bandbox

So.. anyone still have a problem with it?
. . . besides this guy:

joba meet & greet.jpg

– Got to see Joba, Hughes and Aceves before the game. Joba is a funny
dude. Buttons, by the Pussycat Dolls, was being played in the stadium
at one point [yeah..] and in the midst of the meet and greet Joba was
jamming, bobbing his head and probably two seconds from busting out
dance moves. He was the last guy to leave from the gate and took a six man
entourage with him, while Aceves could’ve walked out of the Great Hall alone. All three walked right past me, and were all huge and brolic enough to have me scared to touch them..

[I caught the pic on the right of Joba as he was leaving with his protection on my phone.. There’s one I caught of Hughes before my camera died here.]

Speaking of scary.. I know I’ve said it before but A.J. is the ultimate
badazz. Even when the guy laughs or smiles, which he was oddly doing a lot of
during BP for some reason yesterday, he still manages to look sinister.
I was having a convo with a friend about him and brought up something I
would’ve liked to see during interleague. First off, I would’ve gotten
a kick out of seeing A.J. go to bat with biker gloves.. but I would’ve
given every dime I have to see an opposing pitcher have the nerve to
hit him. I can picture Burn just breaking the bat on his knee,
walking to the mound, standing 6 inches away from whoever threw the pitch and just staring
him down till the guy ran away or pissed his pants.. and A.J. then taking his place at first base.

– About the game.. How about that dandy Andy? Return of Mr. Reliable? Solid stuff.

– Two days rest and A-Rod musters up this kind of energy? Do we dare to give him three?

– The stadium may be helping the Melk Man, but I don’t care. 7 homers at home [1 on the road].. Fine by me.

– I’m thinking Girardi should go by the name Slow Joe right now. Finally moved Cano out of the 5-hole, after
a storm of criticism, and last night makes questionably weird move
#82638234 removing Aceves after one batter. Yeah, textbook baseball
tells you to bring in Coke for the lefties, but the micromanaging is
ridiculous. It worked out so no one is throwing a hissy fit, but even Alfredo was
surprised by it, walking off the mound with a sarcastic grin. Hughes
probably wanted to do the same, after warming up for no reason.. Just sayin’..

– Don’t know how it managed not to rain, but good night at the ballpark. Mick Foley was there [I sh*t you not].. and a Paul O’Neill chant broke out.. love it.

Beast Of The Ballgame:


P.P.S. An update.. scaffolding is now completely surrounding the stadium next door and they no longer keep its lights on.. an extremely sad and scary sight. I don’t know what it is but, despite the win, I realized the new stadium didn’t give me the same “God, I love baseball” feeling walking out of it last night as the old one did endlessly. Just started sinking in that the old home is being torn down.

P.P.P.S. This = hilarious.



  1. juliasrants

    It is sad to think of the old stadium going away. I would never want to lose Fenway Park. There’s history when you walk in through the gate and you can’t fake that. All the fancy decorations aren’t the same.


  2. Jane Heller

    Great post. Where to begin. How cool that you were there last night. So jealous that you got to see Joba, Hughes and Aceves. And yeah, AJ’s got ‘tude. Reminds me of the Unit only nicer to his teammates. The bad news is that Cano is back in the #5 spot tonight with Swish at #6. With Cervelli catching, I guess Cano was the best bet. Let’s hope for no GIDPs! Funny crowd quotes. Loved A-Rod’s bomb. Sad for you to see the scaffolding, but there will be new memories. You’ll see!

  3. levelboss

    do you have any pictures from the meet-and-greet?
    my favorite part of your game reports are the crowd quotes

  4. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – Well put. Couldn’t agree more. History gives a ballpark its feel.. I guess I’m going to wait a while before this new one gives me that same feeling the old one did.
    Dillon – Yeah, they’re cool. =)
    Jane – Lol.. Haha, one of my teachers said that of me [that I have a lot of “‘tude” hehe..] I was saying the same thing yesterday, that he comes across as another Randy Johnson.. but cooler =) Ugh, the DPs are really annoying.. Yanks need to keep them to a minimum. I hope there are new, better, memories, but I have no patience, lol..
    Level – I didn’t get the chance to take many b/c forgot to charge the camera [grrr..] but you can check one I took from my phone that came out clear here:
    – V

  5. levelboss

    nice clear picture.. you were very close
    my favorite crowd quote so far is still..
    [Two seconds before the start of God Bless America] “Hey take your hat off you damn terrorist!” lol

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