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Pursuit Of “W” Numero Uno, Take II: NYY @ BAL 7:05

          It’s pretty obvious the first game of the season for the Yanks didn’t go quite as planned on Tuesday.. but the Yanks will be making an attempt to redeem themselves by winning their first game of the year tonight with Chien-Ming Wang on the mound. I will be attempting to cover this game with the CiL software.. Anyone that wishes to join the chin wagging, please do.

Game Time: 7:05 p.m. ET

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Trying To Salvage Some Pride: Meche vs. Pettitte 7:05

          The Yanks will be beginning a three game set against the Royals at home tonight before going back on the road to face the Blue Jays and Orioles. Pettitte will take the mound for the Yanks and face Gil Meche for the Royals.

Game Time: 7:05

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          The forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms so I don’t know if the game will happen but if it does stop by for the in-game chat. I’m having trouble with the chat window that I used last time. For now we’re going to have to stick with the back and forth comments.


5:30: Melky has been sent down and Sexson has been released. The Yanks have called up Gardner and Cody Ransom. The Yanks are making moves now?

5:36: Forgot to mention that Giese was sent to DL the other day from the same injury suffered by Joba. Rasner will likely make the start Tuesday. Hughes will make his next start in the minors on Sunday and will likely return after that… though by then it might be too late.

5:44: Also, Britton has been called up for the bazillionth time to be the long man I assume with Giese out.

7:03: Rain Delay. Great, already something to boo at.

7:32: Still raining in the Bronx…

8:04: Time to watch the Olympics. How long you think before they call the game?

8:36: Finally the game will begin.

8:43: And Pettitte works a quick 1-2-3 to start things off.

8:58: Guys, is it seriously that hard? Pretend the bases are empty if you have to but, jeez start driving in runs already.

9:08: The Royals score first on a sac fly. Trade an out for a run… seems like a good concept. What do the Yanks trade outs for? Nothing.

9:21: It’s kind of funny that as soon as a runner makes it to second base the strikeouts ensue. Already it seems like more of the same. This season has been an embarrassment to the Cathedral.

9:27: Melky who? Gardner says he can flash a little leather too.

9:31: Jeet is on first. Whatever you do A-Rod, do not move him to second. He’ll be in scoring position. It’ll ruin everything. Hit a homer.

9:36: Jeter steals second. Damn. Now the Yanks won’t be able to score.

9:40: What did I say?

9:41: It’s like clockwork. Someone makes it to second… strikeout, strikeout.

9:57: Pettitte is holding them down tonight but again, the offense doesn’t even qualify to be called an “offense”.

10:16: For anyone watching the Olympics… wow. Phelps wins another gold. He wins the 100m butterfly by one one hundredth of a second.
And the Yanks are now down by three… ugh.

10:20: Hold the phone. Did the Yanks just drive in a run with runners in scoring position? Apparently it’s a day for miracles.

10:25: Only one though… at this rate the Yanks would tie in the 15th.

10:30: Pettitte works another scoreless. I bet it’s all for naught.

This is a first: I’m going to have to end the in-gamer early because I have some things I have to take care of. This game hasn’t been all that exciting any way. [They’ll probably make a comeback after I stop watching just to screw with me.] Much thanks to EJ  & Level for stopping by.

Attempt At Another In-Gamer – Pettitte vs. Garland 7:05

          The Yanks will go toe to toe against the Angels tonight in the beginning of a four game set in the Bronx. Andy Pettitte will be on the mound to start the series off for the Yanks. Jon Garland will go for the Angels. I’ll be attempting another in-gamer tonight before I head out for the weekend, though I don’t know if it’ll work out b/c apparently MLBlogs is having server issues [though I just commented on someone’s blog with no problems so we’ll see…] Either way, I’ll be giving updates, and if people are able to comment then fire away. Any and every one is welcome.

Game Time: 7:05

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Updates To Come:

5:16: Manny actually gets traded. Manny will now be a member of the Dodgers… how weird does that sound. I wonder if he’d dare to pull any of the antics with Joe Torre as his manager now. Hmm…

5:24: The lineup has changed a lot during the season this year, but it has never looked like this:
     Damon DH
     Jeter SS
Abreu RF
A. Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Cano 2B
Nady LF
I. Rodriguez C
     Cabrera CF

This has been one hell of a trade season.

6:47: Edwar Ramirez was served with a 3 game suspension for the throw way over Millar’s head yesterday. He’s already filed for an appeal. Daniel Cabrera also got suspended for 6 games for hitting A-Rod on Tuesday. It’s just me but, I don’t think either of those pitches were intentional, though the Cabrera one was a little iffy. Either way, it was not that serious. The suspensions are uncalled for.

7:10: Pudge is wearing #12. The guy looks good in a Yankee uniform.

7:15: According to Kay, Victor Zambrano has been signed to a minor league contract with the Yanks.

7:18: Pettitte and Ivan seemed to be having a little trouble, but Andy works out of the inning throwing 24 pitches.

7:34: Anderson gets picked off at second. Not a smart move on his part.

7:40: Andy gets out of another pressing inning. Pitch count: 43. I hope he and Ivan can get on the same page tonight.

7:43: Paul O’Neill should broadcast more often. Love him.

7:49: The Yanks are hitless through two. It’s too soon to tell but it’s almost like clockwork that the Yanks show little offense following a blowout… hope that’s not the same case tonight.

8:00: Damn it. I hate the Angels. Score 3 – 0.

8:04: &@%#! 6 – 0. I don’t think it’s too early to call game over right about now.

8:11: Pudge goes down swinging in his first at bat as a Yankee. The crowd cheered when he was announced, then booed faintly when he struck out… kind of hilarious.

8:26: Pettitte is not having the kind of outing I hoped for. He’s at 83 pitches threw four and the Yanks are down by 6.

8:33: Bobby does it again. Homer! His tag team buddy A-Rod, follows him with a double drilled into left center.

8:46: Yanks only able to score one. Let’s see if Pettitte can hold it here.

8:49: And Andy works a 1-2-3. Let’s see if we can get some more offense.

8:58: A triple by Melky and a base hit by JD to drive him in. 6 – 2.

9:01: The Yanks only get one run again, but I’ll take it.

9:12: Andy gets pulled after going 6.1 allowing 9 runs… not a good night.

9:20: Okay… now it’s game over. Damn. Imagine what Pudge is thinking: I come to New York just to get bombed my first game? Score: 10 – 2.

9:30: And Cano can’t stop a ball from going past him for his life right now.

9:46: August starts tomorrow. When are we getting that instant replay that we were promised? These umpires are unbelievable. You’ve got to be kidding me. A 4 year old would’ve got that call right. It’s still a blowout, but the Yanks were showing a lot of life. That just killed it.

9:57: I hate the Angels. I hate the Angels. I hate the Angels.

10:20: Yank attempting a rally again. What is happening?

10:25: Game officially over. That’s 3+ hours of my life I won’t get back.