Restoration Of Once Accustomed Success [w/ Update]

Though it may pain the brain to relive the memory, bear with me for a sec for a quick look back to last year in Yankee Universe.

the beginning of August of just last season, a look at the AL East
standings would blow your mind. 3rd place had been graced by the
Yankees’ presence. The deficit was 5.5 games and the team on top was
none other than the Tampa Bay Rays.

Fast forward to present day.

First place is enjoying the reunion with pinstripes.

Boston is attempting to keep pace.

The team from Tampa is slowly returning to nonexistence.

And the Yankees are kicking a** daily.

In other words, exhale.. all is right with the world again.

a doubt, the 2009 team has partially benefited from the Yanks unlimited
spending plan, which brought big names to the Bronx in Sabathia,
Burnett and Teixeira, during the offseason, but I will share with you
the true secret to the revival.. performance enhancing drugs.
These may be outdated, but the Yanks are tearing it up due to what’s
known as a “chill pill”. Despite the intensity and pressure that
encompasses playing in New York, the 2009 New York Yankees are thriving
largely because of a new attitude in the clubhouse.The boys are
allowing themselves to relax and joke before, during and following
games.. a mentality that hasn’t taken away from their focus.

As the wins keep coming, it’s become clear that ’08 is in the past, and the Yanks are back and bringing the heat. Rest of the league: you’ve been warned.

*More on this post when I return from a three day college orientation.

UPDATE: Really been slacking with the blog.. Apologies. Leaving for college in a few days. Will have to see how much time I have on my hands to keep this up. I’ll try and at least host a game during the upcoming Oakland series. Summary since I’ve been gone: Yanks still kicking a**.

P.S. I utterly forgot how I was going to extend this post.. Don’t murder me.



  1. ibleedpinstripes

    The difference between how we were last year at this time and this year at this time is incredible. I couldn’t be happier. Actually, I could be… If the Yankees were a few more games ahead of Boston, lol. But still, we’re in a good spot and we’re definitely on pace to keep it that way. I love this year’s team and how much mellower it seems. Yes, I had to look up “mellower” to check if it was a word or not, haha. But anyway, I’m loving life in Yankees Universe right now, no doubt about it!

    – Lisa


    I watched the Yanks-Rays game last night and Swisher looked confused in right field. He comes up with a great catch one minute and has no idea what’s going on the next. Talk about a love-hate relationship.

  3. redstatebluestate

    Consider that an APB 😉


    Well now it’s 3-2 everyone!!! Tough loss for the Yankees last night. Here’s hoping they can get things done in Game 6 with ol’ reliable, Pettite on the mound against Saunders at home. I’ve got a good feeling. Definitely don’t want to go to game 7, even with CC on the hill. Anyone worried about him wearing down???

    Also, let’s hope Girardi doesn’t keep hurting us like I think he has so far!!! Thoughts?

    Also, check out some great New York Yankees stuff, it’s great to see from any Yankees Blog. The stuff is from Steiner Sports, my client. Thanks!

    Thanks again, LET’S GO YANKS. Let’s put up #27!!! Keep up the good work!

  5. redstatebluestate

    Ah… yes, I remember f4Td… ah yes, back when it was alive… i was very fond of the hilarity… ah those were the days…

  6. devilabrit

    So what happened to this blog… did you never come back from college, do you not have a computer at college or have you taken up with another team…
    Just checking is all….

    Phillies Outside

  7. flairforthedramatic

    Sorrrry guys for no updates but I just don’t have the time to keep this blog up while in college.. I might post during my summer break though so don’t give up on me, lol..
    But I’d neverrrr take up another team!
    – V

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