Walk-Off Win For America

Match-up may have had loss written all over it, but..

halladay fail.jpg

sorry Canucks, not today.

Side Notes:

In all seriousness.. Halladay on the mound, shoulder strain pulls Wang
out in the 5th, and the Yanks still manage to pick up a W.. what are
the odds?

– Abraham’s Wang Update:

is headed for the DL with what is being described as a strain with
bursitis. But everybody seems to think that he will be back within a

I am itching to mention he who must not be named,
but I won’t do it. Who’s glad that Hughes is a reliever now? Phil is
obviously the only competent option to be the replacement, but with the
decreased arm strength stemming from the move to the pen, he likely
won’t be able to give a full start in 5 days. I’m thinking one will be patched together by he and the other relievers on Thursday, though Abraham suggests Sergio Mitre in Scranton could be the choice.

Message to the New York media: Yankee Stadium = launching pad..  we get it. The
restatement of this every time one ends up over the wall in right is unnecessary.

Digesting The Disaster That Is Robinson Cano:

Now 0 for his last 20 with RISP..
Made the last out in 5 of his 6 AB’s today..
Stranded 10 single-handedly..
Batting near, if not below, the Mendoza line with RISP for the season..
Leading the team in double plays.

And he’s number 5 in the lineup..

The icing on this cake? In the only at-bat he didn’t end the inning with, he ever so intelligently chose to bunt [into a force out at third]… with a 3-0
count. Girardi may or may not be a smart guy [latest managerial
decisions have been raising some doubt] but this one seems simple.. Ice
cold bat + sheer idiocy = bench.

Badazz Burnett strikes again, this time with Joba as the
co-conspirator. This date in Yankee history can now add “Posada Pied
to accompany The Birth Of The Boss and Baseball’s Gettysburg Address on
its resume.

Beast(s) Of The Ballgame:

beast 6:4.jpg

asked someone to tell me the worth of Hideki Matsui.. and the guy told
me himself with his second tater and multi-hit game in the last three

beast2 6:4.jpg

A bomb and the game winning hit.. How’s the thumb feeling?

On Deck: Joba on the hill to face Brett Cecil, with a mere 7 Major League appearances under his belt, for Toronto in a battle of the 6’2″ 23 year olds.

P.S. Forgot to mention, if you think you’re losing it, Eric Hinske did indeed arrive from Pittsburgh.. three days ago. He supposedly requested a trade  from the Pirates because of a lack of playing time.. must be glad he got it.



  1. levelboss

    V, did you see yourself on the home page of mlblogs?
    hopefully this will be a wake up cal for Robbie to start hitting again and also hopefully for Teixeira – he’s hitting better now but he’s had a power outage for a while

  2. flairforthedramatic

    Level – Yes I did.. Been trying to be hopeful for Cano, but it seems that when he’s going bad, he’s going badddd.. His slumps seem to be killer.
    Dillon – Well Tex had 3 hits today, just not one over the wall. A home run drought is fine by me so long as he’s still getting hits and driving guys in.. I would love to see him really rip one though..
    – V

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Ben – He really can’t. He went from ace to disgrace real fast. If he can’t redeem himself after this latest injury, I don’t know how much patience I’ll be left with..
    – V

  4. Jane Heller

    I loved Joba’s decoy of AJ on Posada’s cream face! So funny. And I totally agree about the “launching pad.” We get it. We really, really get it. And when Johnny hits one, we like it! I was thinking the same thing about Hinske. I was sure he would have pinch hit by now. Still, I bet he’s glad he’s out of Pittsburgh. If Joe rests A-Rod today, maybe Hinske will see time at third. Scary thought.


  5. flairforthedramatic

    Jane – Yeah, that was hilarious. I’m starting to think this launching pad thing is a huge home field advantage.. If Fenway can have the Green Monster and easy homers around Pesky Pole, I say leave it be. I thought Girardi would find some way to get him into a game, just to get his feet wet in New York, but I honestly don’t understand what that trade was for right now..
    Erin – Lol, hah.. he who must not be named will never touch pinstripes again. We’ve learned our lesson [I hope]. 😉
    – V

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