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In Retrospect

off, I hope everyone had a good time over the holidays, even though I
didn’t [half of  my 12 day vacation from school was a big bummer].  I may be a little late but Happy New Year and all that good
stuff. Back to business. The recap of recent activity:

1. Tex Dons The Pinstripes… After Asking The Missus First

guy that Red Sox hoped they’d get to draw some attention back to them
and the Yanks got by saying “Name your price… okay, done deal” put
the pinstripes on for the first time Tuesday, and though it goes
without saying, looked pretty damn good. The story on every back page
in New York, however, was all about his wife and how Tex needed to have
her say-so to become a Yankee. I admit I got a little chuckle out of
that, but I gotta say, Mark’s no fool. He doesn’t care that his
manlihood is being joked about for a reason. She wears the pants, but
he still brings home the bacon mountain load of bacon.

tex intro-1.jpg

2. Cleveland Becomes The First Team To Come Dangerously Close To Becoming Clinically Insane

Okay, I
knew some team would dare to sign him, but still, I can’t imagine how Pavano, the guy who is literally the definition of injury prone [look it up, I kid you not], is worth more than a penny… not even a shiny one at that.
Yeah, he came back and managed to finish ’08 without stubbing his toe,
but nonetheless… you know that if there is a God, he
has one hell of a sense of humor when Americans who work hard every day
get laid off, while a guy who sat on his *** for half the time he was
in pinstripes is offered $1.5 million easily… and to top it
off though is that fact that even if the worst should happen to him and
he could no longer pitch, he still could easily earn cash advertising for ACE bandages, or possibly even create a new line of designer crutches… who

3. Pettitte Does What I Thought Was Impossible

He said no… to [lotto guy voice] 10 millll-ion dollars… from the Yankees. You what the Yanks said back? “Okay, but when you change your mind… because you will change
your mind… it won’t be $10 million on the table anymore bud.” Putting
jokes aside though, am I the only one who just hates the business side
of baseball? Pettitte wants to be a Yankee and the Yankees want
Pettitte to be a Yankee. You’d think that’d be the easiet contract the
Yanks sign in the off-season, but noooo…

4. Number Of Teams Interested In Former Bo-Sock: Not Manny

didn’t get a check in his stocking and I’m guessing, with Manny being
Manny, he’s pretty peeved… nahhhh, does anyone really believe he
cares about anything? Still, it’s January, and the big boy still hasn’t
got a new uniform. I’d be seriously embarrassed if I were him right
about now. I mean, Pavano got a contract before him. I mean, that’s
just sad.

Side Notes:

– I can’t say G-G-G-G-G-G-Giambino [the G-Unit pronunciation] anymore, booooo.

Bernie gets hit with an injury after joining a Puerto Rican winter ball
team, putting the brakes on his comeback. Though I don’t neccesarily
want to see him in the outfield for the Yanks ever again [no offense
Bern] I would’ve loved to still see him back in the game.


Semi In-Gamer, Jackson vs. Pavano 1:05

          Since I’m putting this up at some very short notice I don’t expect many to stop by today, but I’m in the mood to rant during the game so I’ll still start this in-gamer anyways and anyone watching the game [fan of any team] is welcome to comment along.

Game Time: 1:05

                                    ph_429719.jpg                                                     pavano.jpg

12:56: According to Pete Abraham, it’s official. Hughes will be taking the start on Wednesday against Chicago. Looking forward to finally seeing the kid back in action.

1:08: “Pavano” and “commodity” were both used in the same sentence just now… never thought I’d lived to see the day when that happened.

1:15: Pavano out of the inning, throwing 16 pitches. Prediction: Jeet will pick himself up another hit here and Bobby will ground into a force out for the millionth time of the season.

1:19: DJ baseball. Nice bunt basehit by the Capt’n. Cross out that prediction, didn’t realize Abreu wasn’t in the game today.

1:26: 13 pitch walk by Big G… bases loaded. Did the real Yankees stand up today?

1:29: GRAND SLAM… guess that answers the question.

1:36: 4 runs on the board for the Yanks and Jackson already sitting at a not so sweet 34 pitches.

1:42: That seems to happen to Cano a lot, but this time he managed to realize he didn’t get the call and tag Floyd to get the out.

1:50: I don’t think the fight for the AL East will ever be the same again now that another team has proven it’s here to stay… Gonna miss the good old days when the Rays fell out of contention in Spring Training.

1:55: DJ picks himself up a double after JD goes down, bringing him one away from Lou Gehrig for most hits all time in Yankee Stadium.

1:58: Another bomb. Yanks lead 6-3. Where was this all season?

2:10: 1-2-3 inning by Pav, at 61 pitches through 3 though.

2:13: The Rays’ baby, David Price, is making his major league debut…

2:16: and sits X, Cano & Pudge on 7 pitches.

2:28: Pavano gets in some more trouble but a hell of a play by Cano gets him out of the inning.

2:35: And Price works another 1-2-3.

2:38: Cano is taken out and Betemit is now in the game…ugh.

2:42: Pavano works another 1-2-3 to keep up with Price. Jeter coming up in the inning. Can he have another 3 hit game and tie Gehrig?

2:48: The Capt’n has done it! Jeet takes one over the wall in right center off David Price to tie Gehrig. Flair for the dramatic huh? What a career it has been so far for the Yankee shortstop.

3:02: Wow… Pavano leaving the field apparently with an injury. Unbelievable. Looks to be the right hamstring from what I could tell… I don’t think there’s ever been a more prone player in the history of sports. He did last 5 starts this season though so there’s that.

3:10: I don’t think the score even matters [with the likelihood the Yanks will not be making an October appearance] and yet still, what a game. Jeet makes history, A-Rod throws in a slam, Price makes his debut and Pavano does what he does best.

