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For NL, Higher Expectations Bring Same Result

And that result would be this:

asg 2009.jpg

Over/Under an eternity next time National League wins an All Star Game?

Side Notes:

– Hope it wasn’t just me who felt like baseball was dying with the odd “this is the last game that will ever be played” sort of feel to the pre-game.. essentially set it up to be anticlimatic. Producer must receive mid-season Overkill Award.

– Pretty weird, yet cool, to see Major League ballplayers starstruck for a change, during  their meet and greet with the President.

That fly swatter himself/leader of our nation, Barack Obama, was called on to toss
the first pitch in this All-Star Game.. and he did so with White Sox
gear.. in the home of the Cardinals.. bold. However, just in
case you  didn’t detect it from the boos Mr. President, the sea of red
and white in St. Louis didn’t appreciate the lack of bipartisanship..

This was a needle to the retina.

Was hoping to see a monster shot from Teix during the ASG, but apparently no one was allowed to take it over the wall at Busch.

– Charlie Manuel has some killer managerial tactics.. The guy still has me wondering how you choose to intentionally walk any guy in a lineup literally
full of All-Stars. The walk served up in the 8th robbed Victor Martinez
of an at-bat in the game, while the guy after him, Adam Jones, drove
in a run with a sac fly.. the run that happened to win the game.

Explanation needed as to why the national broadcasts are always the
worst.. Do we not endure enough sportscaster stupidity, Boston a**
kissing and Yankee salary criticisms throughout the year? Just sayin’.

Your Quick Bit Of Hilarity: Mo nailing down the save.. for none other than Jonathan Papelbon.. and he wasn’t even the one who truly
saved it for Pap, as Crawford’s catch in left robbed what would’ve been a
game-tying home run. MVP honor well deserved.. “Winning pitcher” label
in this one, not so much..

National League, your time will come.. when Mo

– Lastly, the all angles feed by MLB/Fox was seriously the greatest thing in the world since Red Mango:

all angles.jpg

Just about fell in love with it..

asg all angles.jpg

On Deck:
The second half of the season.. A 10 game homestand in store for the
Yanks, beginning with a three game set against Detroit, following the
next two off days. It’s that time again.

P.S. No Derby post because.. it was unquestionably lame. Did we all really want ‘roids banned in baseball?


Disaster With A Side Order Of Delusion

Nuke LaFarnworth has just about been replaced by Nuke LaChamberlain.

joba kendry.jpg

Nuke: “I held it like an egg.”
Crash: “Yeah, and he scrambled that son of a b****.”

Side Notes:

– Still can’t fathom how a game that looked as good as it did at the start could become such a nightmare by the end.

Digesting The Disaster That Is Joba Chamberlain:

In 17 games this season, he’s lasted more than 6 innings just twice.
9 hits in each of his last 3 outings.. [in just 5.1, 3.2, and 4.1 innings..]
Managed to accomplish a 9 pitch 1st in this one, only to follow it with a 29 pitch 2nd.
Bats jumped on Saunders early.. and he lasted longer than Chamberlain.
Is king of the no-decision.. which may actually be benefiting him.

And he’s beyond delusional.

Joba’s Latest Various Statement’s of Denial:

“I think things are going well.”
“I made great pitches throughout.”
“You can’t change the past.”
“The last two starts is the best my stuff’s been all year.”
[Last two starts: 3.2 innings, 8 runs & 4.1 innings, 5 runs..]
“The sun is going to come up tomorrow.”

I sh*t you not on all of the above.

Jeet with a four hit night.. and a Castillo-esque dropped pop-up. Not kidding. Ball must’ve had a mind of it’s own.. never seen
that happen to the Capt’n.

Another game, another bomb. A-Rod now one behind Palmeiro on the
seemingly pointless all-time HR list now. With or without the ‘roids
though, Alex is a beast.

Posada bare handed play = sick. Facial expression he gave after it =
siiiiick. I’ve realized the reason he and Burnett have the ultimate
chemistry.. badazz’s think alike. Gave Figgins a good stare down.

