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Screwed In More Ways Than One

thought it’d get worse than that 22-4 game.. but this just about did
it. No lopsided score, but this one couldn’t get any more cruel. It
really needs no recap, but let me lay out how ugly it was, how much it
pissed me off, and how the Yanks are screwed [at least for near future]:

1.) Joe G. has a twisted delusion that he’s a magician and can pull his managerial decisions out of a hat.

2.) Playing Where’s Waldo
Bruney was rigged.. he wasn’t even in the picture. Where was he? On his
way back to New York for an MRI for his elbow. And why were we forced
to play the guessing game and didn’t hear about his departure or even
the suspicion of a problem with his elbow until after we needed him and the game was over you ask? I’d love to know that too.

The only thing worse than Cody Ransom, is no Cody Ransom. Despite his
A-Rod-esque trouble under the pressure.. when you have to resort to the
backup’s backup.. you know you’re screwed.

Wang can reuse his blue badge once more as he is on the DL again.
Though there doesn’t seem to be an actual injury, with the Yanks
expected to merely make something up to get the extra roster spot while
he figures things out, I almost wished it were an injury.. At least
then we’d know the problem. But seriously, can our rotation ever last more than 3 weeks into the season?

5.) The ’08 Yankee offense just won’t die.. The reappearance of the sky high number of runners left in scoring position was ridiculous.

The ‘pen is a box of chocolates.. You never know which you’re going to
get. Seems to be a toss up between the good or the bad one when the
BruMo tag team doesn’t roll out. Tonight just so happened to be a mix. The Good: Phil Coke, Albaladejo and Damaso Marte. The Bad: Mariano Rivera… and Damaso Marte.

7.) J-Bay needs to learn a thing or two. You do not smack one off Rivera. Quite the opposite in fact. He smacks you with a cut fastball that your bat can’t do anything but shatter in defense against.. Next time, get with the program.

8.) Youk won this
round.. but just a head up: protect your ribcage later today facing
A.J. big man.. Ortiz’ only spoke of headhunting.. Everything from the
neck down is fair game.

Side Notes:

– Speaking of Big Papi.. a big old Golden Sombrero for him.. Not so mean without Manny behind you eh?

– Prez Levine is one funny dude. Despite the hint of bastardness, his comeback at Don Garber is priceless:

Don Garber discussing Yankee attendance must be a joke. We draw more people in a year than his entire league does in a
year. If he ever gets Major League Soccer into the same time zone as
the Yankees, we might take him seriously… Hey Don, worry about Beckham, not the Yankees. Even he wants out of your league.

– Speaking of.. I must say, Boston’s tiniest ones are the most dangerous.. I swear.. they are sneaky little.. well, you know.

On Deck: Some eff-n payback, I plead. Burnett must again be forced to perform big and now on the biggest stage in the second game of this season within the season, facing Josh Beckett at 4:10 p.m. ET.


From The Classic. . .

As promised:



[[Yeah.. there are cup holders.. lol..]


[[and beer of course..]





[[Notice the entire empty section below]:


[[Sun trying to peek through]:



[[Old Yankee Stadium under deconstruction already.. ='( ]:



[[Building the future of the Bronx.. and tearing its past down..]:

Game Notes:

The on and off rain the entire day didn’t make the sky a pleasant
sight, but I couldn’t have picked a better day to leave school, skip
class and head to the game, lol.. 14 innings and my best friend and
I stuck it out for all of them to watch the Melk Man deliver the game
winning walk-off homer to right after nearly 5 hours of play.. classic. Will forever have the honor of saying I was at the first extra inning game and saw the first walk-off in the new Yankee Stadium.. =D

– #1 Thing I Hate
About The Stadium: Stadium staff/security.. If you at any point wonder
why the stadium gets so deathly quiet during the games, odds are it’s
because of them. For one, the fun is nearly completely ripped out going
to the ballpark when you can’t move down to empty seats because of
staff at each opening checking to see if you belong.. It’s especially
stupid when more than half the stadium is empty.. [though the a large
portion of the other half is all crowded around, watching the game from
the staff checkpoints].. My second reason, however, is the fact that
staff & security do not tolerate jack shizz.. If one guy gets too
loud or tries to get the outfielders attention, the blue jacket people
give him a talking to quickly.. I’m sorry, but heckling and loud people are
apart of the game.. if they weren’t there, it’d be a library.. The
“heckling” wasn’t anywhere near bad either.. security, please, let
there be a little life.

