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Bringing The [Metaphorical] Thunder

coming off 6 consecutive games falling into the win column, lucky
number 7 would not come without your highness bringing the good fortune
[..just sayin’], so I made an appearance.. Check the picz I
took from the ballpark:



Side Notes:

– ‘Bout damn time I go to a game this season where the weather ain’t feces.

– Brun must
get the hookup from Alex a.s.a.p. and tan that scalp.. going baldy
wasn’t smart to begin with but physics 101: skin’s pigment will not
darken where hair was once covering it.. just sayin’ [that probably had
nothing to do with physics..]

Andy Pettitte was my very first autograph.. the guy is the greatest..
and has one set of pex on him. Also got my very first baseball from
Edwar.. though it was actually caught by my friend next to me 2 seconds
before it would’ve hit me in the face because I wasn’t paying attention
for a split second.. For anyone who follows me on Twitter [which you should], you’ll know I’ve been a concussion waiting to happen this week.

– Phil Coke is a funny dude.

– I doubt anyone is keeping score, but put another one on the board for me, as I utterly called the Texual healing homer.

Mariano’s entrance will forever stir goosebumps, but CC’s came
dangerously close to touching it today. I don’t know the song he walked
to the mound to, but the beat and the swag from C-Sab got me pumped.

– A-Rod = beast.

Crowd Quote(s):

– [Two seconds before the start of God Bless America] “Hey take your hat off you damn terrorist!”

On Deck:

Hughes making another start [possibly his last if Wang is coming back]
facing Jeremy Guthrie. Would love it if that whole 8 run thing that
happened last time he faced the Orioles didn’t happen again. Try and make it 8 wins instead eh?

In The Hole:

– Two words: Joba. Huff.

P.S. Yeah, I’m cool with security like that..

P.P.S. He’s still the coolest, but Swish should definitely whip out  the unmetaphorical bad boy, Thunderbolt. Screw the fine. Hit it into outerspace.. or.. to anywhere besides a fielder’s glove [if you didn’t already know that the other uniforms aren’t what you aim for].. Just sayin’..


X-Man Powers Yankee Comeback To Seal The Split

x-man-1.jpg          X marks the spot… and that spot happened to be in deep left field today, where X-Man’s blast in the 7th inning landed to give the Yanks a three run lead, beginning the see-saw battle that winded up playing out in the final game in this series versus the Angels of… [where are they from now?]… in the Bronx. I only saw bits and pieces of the game today, but I did happen to catch the bomb by X that lifted the crowd off their seats. X winded up with 4 hits and 6 RBIs for the game. One of the other trade acquisitions, Ivan Rodriguez, actually got the party started with a home run in the 5th that put the Yanks on the board. The Wise One, also known as Cashman, was probably feeling like he should’ve been bowed down to today.

          Today’s win was huge, not just to salvage some pride, but surely to pump up this offense before they head into the hazardous heat of Texas for a four game set against the Rangers. Joba Chamberlain will face Vincent Padilla tomorrow night to start off the series. I will probably do an in-gamer for at least one of the games against the Rangers because the Yanks are facing my second fav team 🙂 Maybe tomorrow. Let me know what day is best for you guys.

Other Notes:
– Abreu really saved himself with the bat today. I saw his blunder on the bases and… jeez. That’s one of those plays that you scratch you head and furiously scream “What were you thinking?” Did I or did I not say that the Yanks manage to embarrass themselves at least once every time they face this friggin team?
– I heard Christian was tearing it up on the bases. Speed is a murder weapon.
– Turns out Edwar is not so unhittable versus the Angels.
– Farns ain’t with the Yanks anymore but still found a way to get them back for the trade that sent him back to Detroit, surrendering the lead for his new team while facing the Rays. The Yanks will have to try to gain ground again tomorrow.
– I wasn’t able to stick around, but shout out to EJ for running a great in-gamer today.

Attempt At Another In-Gamer – Pettitte vs. Garland 7:05

          The Yanks will go toe to toe against the Angels tonight in the beginning of a four game set in the Bronx. Andy Pettitte will be on the mound to start the series off for the Yanks. Jon Garland will go for the Angels. I’ll be attempting another in-gamer tonight before I head out for the weekend, though I don’t know if it’ll work out b/c apparently MLBlogs is having server issues [though I just commented on someone’s blog with no problems so we’ll see…] Either way, I’ll be giving updates, and if people are able to comment then fire away. Any and every one is welcome.

Game Time: 7:05

                                      ph_120485.jpg                                                    ph_279782.jpg
Updates To Come:

5:16: Manny actually gets traded. Manny will now be a member of the Dodgers… how weird does that sound. I wonder if he’d dare to pull any of the antics with Joe Torre as his manager now. Hmm…

5:24: The lineup has changed a lot during the season this year, but it has never looked like this:
     Damon DH
     Jeter SS
Abreu RF
A. Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Cano 2B
Nady LF
I. Rodriguez C
     Cabrera CF

This has been one hell of a trade season.

6:47: Edwar Ramirez was served with a 3 game suspension for the throw way over Millar’s head yesterday. He’s already filed for an appeal. Daniel Cabrera also got suspended for 6 games for hitting A-Rod on Tuesday. It’s just me but, I don’t think either of those pitches were intentional, though the Cabrera one was a little iffy. Either way, it was not that serious. The suspensions are uncalled for.

