Taking The AL East By Storm

Literally.. check the forecast..


Yanks could’ve afforded a roof right?

All jokes aside though.. playoff fight in July.. Gotta love it.

next meeting between the AL East titans isn’t for a couple of weeks,
but the Cold War has already begun. It’s a tie on top following the
latest walkoff in the new ballpark and the dramatic battle for October
baseball that was absent in Yankee Universe last season is about to
have a match lit under it.

Notes on the one from last night first..

Mid-Game Musings:

A.J. is hysterical. We all knew the pie to the face was coming and now
it’s a game in itself waiting to see how it’ll happen. After this one,
the camera stayed focused on Godzilla at the stadium as the celebration
went wild. Burnett could be seen lurking in the background. Mariano seemed
to be the one to distract Matsui with another handshake as Hideki was
waiting for his on field interview and then the prankster pounced by virtue of assault with a pastry.

Whoever is the guy in charge of the highlights shown mid-inning at the
stadium should be bowed down to. Middle of the first, what is shown on
screen? A highlight reel of Joba Chamberlain, complete with endless
variations of his trademark fist pump.. all surely for Aubrey Smart A**

– Was Melky & A-Rod’s “Bride Wars” type fight for Hideki’s flung batting helmet not hilarious? Alex took his cue from Hudson.

Though it goes without saying, the plays at the plate in the 8th were
beyond incredible.. not solely because they saved the game. Teix’s
throw was “jump onto the field and hug the guy” worthy, as was Molina
& Coke’s effort. Phil’s slamming throw of the ball to the ground
after the ump made his call was beyond badazz.

Beast Of The Ball Game:

beast 6:20.jpg

With the game winner.. no surprise.

Crowd Quotes:

– “Why are they booing?… Boooo… Why are we booing?” – The new mindless level of idiocy at the ballpark never ceases to amaze me.

On Deck: Sergio Mitre is being called up to start in place of Wang, who just a breeder of bad news, to face Rich Hill, with a sparkling 7.22 ERA, for the Orioles, making his first career start against the Yanks. Serg’s chance to make an impression. Make it 5 straight.



  1. raysfanboy

    The Rays should shed some light (get it?) on this AL East storm when they fight the Yanks next week (27-29) at the Trop. Going to be a raucous crowd. Hopefully we’ll still be within spitting distance of you guys when we match up.

    I agree. Playoff atmosphere in July. Sa-weet!

  2. thekfny28

    How do you come up with some of this stuff Vanessa? Your blog is jampacked with hilarity.

    And you can put that in your banner for the blog… if you intend on making one…

  3. Jonestein

    That Teix throw to the plate was freakin awesome, saw it on “Baseball Tonight”.
    Oh, and “You’re Welcome” from all of us here in Rangerdom for the two (so far) wins over Boston. Wish your boys from Mordor had “helped a brutha out” when they were in Los Angeles of Anaheim of California of the USA before the All-Star break.

  4. crazy19canuck

    Matsui is finally getting back to form? Nice. Hopefully he doesn’t hurt himself again.

    You’d think with all the money they put into the new stadium they could’ve afforded a roof! Baseball in NY in April isn’t pretty either. Those t-storms could easily be snow storms!

    Good luck staying in first place…that was a nice win, btw…we’re 4 1/2 games back, but there is this series coming up… 🙂
    Good luck against the O’s today!

  5. flairforthedramatic

    Raysfanboy – Lol, I’m sure the Yanks will enjoy the better weather..
    EJ – Thankss.. I’ll consider it 😉
    Jeff – Go figure.. Cashman = genius.
    Lisa – Haha.. yeah.
    Jonestein – Lol, sorry about that.. but the Angels have always owned us. Rangers are my number 2 team so I was cheering for them anyway, but nice that they’re helping out my number 1. =)
    Ginny – A roof would’ve desecrated the idea of Yankee Stadium.. but it would’ve helped. I’m still waiting for summer to begin in New York.. The upcoming series in Tampa should be interesting..
    – V

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