For NL, Higher Expectations Bring Same Result

And that result would be this:

asg 2009.jpg

Over/Under an eternity next time National League wins an All Star Game?

Side Notes:

– Hope it wasn’t just me who felt like baseball was dying with the odd “this is the last game that will ever be played” sort of feel to the pre-game.. essentially set it up to be anticlimatic. Producer must receive mid-season Overkill Award.

– Pretty weird, yet cool, to see Major League ballplayers starstruck for a change, during  their meet and greet with the President.

That fly swatter himself/leader of our nation, Barack Obama, was called on to toss
the first pitch in this All-Star Game.. and he did so with White Sox
gear.. in the home of the Cardinals.. bold. However, just in
case you  didn’t detect it from the boos Mr. President, the sea of red
and white in St. Louis didn’t appreciate the lack of bipartisanship..

This was a needle to the retina.

Was hoping to see a monster shot from Teix during the ASG, but apparently no one was allowed to take it over the wall at Busch.

– Charlie Manuel has some killer managerial tactics.. The guy still has me wondering how you choose to intentionally walk any guy in a lineup literally
full of All-Stars. The walk served up in the 8th robbed Victor Martinez
of an at-bat in the game, while the guy after him, Adam Jones, drove
in a run with a sac fly.. the run that happened to win the game.

Explanation needed as to why the national broadcasts are always the
worst.. Do we not endure enough sportscaster stupidity, Boston a**
kissing and Yankee salary criticisms throughout the year? Just sayin’.

Your Quick Bit Of Hilarity: Mo nailing down the save.. for none other than Jonathan Papelbon.. and he wasn’t even the one who truly
saved it for Pap, as Crawford’s catch in left robbed what would’ve been a
game-tying home run. MVP honor well deserved.. “Winning pitcher” label
in this one, not so much..

National League, your time will come.. when Mo

– Lastly, the all angles feed by MLB/Fox was seriously the greatest thing in the world since Red Mango:

all angles.jpg

Just about fell in love with it..

asg all angles.jpg

On Deck:
The second half of the season.. A 10 game homestand in store for the
Yanks, beginning with a three game set against Detroit, following the
next two off days. It’s that time again.

P.S. No Derby post because.. it was unquestionably lame. Did we all really want ‘roids banned in baseball?



  1. Jane Heller

    You nailed all the highs (and, unfortunately, lows). Too funny with the “last game that will ever be played” comment. The music reminded me of both a funeral and a pageant – even the Oscars. Very formal and self-important in any case. Maybe they could lighten it up a little next year. Loved seeing Mo save the game. It made everything else worth it.


    I think Charlie Manuel definitely blew that game. He didn’t use 5 pitchers as well as 2 position players. Prince Fielder only got 1 at bat and Brian McCann only played 1 inning while Molina got 8. He really dropped the ball. Ryan Howard facing Joe Nathan in a clutch situation?? That’s disaster waiting to happen.

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – I actually agree.. Though AL domination is entertaining, home field advantage just shouldn’t be decided by one game in the middle of the season.
    Jane – Hah.. definitely something like a funeral or beauty pageant.. It was really over the top.
    EJ – Yes it is, lol.
    Ashley – I will dread that day, lol..
    Ben – Yeah, Manuel didn’t do the finest job.
    – V

  4. thatbaseballguy

    That’s some pretty cool stuff. The NL has really disappointed a lot of people over the past decade or so and it’s a shame that the NL fans have to keep taking the tough losses like this.

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