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The Sweet Smell Of Redemption And Barbecued Mitt

… specifically the mitt of Jose Molina, which received a lot of heat from what A.J. tossing today in his second start and second win of the season.

Though I didn’t know it’d be brought by A.J. Burnett, or that it’d even brought tonight, I told you it was coming.. payback.

burnett heat.jpg

It was probably only fitting that after a complete disaster, we’d get a near
no-no, but boy was that satisfying. There’s not even much else I can
say about it except can we see that again? [preferably by Andy

Side Notes:

– Though it’s probably far from becoming official just yet, it’s sure looking like Molina will be [or at least should be] A.J.’s personal catcher this season.. Their chemistry during the game is obvious.

– If Red Bull ever becomes labeled as a PED in the baseball’s future, it’ll clearly be because of Swish. Another bomb hit by the man tonight and if he keeps it up.. well, Jeet may have to fight to keep his most beloved Yankee status.

And clearly not ready to let someone take that from him, DJ bashed a
homer of his own in the 9th to  finally put his recent slump to rest.
Though the homer forced Mo to sit back down in the pen, I’ll take it.
The 0-fers were not pretty.

– What was
pretty though was Bruney’s appearance in the 9th, which brought results of the white supremacist variety: K.. K.. K.. and ballgame.

I forgot to address it the other day, but when interviewed on Monday A-Rod
made a couple statements that suggested he is renewed and will be
keeping his head in the game this season, saying things like he’s going
to “cut some of the fat” and “refocus [his] career”. Currently, he’s
still working on getting people to believe that:

a-rod focused.jpg

A-Rod somehow manages to have a no nonsense season [without another
scandal], I will be the first to applaud him [if I don’t die of shock],
but right now, my brain can’t even imagine it.

– Oh, and apparently Nady might be injured [and the fun begins..], though it is unsure yet. He will have an MRI tomorrow on his right elbow to see if it’s serious, but the words “sharp pain” aren’t reassuring..

On Deck: Hopefully
another gem and the series win for us, with Andy on the mound for the
Yanks facing  another Andy [Sonnanstine] for the Rays at 4:08 p.m.
before the big home opener at Yankee Stadium tomorrow, which can’t come
fast enough..

P.S. – After
being reminded today by Pete Abraham that the Yanks got Nick Swisher in
the deal that shipped Wilson Betemit, I spent several minutes in awe
of the fact that that may very well be the greatest trade ever made.


Wheeeel Of Fortuuune

“Uhh.. C!” – “Yes, two C’s on the board.”

“I would like to buy a vowel. A!” – “You got it.”

“I’ll spin again… J!” – “And we have a J. Would you like to solve the puzzle?”

wheel of fortune-1.jpg

Nahhhhh, not yet. This game is fun. Hehe.”

so the shopping spree continues. Though this news was already
anticipated, the Yanks have indeed sealed the 82.5 million dollar 5
year deal with that other pitcher referred to by primarily his first
two initials, A.J. Burnett. However, despite throwing $240 million at
the two newly acquired arms, the game is far from over. With rumors of
the Yanks possibly aiming for another arm, with Andy’s future in
pinstripes uncertain, and of Mike Cameron possibly playing in NYC, the
roster is still in for some changes.

the fact that I know, all too well, that a team on paper means nothing,
I’m still salivating at the sight of this:  Wang, CC, Joba, A.J.,
Pettitte/??… How many days until Opening Day again?

Side Notes:

Believe it or not, a team actually signed Wilson Betemit. Which one you
ask? The only one led by a crazy s.o.b. Ahh, yes, those White Sox. One
piece of info: you know that thing players swing with? Yeah, Betemit
isn’t so good with that. Good luck 🙂

About those rumors of a Manny in New York, I’m thinking that really
won’t happen, but if by some miracle it does.. prepare to witness a

In Retrospect

order of business, apologies to anyone who reads this blog for my month-ish absence.
Blame education. I’m in my senior year of high school but it feels like
college already. Papers due every week + applying to college madness =
no time & no fun. But, I’m back… well, for at least this post
[not sure how often I’ll be able to post these days] and I’m thinking
of starting a new “segment” on the blog to recap the events of the
week/month [haven’t decided yet] so, here’s to the first…

The Month Since My Last Post In Retrospect:

1. Phillies Win World Series:

anyone even care about this one? I swear, this might’ve been the most
boring and least talked about WS of all time. Had the Rays won, maybe
it would’ve generated more talk, since it would’ve been their first
championship in their absolute first year in the playoffs, but no, the
Phillies had to win and make the World Series something no one cared
about this year. Congrats gentlemen.

