Comeback Kids Showing Off

Just when you thought a Chamberslaying
had this one in the loss column..

that short right porch comes in handy.
[Starting to like that jet stream.]

Side Notes:

Whatever the case may be, Joba is making it really hard to continue
viewing the guy as a starter. I wouldn’t mind having he and Hughes
switch roles right now.

– Whose bright idea was it to bring back up Cody Ransom?

– Hideki on fire. Way to shut me down.

And the Mets moments never end. One went right through Overbay’s legs in this
one.. Don’t know what it is about the Yanks that makes other teams lose
all capability to field the ball, but it’s funny.

Leave it up to Cano to pick up two hits in this game, neither with
runners in scoring position
, and yet still find a way to look lost.
Was caught stealing and the king of the ground out in every other
at-bat, including ending the first inning with one with two men on
base. Two hits though, so I can’t completely trash the performance
today.. but I’m doubting he’d have gotten them if the bases hadn’t been
clear.. just sayin’.

– Jeet, Tex and Mo representing the Yanks in the All-Star Game. As with every year, there are some questionable choices
that I’d love to complain about, but it’s expected so I’ll leave it at
that. I have to say though, this year the National League may have a chance.

– There’s still the Final Vote left.. Kinsler got robbed, so get him in.

Beast Of The Ballgame:

beast 6:5.jpg

4 innings, one hit, 12 out save. Hell of a job.

On Deck:
Last game with the red hats [at last] with Andy on the mound, coming
off a solid start, to close this series out against Ricky Romero, with
a live 20 scoreless innings streak [meaning he’s due to get creamed], for Toronto. How about a four game sweep?




    I think Chamberlain will never be anything more than a mediocre starter. I just don’t think his stuff translates well over 5+ innings. I do think that his stuff is some of the best in the game over 1 inning. Fantastic set up man/ soon to be closer. Mediocre starter.

  2. juliasrants

    Vanessa – the red hats are to honor the returning US Veterans and their families. No one really should be complaining about them. It is a very small price to pay compared to what our service men and women sacrifice for us.


  3. flairforthedramatic

    Ben – I’m starting to believe that.. However, it’s easy to say that when we’re impatient.. Starters have had trouble to begin their careers before so we could be just witnessing that. Already seeing him being hella dominant in the bullpen makes it hard to wait for him to figure it out though. I think Hughes is the one closer to being ready to be a Major League starter and I think Joba should be put back in the bullpen for the time being.
    Julia – I realize that. I’m not suggesting we don’t honor those who’ve died for us.. just, baseball could’ve made a better choice in the method of honoring them. A lot of people think they look stupid.
    – V

  4. Jane Heller

    Whoever signed Ace out of the Mexican League should get a raise! The guy has been solid (mostly) and I’m very grateful to him for saving everyone’s bacon yesterday. I, too, owe Matsui an apology. I thought he was cooked. But he’s proving me wrong!

  5. raysfanboy

    Ok, I agree that Kinsler got hosed on being left out of the ASG. But…I’m going to continue to vote for my guy Carlos Pena. C’mon, he’ s a nice guy.

    I (like many) am a fellow Will Ferrel fanatic.

  6. thekfny28

    Hey Vanessa, you haven’t blogged for a while. We’ve been on quite a great roll lately, eh? Our offense has been solid and our pitching is coming up clutch. And I happen to like the red hats. They’re quite spiffy.

    Have you heard Lupe Fiasco’s new single yet? It came out on iTunes a couple days ago. It’s called Shining Down. Check it out if you haven’t.

    -EJ the Kid From New York

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