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In Retrospect

Absentee on the MLBlogosphere for a week and this is what happens:

1. Pinocchio Becomes A Real Boy… Or As Close As To One As He Will Probably Ever Get:


the big boy admits it. What does that deserve… a pat on the back or a
tomato in the face? I say… both. Though I hate to criticize Alex,
as he’s seen enough criticism as a Yankee than probably any other man
can handle, I just can’t ignore the fact that 1.) he obviously lied
about his use of PEDs before [and that was no little white lie] 2.) He
was partying it up in the Bahamas while the baseball world got a slap
in the face… and 3.) The guy has had more controversy surrounding him
in his career than any politician [and that, my friends, doesn’t just happen]… but,
with that said… I do applaud him greatly for his admission, letting
it all hang out, and being, from what I could see, sincere about it. I hope he was truthful now,
in saying that he only used during his Texas years… but most
importantly, I hope he stops getting his name in the papers for the
wrong reasons, and instead, put the baggage aside and be the person he
can be and continue to be the player he has been.

2. And That Devilish Little Question Pops Up Again:


of Fame or no Hall of Fame? I’m going to keep this short, because
there’s really no use in answering it now, plenty of years before he’ll
even be eligible, but my answer, as of right now, is yes, a Hall of
Famer. Whether the guy deserves it or not for ethical reasons is
debatable, but looking solely at his capabilities on the diamond, it’s
a no-brainer. When all is said and done, assuming he continues to
produce as he has, he will likely be the one of the greatest players
[if not the greatest] in the history of the game… and I think he was
capable of that with or without the PEDs… but that’s just my
opinion now… we’ll see what happens.

3. Mo Says: Don’t Worry About It:

As with everything that surrounds the subject of Mariano, it’s pretty much routine that
the worries stir up at some point about the pitcher and his ever
increasing age. Coming off of shoulder surgery, the first slight worry this year is if
he’ll be ready for Opening Day, and Mo, being Mo, told reporters, “It will be
there”… which I’ve translated for you as: “I got this, relax people. Worry when I’m like… 50.”

4. Mmmm, Can You Smell That?:

yanks spring training.jpg

That’s the smell of baseball… and it’s near. Oh yeah.

Side Notes:

Apparently the University of Miami didn’t get the memo from the Mets:
Don’t commit to naming your ballpark after something/someone, unless
you’re absolutely sure there is no reason you shouldn’t.

Bobby signs with the team that might as well be the Red Sox’s
brother… those devilish Angels. Seriously Bobby.. that’s messed up.

 – An
oh so delicious news conference is scheduled for tomorrow, as A-Rod makes
his arrival to camp. He’s had to face an interrogation or two before, but
like the one he will face now… this should be interesting.

P.S. Just noticed I’m #32 on the Latest Leaders.. went down a bit, but considering I only posted twice during that week.. pretty good.


It Has Come To This. . .

The game isn’t even over yet as I write this…

casket mart-1.jpg

I wish there was a strong enough word to describe the horrible failure that is the Yankees of ’08.

Side Notes:

– At least something made me pay attention to the game for more than 5 seconds tonight… I can’t believe Hunter threw a fit over a little nudge from Pudge, but nonetheless, I’m thankful for that. There is nothing more entertaining than watching a catcher take off the mask, ready to make things turn ugly. I kind of felt sorry for Dan Giese though. Hunter steals two bags on him, while Dan is ferociously concentrating on trying to get out of the inning, and then is forced to step in and be the one to hold Torii back.

– A random note here: They really need to start a stat that keeps track of how many times a batter beats out a ground ball DP because I guarantee Abreu would lead in that category hands down. You can take that as glass half full or empty depending on the way you look at it. You can say he hits a lot of potential DP balls with a runner on first [almost always Jeter] or you can say he hustles every time. I’ll take the positive because not many players hustle as often as they should these days and I’m surprised that Bobby even cares anymore to beat out double plays when he’s on a team that has been as trashy as this.

– Since the Yanks will likely keep losing there is no point in saying this but I will anyway… If the Yanks are counting on a catastrophic downfall by the teams ahead of them, similar to that of the downfall of the Mets last year, they should not count on the Red Sox. The beanheads from Boston are not going down and are, in fact, surging ahead. I say the only chance the Yanks have is if the Rays crumble. The Red Sox are a game from being the AL East leaders, while the Rays have lost 6 in their last 7 games. Then again, the Yanks would still have to actually win games to pull off an upset, so forget that I ever said this.

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One For The Stress

To relieve the recent, and not so recent, headaches and heartburn, the real Yanks decided to make an appearance tonight.


Which makes it tough to make fun of them today.

Side Notes:

I don’t know what was with Ponson putting up a solid performance early,
but he corrected it by giving up a 3 run homer in the 6th. Seriously
though, he was actually hitting the glove… more than once.