– Despite the bashing that could [and has been] rained upon Brian Bruney tonight and of late, hey, the guy got it right in the 8th.

– *Virtual bowdown* to Jonathan Sanchez on the would-be perfecto. Uribe must love himself.

Leader Of The Crapfest:

crapfest 6:10.jpg

Fact Of Baseball:
Offense gives you five runs, bright idea wouldn’t be to give them back.

Start breathing through your eyelids.

On Deck: Interesting pitching matchup.. Pettitte taking on Jered Weaver. Redemption after that last start by Andy would be much appreciated.

Call It “Home” Yet?

If three back-to-back-to-back wins don’t have the power to break in this new stadium.. nothing does..

walk offs.jpg

Walk Off Wonders

damon walk off.jpg

[excluding a WS championship, which I’m unashamed to say I’m fully expecting]..

Side Notes:

– I could get used to this walk off thing.

– JD, who I will call Bamm Bamm because he utterly clubs it like Barney Rubble’s boy, is ama-za-zing.

– A.J. needs to send me a pie [preferably to my doorstep and not my face].. I honestly want to know if he makes them himself.. Either way, anyone else find it odd how incredibly intense the dude comes off as on the field and yet he’ll still throw a pie at a guy? It’s like pondering the thought of Jorge wearing clown shoes. Hmm.. I wonder if Posada would ever let A.J. catch him with a pie.

– Though his bat has lost it’s thunder recently, he still has a sick hair cut. Swishhawk is awesome.. Haven’t seen Bruney with his hat off yet, but shaving off your entire head? Not so awesome.

– A-Rod is 5-29 since his return.. 3 of the 5 = home runs.. 10 games, 7 RBI’s. Difference between A-Rod hitting .172 and Tex hitting near Mendoza line = Alex is timing them pretty well. Nice of Tex to finally break out yesterday though. Keep it up?

– What I probably praise more of Teixeira for the game yesterday, rather than the 4 hits and 4 RBI’s, is the fire [which he really displayed in Gomez’s direction]. Though being cool under pressure has been commendable of him despite the criticism, boos and this less than satisfactory start to the year from him, it wasn’t exactly working. Maybe, in Tex’s case, emotion is needed.

– Speaking of, do new reporters become utterly uncreative when it comes to Joba that they feel they must reprint the same stories? The fist pump isn’t disappearing and it has no reason to. Though Huff felt he should give Joba a dose of his own medicine two series ago [sorry on the lateness w/ this], give it a rest. Joba never intentionally shows up anyone [which is why Huff should get two to the back, for both times he acted like an a**] and why should he control his natural emotion when he gets a big out? So that no player gets his feelings hurt? I know the steroids have lessened the manlihood downstairs of some fellas, but seriously, kill the sensitivity. P.S. Must be the con of being a Yankee.

– I realize I’m writing this post in no order whatsoever, but must point out CF monster tag team that is presenting itself with Melky & Brett the Jet.. Playing both of them would be luxury, but I’m satisfied getting as much we can from what the competition will brew.

– Probably missed a lot [and probably said this before], but lastly, the team chemistry is something special this year.

Random Note: I just despise Justin Morneau.. perhaps more than Carlos Friggin Peña..

On Deck: Eggo waffles and Frosted Flakes man Andy Pettitte [said on Yankees On Deck that was his breakfast growing up.. and mine =)] taking the hill in the final game of this series against Glen Perkins. The goal is the sweep.. but the real goal is full embarrassment.. Twins fans: truely sorry.. and as a sympathetic gesture I will give you a very valuable piece of advice: don’t even turn on the TV tomorrow..

In The Hole: CC starting off the next series versus the O’s on Tuesday [and I’m attending] and though I would love to see Huff take a heater to the ribcage, the umps might be as idiotic as the one that tossed Lackey, so save it for the later innings ; ) Or.. bring in Veras for that.. they would undoubted assume it’s his control [or lack of it].

P.S. Will likely host an live in-gamer ma-jig for the game tomorrow [which will be both on YES and ESPNothing but crap].. so let me know who’s up for it.

