Going To Bat For Brian Bruney

Consider this my contribution to Hope Week.

All bear witness to this fan’s first stroke against the current.

a live 6 win surge for the Yanks and a pleasant change in the AL East
standings following off the All-Star break, the latest item of
discussion by which Yankee fans have unleashed their disdain has
manifested itself with the curious case of Brian Bruney.
Yankee Universe has indulged itself in the familiar of act of berating
the most recent man on the roster delivering less than satisfactory
results.. and there’s nothing Yankee fans do better than releasing
their frustration with humorous criticisms
exploiting the current crash and burn failure. [I should know.. Exhibit A: He Who Shall Not Be Named.. Exhibit B: Nuke LaFarnsworth.. Exhibit C: Wilson Betemit.. Exhibit D: The 2008 New York Yankees.. The list is infinite..]
However, this time, for reasons unknown, I have not been hit with the
urge to participate in the blogosphere’s parade against the player with
a lack of success as of yet, so instead, I’ve decided to risk being the
lone wolf on this and attempt to reduce the hostility.

Giving The Guy Some Credit:

– Brun was the guy who went 7.1 innings without allowing a hit at one point at the start of the season.

– Also dominated by virtue of 12 strikeouts in 5.2 innings in April.

– Bad luck hit him with two essentially back to back DL stints.. rust afterward shouldn’t have been a surprise.

– Jose Veras was DFA’d to make room for Brun’s re-return. Rather have Veras?

– He shaved his head and sported a porn star ‘stache this year.

– Insulted K-Rod and kept his cool while the Mets closer threw a tantrum.

– Bruney hadn’t been used since July 10th before today’s appearance.

– Two strikeouts.. two homers.. Post-game response:
“I just wanted to get Mo a save, that’s what a set-up man does.”
A sarcastic comment following a loss isn’t what a fan wants to hear, but after win, c’mon.. that’s funny.


Hope Week, so have some and give the guy a break. At the very least,
try and limit the hasty trade demands/death threats.. Just sayin’.



  1. Jane Heller

    It’s nice of you to have Bruney’s back, V. I just wonder if he’s still hurt and not saying anything. But your best argument on his behalf is that he’s not Veras. You got me there! Here’s hoping he figures it out. The Yankees would be much better off with an effective Bru in the pen.


  2. ibleedpinstripes

    Point taken, V. I’ll admit I was harsh in the entry I just posted, but you put up a good fight for him. Very brave of you! You’d probably make a darn good defense attorney! Lol. If I were a jury after hearing that argument, I’d probably come back with a “not guilty” verdict.

    Thanks for shedding light on the situation. I sat here watching the game saying “what the hell is going on?!” and wanting to throw my remote control at the wall. But now I feel a lot better. =)

    – Lisa

  3. thekfny28

    Forgive a player who had a bad day? vanessa, that’s… Gosh darn it that’s something I would do! Could it be that my presence is having an impact on your ways? =O

    I’m much too influential for my own good…

    By the way, this video is hilarious.

    -EJ the Kid From New York

  4. kozmo

    You make some good points, V. His velocity is good, but his location bad. Not having pitched in nearly two weeks will probably do that. Thankfully Hughes, Aceves, Coke, and that Mariano guy have been so excellent.

    So have the starters. This team can still stand to score a few more runs, but did well to generate rallies via base hits and stolen bases, not just homers; a good sign.

    Jason from The Heartland

  5. Yankees Reality Check

    I agree on most counts – especially the anti-Veras. That’s what I’m going to call Bruney from now on. And the K-Rod thing really won me over earlier this year. My only question is why he couldn’t keep his cool with beat writers like he did with K-Rod. I know he was probably annoyed at himself, but it kind of makes you look bad when you over-do the sarcasm. See Beckett, Josh.

  6. mr_cw

    He can redeem himself as a 7th and 8th “we’re losing right now” guy. It’s like that saying goes, “The world needs grave diggers too.”

    -cw, behind the moat

  7. flairforthedramatic

    Jane – That’s a worry.. I hope he isn’t hurt, but this time around I think he would say something if he is. He’s already made the mistake of ignoring it once before this season. I really think he’ll find a way to bring that old Brun back soon.. so long as Girardi doesn’t wait weeks to bring him into another game..

    Lisa – Lol, I try. I thought someone had to stick up for him. He has been frustrating, but I don’t know.. something has me still rooting for the guy instead of attacking his recent failures.

    EJ – Perhaps you have.. perhaps I’m maturing.. perhaps the world is coming to an end soon, lol..

    Ginny – Thank you. Though Brun has been stinking it up, the Yanks are on fire, so I the immense hate for the guy caught me off guard.

    Jason – A very good sign. Though the homer has helped.. a loott, lol.. It’s good to see the team pulling off wins any way possible this year.

    Jeff – Lol.. that’s probably it. I’ve learned from the best, of course. =)

    Julia – Ain’t that the truth.. I will shamefully admit I’m guilty of that as well.

    Yankees Reality Check – True.. I think more than anything though he’s been annoyed with just having to answer questions after every all the recent outings that haven’t gone well for him. He doesn’t seem like the guy that can hold in his frustration and just take it. I’m the same way when I’m frustrated so I understand.. However, at the same time, it comes with his job. Though he, and all ballplayers, would probably like to be able to just play baseball, handling the media has become a requirement.

    CW – Ouch, lol.. I’d rather he redeem himself as the solid force he was from the ‘pen to start the year..

    Mets Main Man – Just a set-up man? That job is nearly as high in importance.. K-Rod is just a tool.

    – V

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