I remember from the Paul O’Neill Yankeeography that Sterling said
something like “When a warrior is wounded is when you better watch
out”… which is what the Mariners should’ve done. Wasn’t there
something wrong with Bobby’s wrist? I bet in the post-game interviews
after the game he’ll be like, “Wrist bothering me? Nahhhh.”

It’s not too often that baserunning makes its presence known in a game
but it was responsible for some of the runs the Yanks scored in this win tonight. Jeet did his part, scoring from first in the 7th, with his
always great instincts, in no need of a 3rd base coach, to just get in
there. JD also stole two bags in that inning.

– Sometimes I feel sorry for the ball when Big G comes to the plate. One way or another it’s going to get smacked.

The Yanks gain back the game they lost yesterday and will turn to the
Moose in the final game of this series in Seattle. One of the few
reasons Yankee fans have to keep watching the games is to see Moose get
that 20 he’s been searching for. Mussina more than desearves that 20
win season.

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X-Man Powers Yankee Comeback To Seal The Split

x-man-1.jpg          X marks the spot… and that spot happened to be in deep left field today, where X-Man’s blast in the 7th inning landed to give the Yanks a three run lead, beginning the see-saw battle that winded up playing out in the final game in this series versus the Angels of… [where are they from now?]… in the Bronx. I only saw bits and pieces of the game today, but I did happen to catch the bomb by X that lifted the crowd off their seats. X winded up with 4 hits and 6 RBIs for the game. One of the other trade acquisitions, Ivan Rodriguez, actually got the party started with a home run in the 5th that put the Yanks on the board. The Wise One, also known as Cashman, was probably feeling like he should’ve been bowed down to today.

          Today’s win was huge, not just to salvage some pride, but surely to pump up this offense before they head into the hazardous heat of Texas for a four game set against the Rangers. Joba Chamberlain will face Vincent Padilla tomorrow night to start off the series. I will probably do an in-gamer for at least one of the games against the Rangers because the Yanks are facing my second fav team 🙂 Maybe tomorrow. Let me know what day is best for you guys.

Other Notes:
– Abreu really saved himself with the bat today. I saw his blunder on the bases and… jeez. That’s one of those plays that you scratch you head and furiously scream “What were you thinking?” Did I or did I not say that the Yanks manage to embarrass themselves at least once every time they face this friggin team?
– I heard Christian was tearing it up on the bases. Speed is a murder weapon.
– Turns out Edwar is not so unhittable versus the Angels.
– Farns ain’t with the Yanks anymore but still found a way to get them back for the trade that sent him back to Detroit, surrendering the lead for his new team while facing the Rays. The Yanks will have to try to gain ground again tomorrow.
– I wasn’t able to stick around, but shout out to EJ for running a great in-gamer today.

All Hail Bobby Abreu – Subscript Headline: Farnsworth Gets Sent Packing

abreu4-3.jpg          2 home runs by Bobby. 2 doubles by X-Man filling for him at right. Can we see Abreu at DH just a little more often? Thank you. I don’t know what A+ Abreu likes about those half a days, but he was making some noise in the Bronx today. The guy went 3-4, with 3 RBI’s, 2 homers and 4 runs scored. Not bad. The guy right behind him pitched in some too. A-Rod picked himself up 2 hits [one of the home run variety] and 2 RBI’s. Great day for the offense, which needed to be jump started after the last 3 disappointing losses and LA coming into town tomorrow night. The Yanks also got help on the bases from the O’s though. I mean, their first 5 runs were scored on two hits, but whatever, I’ll take it.
          The pitching was solid today as well. Joba made a quality start, going 6 innings, allowing 2 runs on 5 hits, while striking out 6. Though 6 innings does the job, I would love to see him start going a little deeper. Speaking of doing the job, the pen did it again. Edwar relieved Joba and, again, did not allow a hit. Want to know why? Because he only threw one pitch. The pitch sailed over Millar’s head and Ramirez was tossed immediately. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t intentional [though you never know]… but ump, are you serious? The pitch didn’t hit him, no warnings, it was his first pitch and do you think the Yanks would send Edwar, of all people, for retaliation? C’mon. It’s not like the Yanks hate the O’s. They’re nobody… but, all is done. Yanks win anyway.
          Andy Pettitte will be on the mound for the Yanks against LA tomorrow night at the stadium. LA will bring their new acquisition, Mark Texiera, to bat, while the Yanks will bring their new-new acquisition, Ivan Rodriguez. Yes, another trade just happened.

Other Notes:
– Kyle gets traded for Pudge… c’mon… I was JUST starting to like Farns. Seriously, who will be our new retaliation gun? You can’t teach that kind of ability to induce terror. And… now, can we only get rid of Betemit?
– One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen: Bobby scores in the first with a pretty slide, gets called safe… and then turns around to argue. When he realizes that those cheers weren’t for an out, he says “Oh, okay.”
– Just found out that Farns cried when he heard of the move… ouch. Gotta feel bad for the guy. He finally starts pitching, and then gets shipped.