Who Needs A Bail Bondsman?

.. when you have a get out of jail free card for the bullpen [specifically the worthless Jose Veras] that looks like this:


Anyone looking for my live reaction from the 8th on [and another accurate prediction], check it:

We need A-Rod in the lineup because? *Major applause for Peña..*
Errrt.. screeching halt on the comeback.
Alby? Seriously?
Did Alby just pitch a 1-2-3? My eyes must deceive me. If that truly just happened, there is no way we can lose this game.

Tex didn’t K? I repeat: There is no way we can lose this game.
Hip Hip Mother Eff-n Jorge!!
Didn’t even record an out in the 9th.. say whhatttt. Gracias Fuentes. =)

Classic. Unbelievably satisfying win.

Side Notes:

Though I will mildly criticize him and point out the eery trend showing
regarding pitching performance vs. who’s behind the plate, I can not say
enough how much I miss Jorge’s bat in the lineup. ’08 may have not been
such a nightmare had Posada been healthy.

You know things are definitely heading in the right direction when the
team that gives the Yanks hell do what they usually do [come back when
the Yanks have a solid lead] and the Yanks still pull off a win. Me like.

However, probably the most shocking thing about this game was not the
comeback itself, but the fact that it was done without King of New
York, Nick Swisher, who came out of the game after taking a pitch to
the elbow. After the game, when told by Kim Jones “Girardi

says he’d be surprised if you can go tomorrow”, the definition of
awesomeness said in response: “Let’s see if we can surprise him.” I
take it isn’t serious.

Fact Of Baseball:
Sometimes it’s okay to be glad of an injury.. such as that of Cody
Ransom. If he had not hit the DL, Ramiro Peña [a.k.a. the guy that
knows how to bring it] would still be riding the bench, instead of
putting on a show. Great job by A-Rod’s backup’s backup.

Trying not to bash because he got on base to start it off in the 9th,
but Tex’s average couldn’t look any uglier. He’s trying but, it isn’t good enough. He had said it best after Monday’s loss
to Detroit:
“I’m here to produce, not have good at-bats. Good at-bats don’t do anybody any good.” [Yeah, Yogi-esque.]

Oh, and the C&C boys are baaaaack. Robbie has been hot since day one and now Melky is officially giving Gardner a run for his money.

On Deck: Speaking of a double dose of half a squiggly, the big man CC is taking the mound for a Saturday afternoon game facing Matt Palmer. 5 straight?

I can’t tell who it was but Hilarious celebratory dance by someone Joba [thanks for the confirmation Level] in
the dugout after the Posada homer in the 1st. You can see the hilariousness at the :10
ish mark here.

P.P.S. I don’t care how much they play it during the game, I can’t get enough of this commercial:

P.P.S. Dear Tampa Bay Rays: Thanks. You go from worthless to first place last year and now the Canadians think they can do it too. Look what you’ve started.. If the Nationals manage to even begin to come close to playing over .500 this year, I swear the fabric of baseball will completely tear.

At Last, The Tides Have Turned

.. and the world has restored itself to it’s former glory:

beckett swish francona pena.jpg

^This is more like it.^

Side Notes:

I honestly can’t believe nothing went completely haywire in this game.
An upset has been almost guaranteed every night when playing this damn
team.. and yet, no problems. Has to be a sign from above. Tides have definitely turned.

Boston.. as flattering as it is, you really can’t be the Yanks. Van
Every may also be sporting a 0.00 ERA, but he’s no Nick Swisher. =P

Though Ramiro Peña did his job in this game [unlike the guy who started off
at 3B this season], A-Rod can’t come back fast enough. The bats got it
done, but one is still holding hands with the Mendoza line. Tex needs
the original “failure with RISP / booed at home & away” guy, A-Rod, to
absorb some [or a lot] of the pressure.