3:15: Another hell of a play, this time by Gardner, to end the inning.

3:36: Jeet will have to wait until tomorrow to try to take the record, as he grounds into a DP in likely his last at bat of this game.

3:50: Gardner does it again, making another incredible play in center field to take a hit away from Gabe Gross.

4:04: The Red Sox are winning their game in the top of the 9th… it’s sad that we’ve been reduced to playing the spoiler role.

4:23: Mo comes in for a one out save and game over. Yanks win an interesting one at the stadium.

One For The Stress

To relieve the recent, and not so recent, headaches and heartburn, the real Yanks decided to make an appearance tonight.


Which makes it tough to make fun of them today.

Side Notes:

I don’t know what was with Ponson putting up a solid performance early,
but he corrected it by giving up a 3 run homer in the 6th. Seriously
though, he was actually hitting the glove… more than once.

I remember from the Paul O’Neill Yankeeography that Sterling said
something like “When a warrior is wounded is when you better watch
out”… which is what the Mariners should’ve done. Wasn’t there
something wrong with Bobby’s wrist? I bet in the post-game interviews
after the game he’ll be like, “Wrist bothering me? Nahhhh.”

It’s not too often that baserunning makes its presence known in a game
but it was responsible for some of the runs the Yanks scored in this win tonight. Jeet did his part, scoring from first in the 7th, with his
always great instincts, in no need of a 3rd base coach, to just get in
there. JD also stole two bags in that inning.

– Sometimes I feel sorry for the ball when Big G comes to the plate. One way or another it’s going to get smacked.

The Yanks gain back the game they lost yesterday and will turn to the
Moose in the final game of this series in Seattle. One of the few
reasons Yankee fans have to keep watching the games is to see Moose get
that 20 he’s been searching for. Mussina more than desearves that 20
win season.

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Yankees Suck. . . Surprise Surprise

Another loss…


The Yanks do know that they have to win to make the playoffs not embarrass themselves, right?

Oh, I forgot, they get paid no matter what… I guess I wouldn’t care either.

Still watching them sink…

Side Notes:

– I
can’t believe I’m saying this but… forget the f-ing homer. Watching a
home run from the Yanks isn’t even exciting anymore because they never
hit one with runners on. The pop ups are getting on my last nerve. What
is it… a simple single isn’t prestigious enough for you? Well guess
what: neither is a pop up or a loss. The only guy I expect to swing for
the fences every time is Big G because seriously, how many singles is
he going to get?

– The
word on Giese is “stiff shoulder”… I can’t put my finger on it but
where have I heard that before? The amount of injuries hitting the
Yankees is getting ridiculous. The baseball Gods are serious haters.

– I’m
thinking about another in-game live chat for Friday. Tell me if you
guys are up for it. The Yanks will be playing the Royals so I expect a
win. Then again…

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“Support The ‘Stache”


The ‘Stache has stated that he would participate in the Home Run Derby if he made the All-Star team. We need a Yankee to participate [and hopefully win] the Derby, so “Support The ‘Stache
A Yankee grows out a new, thick mustache and instant slogan…

All-Star Game Final Vote

final vote.png

The ‘Stache Man makes the Final Vote Ballot.
The Moose did not make the All-Star team, while Varitek, hitting .219, does.
Are you kidding me?
The Red Sox are being represented by 6 players and their precious captain still gets the nod, despite barely hitting over the Mendoza line. Hello, it’s called the “All-Star” Game. The players voted him in… and people get outraged that the fans get to vote?
Who’s got your vote for the final player?
Normally, I would vote for the best player of the lot [which in this case I believe is Dye] but the All-Star Game rosters are already screwed up and Red Sox infested, so I’m voting for the Big G put in more pinstripes for the final All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium in its final year.

They’re Aliiiiive [At Last]

giambi.jpg          The Yankee offense may be lethargic, sluggish, aggravating, pitiful, infuriating and downright crappy at times, but… they still eat rookies for breakfast. Proof: Warner Madrigal [sorry kid]. Though the ‘Stache Man put the Yanks ahead with a grand slam
in the 3rd, the fun really started in inning number lucky 7. After
Ponson failed miserably at any attempt he was considering on making for retribution against his former
team, the Yanks did something they rarely do these days; they came
back… to the tune of 9 spanking runs in the 7th, and 3 more in the 8th to top it off. Final score, Rangers: 7, Yankees: 18. This just in: the Bronx Bombers are baaaack.
Since the offense bailed him out tonight, I won’t trash Sir Sidney, who
is responsible for all 7 of the Rangers’ runs tonight, and instead
praise the bullpen, who couldn’t have screwed up this one, and the
return of the offense, for this much needed monster win.
box score 7:2.pngSurprisingly,
every bat in the starting lineup got a hit tonight… wait that’s no
surprise, Melk wasn’t in there to go 0-fer [Girardi can take a hint].
Though Giambino clearly did
the most damage tonight, with 6 RBI’s, every Yankee did their part in
contributing [’bout time]. Don’t believe me? Take a lo
ok at the box score [to the left]. Other than the obvious player of the game, players worth noting tonight are JD, with
3 hits and 3 runs scored, Rodriguez, with a homer to drive in 3,
Abreu, with 2 RBI’s and 3 runs scored and Gardner who got his finally
got his first Major League hit and RBI, while adding on another stolen base [the kid is oober fast].
          It was clear the Yanks needed this type of game a.s.a.p. and what a better time than right before the Red Sox head into town for a four game set, after being swept by the Rays. Andy Pettitte will take the mound against Jon Lester tomorrow night to get the fire restarted. Hopefully the Yanks can keep their energy up for more than a day.