2. Yanks Make “Other Teams: Don’t Even Try” Offer To CC:

The economy is becoming the new titanic, while Sabathia is getting enough money to make it rain
pour for weeks. Why CC is still “thinking about his options” is beyond
me. I would’ve packed my bags and been on a plane the minute the Yanks
made the offer.

3. Hank Displays His Greedy S.O.B.’ness… In  A Good Way:

CC, Burnett oh my. We all knew Hank was coming dangerously close to
being more infamous than his father the minute he stepped on the scene,
but… wow, now he’s just leaving him in the dust. Mini-Stein Numero
Uno can’t just have a slice, he wants the whole pie and if you’re a
Yankee fan you’re probably thinking the same thing as me: Screw the haters, we have a sweet tooth. Bring us the big boys. [Gotta love a shopping spree.]

4. Yanks Put Swisher In Blue Pinstripes:

that’s not even the thing worth noting… the real story is who they
got rid of in getting him: Wilson Betemit [+2 minor league guys].
Forgetting about Sabathia/Lowe/Burnett for a second, this move right
here was bliss for me. I don’t know what’s worse than garbage, but
Betemit was it. I can’t even count how many times I wanted to take the
bat from his hands this year. But, besides Betemit, the other thing to
note about this move: the “dreams” of acquiring Teixeira. Yeah, say goodbye to those. But, if it makes you guys feel any better the Yanks also got a minor leaguer named “Kanekoa Texeira” with this move.

5. Rasner Wants To Leave, Gets His Wish… I Think:

So Raz requests a trade and the Yanks deal him to Japan… I don’t know if Raz wanted to go that far, but all I can say is good luck.

6. Free Agent Madness:

one guy not sure if he’s even going to pitch again, another guy 
wanting to pitch just one more year and plenty of other guys now on the free
agent market, I can’t even tell which way is up right now. One of the
many reasons why I do not like the off-season is because of how much
goes on. I lack the ability to keep up so just tell me who’s on the
roster the day before Opening Day.


– Jeet & A-Rod win Silver Slugger and Moose picks up another Gold Glove, congrats to each.

– New Yankee Stadium is looking super sexy.

new yankee stadium.jpg

P.S. Lemme know if I missed any news.

P.P.S. Duh, forgot the election. Viva Obama.

P.P.P.S. Now, go and vote for Victor Martinez for “Oddity Of The Year” TYIB Award [formally known as Blooper Of The Year] because that kick of the bucket was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Semi In-Gamer, Jackson vs. Pavano 1:05

          Since I’m putting this up at some very short notice I don’t expect many to stop by today, but I’m in the mood to rant during the game so I’ll still start this in-gamer anyways and anyone watching the game [fan of any team] is welcome to comment along.

Game Time: 1:05

                                    ph_429719.jpg                                                     pavano.jpg

12:56: According to Pete Abraham, it’s official. Hughes will be taking the start on Wednesday against Chicago. Looking forward to finally seeing the kid back in action.

1:08: “Pavano” and “commodity” were both used in the same sentence just now… never thought I’d lived to see the day when that happened.

1:15: Pavano out of the inning, throwing 16 pitches. Prediction: Jeet will pick himself up another hit here and Bobby will ground into a force out for the millionth time of the season.

1:19: DJ baseball. Nice bunt basehit by the Capt’n. Cross out that prediction, didn’t realize Abreu wasn’t in the game today.

1:26: 13 pitch walk by Big G… bases loaded. Did the real Yankees stand up today?

1:29: GRAND SLAM… guess that answers the question.

1:36: 4 runs on the board for the Yanks and Jackson already sitting at a not so sweet 34 pitches.

1:42: That seems to happen to Cano a lot, but this time he managed to realize he didn’t get the call and tag Floyd to get the out.

1:50: I don’t think the fight for the AL East will ever be the same again now that another team has proven it’s here to stay… Gonna miss the good old days when the Rays fell out of contention in Spring Training.

1:55: DJ picks himself up a double after JD goes down, bringing him one away from Lou Gehrig for most hits all time in Yankee Stadium.

1:58: Another bomb. Yanks lead 6-3. Where was this all season?

2:10: 1-2-3 inning by Pav, at 61 pitches through 3 though.

2:13: The Rays’ baby, David Price, is making his major league debut…

2:16: and sits X, Cano & Pudge on 7 pitches.

2:28: Pavano gets in some more trouble but a hell of a play by Cano gets him out of the inning.

2:35: And Price works another 1-2-3.

2:38: Cano is taken out and Betemit is now in the game…ugh.

2:42: Pavano works another 1-2-3 to keep up with Price. Jeter coming up in the inning. Can he have another 3 hit game and tie Gehrig?

