About flairforthedramatic

About Me:
18 year old college bound female New Yorker, unfortunately residing in Queens at the moment [lame], with die-hard Yankee love.

Random Facts:
– loves the roll call
– infatuated with Yankee Stadium [the old one.. the new one not entirely as much]
– second obsession: music
– second fav team: Texas Rangers
– vegetarian
– idolize Stewart & Colbert
– looooves movies with Will Ferrell –> “shake & bake… that just happened”
– addicted to cheese.. [yeah.. random]
– really overuses “lol”
– likes the [bracket] better than the (parenthesis)…[again.. random]
– can’t get enough of Yankee / baseball history
– could never feel better than in the midst of 50,000 strangers
– is hoping to be arrested for running on the field some day
– and, will likely die from cardiac arrest, because baseball will do that to you]]>


– watching baseball [obviously]
– going to the ballpark
– listening to music [the second gift of life]
– watching movies
– playing sports
– reading
– wishing school would just disappear
– and of course, October baseball