One thing that did go a little overboard was some taunting turned into
an argument [two seconds from being a fight] between a couple guys up
top.. all over an umbrella blocking their view.. It was pretty stupid..
but we got some major laughs out of it, lol.. [I actually got a video
of it.. but it was a little NSFW with the language, so I won’t put it up

Another thing I got some laughs out of is Nick Swisher’s complete
ownership of the bleacher creatures.. That dude amps them up and
gestures for them to make some noise when he wants it, lol.. Another
reason he’s the coolest is that unlike most, he’ll wave or look in the
direction and smile to anyone or any group of people calling his name
loud enough nearly every time [not just during the roll call].. It would
be siiick to have him spend a game that he’s not playing in sitting in
the bleachers..

– A salute and some applause for Jose Veras.. didn’t think he had it in him to pitch multiple scoreless innings [let alone one]..

Crowd Quotes:

“Green umbrellas have herpes!”

– “Oh, c’mon.. My girlfriend gets wetter than your umbrella is right now.”

– “Daaaamon! It’s meee. Joohnn!.. from last niiight… Mellkkyy! It’s meee.. Jose!.. Arriba!!” [Completely random, lol..]

– “Sweeeeeeney! Nod if you can hear me!” … “Sweeeney! Move if you can hear me!.. Oh yeah!”

“Wait.. why did they make a big deal when he came out?” [Seriously
asked by my best friend right after Mariano’s entrance.. Yeah, she’s still a large
baseball virgin.. though she claims she’s a Mets fan.. more like a
Yankee fan in training, hehe..]

On Deck: First Boskees series of the year beginning tomorrow. Joba on the mound facing Jon Lester.. it should be good.

I completely called the Jeter home run.. 3rd correct call I’ve made of
the season.. 3 more than I made in ’08.. The stadium is improving my
stats as well..

P.P.S. Stock market trying to get their hands on a little of DJ Swish’s magic too? Swishness to the rescue. It’s all good.

A Flashback & Moment To Kick Back

I’m numero 17 on the Latest Leaders this week, I thought I’d give a
quick flashback to game a few years ago, in ’04, that became possibly
the greatest game ever played in the Boskees rivalry, in which the guy
with 17 on his back drove in the winning run in the bottom of the 13th.

The Date: July 1, 2004

The Match-Up: Pedro Martinez vs. Brad Halsey [talk about throwback]

The Box Score:

box score july 1, 2004.jpg

Winning Pitcher: Tanyon Sturtze [remember him?]

Most Memorable Moment:

This doozy:

jeter dive.jpg

The One That Ended It All:

Pinch hit RBI single by John “Flash” Flaherty:


That game that day was something.

know its great when Manny goes deep twice, the Yanks get struck out 12
times and lose the DH, let the Sox score in the top of the 13th and still manage to win it in the bottom. Great baseball right there.

Moving on to what happened today technically yesterday…

Joe G. just didn’t feel like working yesterday, so he decided to take
the gang to shoot some pool out in Tampa and brilliantly disguise his
move as a way to get the chemistry up and the guys “bonding” as a
team… riiight.

The guy that ruled:

mariano pool.jpg

Mo.. of course. Superman can whoop a** at anything.

However, I’d love to see him go up against this chick:

me pool.jpg

Yeah, I’m a sure shot too and I think I can take on old Mariano. I obviously have the advantage, with me having an innate, cunning ability to distract people [by taunting them like Henry Rowengartner], plus all of my hair to boot, so Mo… bring it.

P.S. Ignore the mess.. it was a friend who doesn’t know how to clean’s basement.

Round 2: Pettitte vs. Wakefield

          This will be another in-gamer today so drop by if you want, even if you’re a Sox fan [I won’t hold it against you].

Pettitte will be facing Wakefield in less than an hour at Fenway and my prediction: Pettitte will kick some ***. Game Time: 3:55.

                                 ph_120485.jpg                  vs.                 ph_123801.jpg
Updates To Come:

3:02: Seems the deal for Nady and Marte wasn’t exactly as first reported. In the deal the Yanks gave up: Ohlendorf, Tabata, McClutchen & Karstens… In my mind, that’s still a great deal. I’ll cry if/when Cashman leaves.

3:17: Nady will be playing left field today. Gardner was optioned back to Scranton and Hawkins has been DFA’d.

3:18: Pete Abraham is suspecting a trade for Jarrod Washburn. *Drumroll in the background*

3:34: Manny is back in the lineup… someone kissed his boo boo?

3:52: Random question here, why in the world does Fox always start games at 55 minutes after the hour?

3:56: Fox chose Meacham to go through the lineup. I wish Duncan was back. Only he could introduce the lineup with some spunk.

4:00: Not so great start by the Yanks. Pettitte: Mow ’em down.