2:48: The Capt’n has done it! Jeet takes one over the wall in right center off David Price to tie Gehrig. Flair for the dramatic huh? What a career it has been so far for the Yankee shortstop.

3:02: Wow… Pavano leaving the field apparently with an injury. Unbelievable. Looks to be the right hamstring from what I could tell… I don’t think there’s ever been a more prone player in the history of sports. He did last 5 starts this season though so there’s that.

3:10: I don’t think the score even matters [with the likelihood the Yanks will not be making an October appearance] and yet still, what a game. Jeet makes history, A-Rod throws in a slam, Price makes his debut and Pavano does what he does best.

3:15: Another hell of a play, this time by Gardner, to end the inning.

3:36: Jeet will have to wait until tomorrow to try to take the record, as he grounds into a DP in likely his last at bat of this game.

3:50: Gardner does it again, making another incredible play in center field to take a hit away from Gabe Gross.

4:04: The Red Sox are winning their game in the top of the 9th… it’s sad that we’ve been reduced to playing the spoiler role.

4:23: Mo comes in for a one out save and game over. Yanks win an interesting one at the stadium.

Watching The Clock. . . Err. . . Calendar

You can cross off two more games… If my math is correct, there should be 14 more meaningless games to go.

Picture 2.jpg

horrible season has already murdered all hope with a smile on it’s face
so as each game goes by what is going through my mind? Here’s the growing list:

1. Why wait till the offseason? Can Betemit just get the boot now?

Does it just kill Girardi putting on his jersey every game with the
number that was to represent the championship he would bring, but

3. Did the curse seriously transfer hands in ’04?

4. Will a fan get to successfully steal a stadium chair?

In some alternate universe, if the Yanks magically won the rest of the
games while the Red Sox somehow plummeted, how angry would they be?

And one last one… When they Yanks face the Sox in the last series of the season, how terrible funny would it be if a certain key player of theirs got plunked and injured right before October?

Side Notes:

– I wasn’t kidding about Betemit. Ship him out A.S.A.P.

We can’t have anything this year can we? Unless Mussina wins each of
his next 3 starts [assuming he is kept on his regular rotation after
the off day], he won’t finish with 20 this season, yet again.

– I vote for the Capt’n to have the “C” on his chest.

– Hughes is back… whoever said “it’s never too late” lied… and laughed when people believed him.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so eager for a season to end… in
September no less. ’09 couldn’t seem farther away. I had said before I
would sell a kidney for tickets to the All-Star Game, but I decided to
save that baby for Opening Day in the brand new stadium instead. I
would love to tell my grandkids some day that I attended the first game
ever in the new stadium… and that I have one kidney because of it.

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Anything Is Possible With The Yankees

…Including [but not limited to] being nearly no-hit by a kid making his first Major League start.

paper bag head-1.jpg

But, look on the bright side, it’s not like we got 2-hit by the worst team in the league…

Side Notes:

I can’t believe I’m about to utter these words but: thank you Betemit.
Had it not been for your pinch hit RBI double, the Yanks might’ve got
no hit… and sadly, that’s probably not the worst thing that has
happened to the Yanks this season.

– I bow down to the return of vintage Pettitte. 7 innings, 3 runs… that’s more like it.

The countdown to when Girardi realizes his closer is growing old in the
bullpen has begun. Mariano has not pitched since the 29th. I wasn’t
aware closers get one week vacations.

– It’s
now official: With the Yanks, the 9th inning doesn’t exist. The word
rally has been removed from Yankee lore and 2 outs has become capital
punishment… might as well be a needle in the arm… or the electric
chair, whatever

P.S. In case it isn’t obvious: Season over. Now 8.5 back.

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A Walk-Off Win? *Gasp* Hell Just Froze Over

It took them 5 hours and 13 innings to get it but finally, a win.


It’s kind of sad that it took that long for the Yanks to beat the Royals,
but a win, however they get it, is a miracle for this team. It’s almost
funny that [with the 3 errors by KC] the only run the Yanks “earned”
today was the winning one. Like I said though, a win is a win.

Side Notes:

Say hello to your starting center fielder for the next 39 games. After
the send down of Melky Cabrera, Brett Gardner, with 3 hits in today’s
game, is getting his shot and taking it. That’s his second walk-off hit
this season.

– With another quality outing, Sidney Ponson [wait, I got that right the first time] Sidney Ponson is now officially a legitimate starter… who’d a thunk it?

– I think it’s time to sing a line from my favorite song: Wilson, Wilson, go away. Don’t come back another day ever.

– Now 6.5 back [until the completion of the game in Boston] in the Wild Card, the Yanks need to win… say 30 more times?

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