Speaking of ‘roid boy.. more news came out about.. what else? A-Rod and
steroids. Right about now, I really don’t give a damn. Just as A-Rod is
about to return, low and behold, it hits the fan that used steroids in
high school and with the Yankees. Could it be any more convenient? What I’d love for Selena Roberts to explain is how he managed to use them while in a Yankee uniform
and yet not fail a single drug test since ’03. Also on the list of things I’d also love her to do is 1.) disappear, 2.) attempt to deny her obsession with him so I can laugh, and 3.) use her excellent reporting skills to go research the top 5 most unoriginal book titles of all time, because I can guarantee hers is on it. “A-Rod”? Really?
Best you could do? You know, you didn’t really have to be afraid that we’d actually expect you to write about anything other than #13.

– In continuing to talk about this game though, I must take the time to highly praise The Melk Man for his performance. Leche has a lot of fight in him and is finally wreaking havoc again.

– However, I must not praise the Yankee execs who have obviously not gotten it right yet.

On Deck: Pettitte
facing Jered Weaver tonight looking to keep the train moving [hopefully
right over the Angels these next two games and the Red Sox the next two
after that]. Won’t be satisfied until this winning streak hits.. 172..
or the Yanks puts up some lopsided numbers in the two game set with the
idiots Monday & Tuesday. Payback is calling.

In Retrospect

Absentee on the MLBlogosphere for a week and this is what happens:

1. Pinocchio Becomes A Real Boy… Or As Close As To One As He Will Probably Ever Get:


the big boy admits it. What does that deserve… a pat on the back or a
tomato in the face? I say… both. Though I hate to criticize Alex,
as he’s seen enough criticism as a Yankee than probably any other man
can handle, I just can’t ignore the fact that 1.) he obviously lied
about his use of PEDs before [and that was no little white lie] 2.) He
was partying it up in the Bahamas while the baseball world got a slap
in the face… and 3.) The guy has had more controversy surrounding him
in his career than any politician [and that, my friends, doesn’t just happen]… but,
with that said… I do applaud him greatly for his admission, letting
it all hang out, and being, from what I could see, sincere about it. I hope he was truthful now,
in saying that he only used during his Texas years… but most
importantly, I hope he stops getting his name in the papers for the
wrong reasons, and instead, put the baggage aside and be the person he
can be and continue to be the player he has been.

2. And That Devilish Little Question Pops Up Again:


of Fame or no Hall of Fame? I’m going to keep this short, because
there’s really no use in answering it now, plenty of years before he’ll
even be eligible, but my answer, as of right now, is yes, a Hall of
Famer. Whether the guy deserves it or not for ethical reasons is
debatable, but looking solely at his capabilities on the diamond, it’s
a no-brainer. When all is said and done, assuming he continues to
produce as he has, he will likely be the one of the greatest players
[if not the greatest] in the history of the game… and I think he was
capable of that with or without the PEDs… but that’s just my
opinion now… we’ll see what happens.

3. Mo Says: Don’t Worry About It:

As with everything that surrounds the subject of Mariano, it’s pretty much routine that
the worries stir up at some point about the pitcher and his ever
increasing age. Coming off of shoulder surgery, the first slight worry this year is if
he’ll be ready for Opening Day, and Mo, being Mo, told reporters, “It will be
there”… which I’ve translated for you as: “I got this, relax people. Worry when I’m like… 50.”

4. Mmmm, Can You Smell That?:

yanks spring training.jpg

That’s the smell of baseball… and it’s near. Oh yeah.

Side Notes:

Apparently the University of Miami didn’t get the memo from the Mets:
Don’t commit to naming your ballpark after something/someone, unless
you’re absolutely sure there is no reason you shouldn’t.

Bobby signs with the team that might as well be the Red Sox’s
brother… those devilish Angels. Seriously Bobby.. that’s messed up.

 – An
oh so delicious news conference is scheduled for tomorrow, as A-Rod makes
his arrival to camp. He’s had to face an interrogation or two before, but
like the one he will face now… this should be interesting.

P.S. Just noticed I’m #32 on the Latest Leaders.. went down a bit, but considering I only posted twice during that week.. pretty good.