4:07: Red Sox score first… arghh.

4:09: I know the Red Sox have no rules against long hair / facial hair but wow. Is Manny that opposed to a hair cut?

4:17: Nady chose #29 and Marte #34.

4:20: Yanks aren’t doing a whole lot today. Seems the K is Melky’s best friend.

4:30: I’m going to strangle this ump. Pettitte is now sitting at 41 pitches.

4:36: Not the super start by Pettitte I was hoping for. Through 2 innings he has thrown 49 pitches. Can the Yanks put some runs on the board?

4:44: Thank you Bobby.

4:48: Yanks score only one. A little more distance and Big G would have put 3 more runs on the board.

4:59: Cano is on fiiiiiirree. HOMER.

5:06: JD drives another in. Yanks score two in the inning and take the lead.

5:15: Not a bad inning there by Pettitte. I know we have the lead but I’m greedy… more runs!

5:23: Here’s this from Rotoworld:
         Jarrod Washburn reportedly will want something extra in order to waive his no-trade clause to go to New York.

         According to the Seattle Times, Washburn has told agent Scott Boras
what he’d like as far as compensation goes for waiving his no-trade
clause if dealt to the Yankees. The agent will verbally discuss this
this with the two teams once an agreement in principle is reached.
After that, once all final offers are on the table, Boras will phone
Washburn and he’ll say yes or no. The Seattle Times believes a deal
could be close, though it seems to be more of a hunch than anything
else. Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner are among the possibilities to go
to Seattle.

5:29: Cano gets caught stealing… bummer.

5:40: Pettitte gets through five allowing just two today. It hasn’t been easy but Pettitte is holding it down.

5:45: Another run and Wakefield is gone… let’s get this party started.

5:50: And from Pete Abraham:

TRADE UPDATE, 5:41 p.m.: Jarrod Washburn might not
be a Yankee today, but it could happen as early as tomorrow. The
Yankees appear willing to absorb the $14 million he has left on his
deal in return for not sending Seattle any player of significance. No,
not Kei Igawa.

Washburn will either waive his no-trade right or get compensated by Seattle in some way.

It’s a lot of money, but Washburn would be an upgrade on Ponson or
Rasner. Having him around also would cushion the blow if Andy Pettitte
and/or Mike Mussina retires after this season or go elsewhere.

5:52: Jeet drives in another. Score now 5 – 2.

5:53: Excuse me, make that 6 – 2.

6:02: I’ll admit, that play to end the inning for the Sox was sweet, but the Yanks still leading, score: 7 – 2.

6:11: I didn’t think Andy would finish 6 innings but he proved me wrong. Nice K of Crisp to end his night.

6:27: The Sox are threatening and Marte is coming in to face Ortiz… welcome to the Yankees.

6:31: Marte gets Ortiz to strikeout. *Rounds of applause from Yankee Universe* Edwar coming in.

6:33: Inning over.

6:36: Another update from Rotoworld:
         SI.com’s Jon Heyman believes Jarrod Washburn could be traded to the Yankees within the next day or so.

Heyman believes the Yankees will take on Washburn’s entire salary and
give up just a single minor leaguer in return as a result. The Yankees,
though, won’t be willing to extend Washburn beyond 2009 in order to get
a trade done. For what it’s worth, the Yankees’ website is currently
listing Sunday’s starter as TBA after previously saying it was Sidney
Ponson. Sunday is Washburn’s day to pitch.

6:45: Damon gave everyone a scare there but seems to be fine. He’s not in the trainer’s room and has his boyish smile on his face.

6:48: Did I or did I not call it yesterday? A-Rod gets plunked.

6:54: Jeezus. How hot can Cano be? A-Rod seems to be hurting. Someone will get one thrown at their head tomorrow if A-Rod is seriously injured.

7:07: A-Rod is taken out to try and stop the swelling while Edwar continues to perform well.

7:21: Robertson on the mound for the 9th. Let’s end this.

7:25: Game over. And theeeee Yankeeees win! 8 straight and undefeated since the All-Star break… mmmm, tastes good.