7:10: Pudge is wearing #12. The guy looks good in a Yankee uniform.

7:15: According to Kay, Victor Zambrano has been signed to a minor league contract with the Yanks.

7:18: Pettitte and Ivan seemed to be having a little trouble, but Andy works out of the inning throwing 24 pitches.

7:34: Anderson gets picked off at second. Not a smart move on his part.

7:40: Andy gets out of another pressing inning. Pitch count: 43. I hope he and Ivan can get on the same page tonight.

7:43: Paul O’Neill should broadcast more often. Love him.

7:49: The Yanks are hitless through two. It’s too soon to tell but it’s almost like clockwork that the Yanks show little offense following a blowout… hope that’s not the same case tonight.

8:00: Damn it. I hate the Angels. Score 3 – 0.

8:04: &@%#! 6 – 0. I don’t think it’s too early to call game over right about now.

8:11: Pudge goes down swinging in his first at bat as a Yankee. The crowd cheered when he was announced, then booed faintly when he struck out… kind of hilarious.

8:26: Pettitte is not having the kind of outing I hoped for. He’s at 83 pitches threw four and the Yanks are down by 6.

8:33: Bobby does it again. Homer! His tag team buddy A-Rod, follows him with a double drilled into left center.

8:46: Yanks only able to score one. Let’s see if Pettitte can hold it here.

8:49: And Andy works a 1-2-3. Let’s see if we can get some more offense.

8:58: A triple by Melky and a base hit by JD to drive him in. 6 – 2.

9:01: The Yanks only get one run again, but I’ll take it.

9:12: Andy gets pulled after going 6.1 allowing 9 runs… not a good night.

9:20: Okay… now it’s game over. Damn. Imagine what Pudge is thinking: I come to New York just to get bombed my first game? Score: 10 – 2.

9:30: And Cano can’t stop a ball from going past him for his life right now.

9:46: August starts tomorrow. When are we getting that instant replay that we were promised? These umpires are unbelievable. You’ve got to be kidding me. A 4 year old would’ve got that call right. It’s still a blowout, but the Yanks were showing a lot of life. That just killed it.

9:57: I hate the Angels. I hate the Angels. I hate the Angels.

10:20: Yank attempting a rally again. What is happening?

10:25: Game officially over. That’s 3+ hours of my life I won’t get back.

Deflation Pt. 2

There’s nothing like two back to back blowouts to put the brakes on a team.

flat tire 2.jpg

What a monster embarrassment of a game is all there is to say.
Raz on the mound tomorrow night to face Daniel Cabrera. Let’s not let another one of these happen again, m’kay?

Other Notes:
– X-Man finally notched his first hit as a Yankee tonight, putting the Yanks on the board with a solo shot to left center in the 7th. That is how you wear the pinstripes.
– Ramirez… still unhittable.
– JD: Thank you for showing up tonight.

8 Straight. . . Yummy. Where’s That Broom?

8fe464495a7e9c2055c8d451bd5c39d5-getty-80319920jr001.jpg          Who knew the All-Star break could act as an elixir of life? After a sub par start to the 2008 season the Yanks have come out of the All-Star break undefeated, winning their last 8 games, mowing down anyone in their path in the process [i.e. the Red Sox]. The Yanks scored 10 runs in today’s game to take the win in the middle game of this series against the Bosox and will go for the sweep tomorrow night.
          Pettitte had a tough time to start this game, giving up two in the first, and certainly did not make it easy on himself throughout the game. However, The Almighty bent but, as always, did not break. He winded up going 6 innings, allowing just 3 runs, while improving his record to 12 – 7… I have a feeling he and the Moose will be battling for the most wins on the team for the rest of the season. One of the things I love about Andy [that he happened to display in this game] is his ability to get out of potentially big innings and rough it, even when he doesn’t have his best stuff. Good work from him today and even better work from the bullpen. The pen did not allow a run today again. If some other team has a more deadly bullpen than the Yanks right now let me know. Even the new addition, Damaso Marte, got in on the party, striking out Big Papi on 4 pitches in the 7th. Wappah! How are the pinstripes feeling?
          The offense was outstanding as well. Though they started off slow, they poured on the runs in the 6th and 8th innings. The hottest bat on the team, Robbie Cano, drove in 3 runs and picked up 3 hits [one of which was a homer], giving himself his 7th multi-hit game in the last 8 games. Everyone has been asking for months: When the hell is RC going to start hitting? Umm… I’m guessing now. Cano, I got one question: Was that so hard? After the All-Star break Cano has been hitting with an avg. of .514. The real trick will be keeping it up. As for the rest of the offense, the only guys in the starting lineup without a hit in today’s game were Big G and the newly acquired Xavier Nady. X-Man will have to try to get his first hit as a Yankee tomorrow.
          X will have to try to do it against Jon Lester, who will be starting for Boston tomorrow against Sidney Ponson [though that might change] on ESPN [ugh]. Lester is tough, but I’m still saying 9 straight. Bring on the Crazy Stein!

Other Notes:
– Special thanks to everyone that stopped by today in the in-gamer. It was a lot of fun. Luckyleftie… if you’re out there, let us know!
– Edwar is still unhittable. Mariano devastates with his cutter but Ramirez is doing it with his changeup. *Loving it.*