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right. The break is over, the game faces have made thei
r return and no
time’s been wasted for the product of a much needed rest to reveal
itself. Despite the lack of excitement during the extended vacation [for some], void of games that don’t give the illusion that they
count, with the relatively uneventful HR Derby and All-Star Game this
year, the upside following the Midsummer Classic seemingly always
manifests with the surge that comes after. We’ve seen what could be
done with two days rest and now with four,
it’s getting interesting.

Fresh From The Break:

– Teix has hit one that may make it to Mars.

– Alex is milking the new stadium for all it’s worth.

asg surge.jpg

– Joba picked up a how to pitch book.

– CC outdueled Verlander.

moose sabathia.jpg

– And Moose made his return… for a day [as an Old Timer].

Side Notes:

– I mega miss Moose.

– Was let down Paulie & Tino didn’t show.

– Would love to see Mickey Rivers take on Brett Gardner. 60 years can’t even slow those legs down. Must have a 90 feet dash for next year’s Old Timer’s Game.

– My calls are on point this year. Check what I tweeted a few seconds before Teix’s bomb.

– I don’t know who was watching the Ranger game two days ago, but it was delayed thrice
not because of bees, midges, or black cats, but because the home plate
ump Brian O’Nora had to take multiple breaks after a ball bounced and
hit him in the worst possible place a male can get hit. Though O’Nora didn’t get on my good side with a game he called in April, took a hell of an effort to remain in that game, so *swisher salute*.

– Teix = beast beast beasssst.

On Deck: Andy Pettitte to start off the next series with Baltimore against David Hernandez. I’ll be there.. looking for four straight.



  1. ibleedpinstripes

    And four straight it is! I am loving the second half for the Yanks so far. The break was excruciatingly long and I’m glad it’s over!

    I couldn’t agree more about Tino & O’Neill… and the Rivers/Gardner foot race is definitely one I’d pay to see.

    Pettitte was good today – better than he usually is at home. Maybe he and Joba are finally letting go of the fact that The Stadium is a hitters’ ballpark and actually pitching like their old selves again.

    Love your blog!

    – Lisa

  2. kozmo

    Way to Bring the W home, V. Huge win, another 2-1 win. Pettite was great, the consecutive plays at the plate were pivotal, and Matsui earning the walk-off with the monster HR to right center was the icing on the cake. Tremendous and, with Boston’s loss, the Yanks are again tied for first. Time to bust through and take command. Great for the Yanks that Tampa lost, putting the Yanks 4.5 up and 5 in the loss column.

    Jason from The Heartland

  3. Jonestein

    Teix is a f’n bada$s. I miss his bada$sedness here in Teixas, but the loot we got from the Braves(Andrus, Salty, Feliz) was most def worth it. Glad to see him in the pinstripes though, Teix deserves to be on THE stage.

  4. popejonash

    Heya – I was at the Stadium on Saturday for their 2-1 win against the Tigers. I’ve just posted a bunch of pics from it if you have time to check them out. Ash

  5. flairforthedramatic

    Lisa – The break wasss long.. but it gave me a little time to have a life that isn’t revolved around the baseball schedule, lol..
    Pettitte was amazing. He was kind of getting up there with the pitch count early but managed to make it to the 8th and the only damage that was done was early with that homer in the first.. Good stuff..
    Thxx -)
    Jason – Heyy J.. Yeah, get this.. the Yanks are undefeated in the 8 or so games that me and one of my friends have gone to. Good luck charms hehe =)
    The win was great. Though the offense keeps waiting till its late to pounce, I’m not complaining, lol. With it all tied up in the AL East, like I said, things could get interesting.. The race is onnn.
    EJ – Lmao.. funny. Wish I did, but my friend and I bottthh called Hinske’s homer, I swear.
    Jonestein – Lol, badazz is riight. Teix is such a gamer. He’s tearing it up. Texas does have a solid team without him though.. 2.5 back.. in good shape.
    Ash – Cool.. will do.
    Jenn – He came mighty close. The ball looked like it was shot from a canon.
    – V

  6. raysfanboy

    I wonder if Mussina appreciates being considered an “old timer.” He doesn’t seem all that old. I wish more teams would do that, though. Pretty cool honor. The Rays wouldn’t have much success considering most of their “old” guys are still playing.

    Looks like a dogfight in the East. I’m enjoying watching the scoreboard (in July!) to see if the Sox or Yanks won/lost. Meaningful baseball in July. Awesome!

  7. Jane Heller

    Can’t wait to see your pics from last night’s game, but in any case it must have been great to be there for the Hinske/Matsui dingers, Andy’s nice outing and the defensive plays. Oh, and Matsui’s pie in the face. Can’t forget that.

  8. flairforthedramatic

    Dillon – Can’t say that quite yet but it feels like it =)
    TC – The Dodgers are doing well.. but the Yanks are just heating up.
    Raysfanboy – Lol, I guess he can’t complain. He chose to retire when he could still be playing. 20 game winner one year, Old Timer the next.. pretty funny, lol.
    The fight for October is always interesting. I’m glad the Yanks are in it this year, after the horrible disappointment they were last year.
    Jane – Awhh, I didn’t take any. Didn’t bring the camera =( It was great though. You know I love the late inning drama =) The defensive plays were amazing. Pie to the face was a highlight of course, lol..
    – V

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