#2000 And The Result Is The Same As Most –> Yankees Win . . . Excuse Me While I Say HA!

capt.daf070bf994d48e5ac6a99b88d076cd5.yankees_red_sox_baseball_mack105.jpg          According to Michael Kay tonight’s game was the 2000th regular season game played between these two teams and the Yanks have won 1090 of them… scratch that… 1091. When the Yanks last faced Boston I posted a list of what a typical Boskees game is/includes. I’ll bring it back out and instead turn it into a checklist. Let’s see…
a) an extra inning game, or otherwise one of the longest 9 inning games in history —– it wasn’t that long tonight, but it felt like a drag at the beginning. this gets half a check.
b) a comeback [by either team] and/or multiple lead changes throughout the game —– what the F? no lead changes, no comeback? why? because the yanks scored first… HA … no check
c) one or more hit batters —– joba came mighty close to hitting youk but hit the bat. this still gets a check.
d) at least one ejection —– check. lowell got himself ejected within 2 seconds… congrats.
e) a late inning upset —– no upset for the yanks, but the faces of the Bosox fans at Fenway did not look happy when mo got save #25 [of 25] after striking out Drew… I’d say check.
f) fire/drama… enough said —– double check
g) occasionally something rare [record broken, weird play, etc.] —– Hmm… I can’t think of anything… does no Manny count?
          Okay, this game wasn’t 100% Red Sox / Yankees typical, but it was still great. Why? Here’s a new list:
a) the Yanks won… HA
b) Joba almost smacked Youk with the ball… HA
c) Bosox fans thought they could get to Mo, and didn’t… HA
d) The Sox got shutout… HA
and lastly e) in the 9th Ortiz did zilch… WAPPAH! [said George Lopez style]
          Alright, I’m done. I apologize for inconsiderate nature toward Sox fans… but c’mon, if they won this game they’d be doing the same thing.
          For some reason I don’t feel like recapping this game tonight and besides, if you didn’t watch the game you suckk [no offense of course]. Andy Pettitte vs. Wakefield tomorrow. Round 2…

Other Notes:
– My money is on A-Rod getting hit tomorrow, but it’ll probably happen when the bullpen takes over because getting hit by Wakefield is like getting a mosquito bite.
– I wiiiiish this was a National League game. I would of paid to see what would of happened if Joba got to first base.
– Yanks made one hell of a trade to get Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte today. Cashman shall now be known as the wise one.
– For anyone in love with Joba for his performance tonight, take a listen to his theme song: Joba Like It’s Hot.
– I almost forgot to mention that the Red Sox hitters struck out 12 times tonight. I’m sorry, but I have to say it… HA.
*The previous stated “ha”s shall not be confused with A-Rod’s trademark “Ha” in “The Ha Game” in Toronto last season.*

Now THAT Is What You Call A Boskees Game

gardner.jpg          It took up until the fourth game of this series between these two historic rivals to finally get the blood of fans of both teams pumping at full speed. A typical game involving these two teams usually is/contains one or more of the following:
a) an extra inning game, or otherwise one of the longest 9 inning games in history
b) a comeback [by either team] and/or multiple lead changes throughout the game
c) one or more hit batters
d) at least one ejection
e) a late inning upset
f) fire/drama… enough said
g) occasionally something rare [record broken, weird play, etc.]
I would say this game had all of the above [except for a hit batter, though Chamberlain did throw one behind the back of Youk in the 6th, which is good enough]. 10 innings, comeback by the yanks, ejection of Joe G., late inning upset for the Sox, fire and a rare dramatic walk-off base hit by a rookie.
          With Wakefield’s unpredictable knuckleball and the lack of runs scored by the offense, I honestly didn’t expect the Yanks to plate more than 2 tonight. To prove me wrong the Yanks scored double that and one more to top it off [surprising, I know]. A-Rod got the party started in the 2nd, drilling a pitch to the left field seats to tie the old Mick for 13th place on the all time list. Joba got into some deep **** in the 5th, allowing 3 hits, 2 walks, and a wild pitch, while still managing to strike out the side. Joba winded up going 6, allowing just 3 runs.
          The 4 runs scored after the A-Rod home run came off the bats of Jeet, driving in Gardner with a single in the 6th, Cano [who is still on fiiiire], driving in A-Rod and Jorge with a triple in the 7th and Gardner, who drove in the game winner with a single in the bottom of the 10th to score Cano. I’m sure the rookie is feeling great right about now. Finally some luck for the kid. With JD landing on the DL for the first time in his career, I have a feeling Gardner, who can really work the count and steal some bags, will be a worthy replacement. Speaking of replacements, is Molina an outstanding backup catcher or what? Runners can not steal on him.
           A day off tomorrow before the Yanks face those devilish Rays for a two game set. The Yanks can gain two games on the Rays with a sweep. It’s still incredibly weird saying that the Yanks have to gain on the Rays.

Other Notes:
– If I were Girardi I would have shown as much anger in the many pathetic losses the Yanks have had so far this season as he did today in the face of Laz Diaz.

– Oh, and I forgot to mention Farns, who has been doing [dare I say it]… great out of the pen this season.