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From The Classic. . .

As promised:



[[Yeah.. there are cup holders.. lol..]


[[and beer of course..]





[[Notice the entire empty section below]:


[[Sun trying to peek through]:



[[Old Yankee Stadium under deconstruction already.. ='( ]:



[[Building the future of the Bronx.. and tearing its past down..]:

Game Notes:

The on and off rain the entire day didn’t make the sky a pleasant
sight, but I couldn’t have picked a better day to leave school, skip
class and head to the game, lol.. 14 innings and my best friend and
I stuck it out for all of them to watch the Melk Man deliver the game
winning walk-off homer to right after nearly 5 hours of play.. classic. Will forever have the honor of saying I was at the first extra inning game and saw the first walk-off in the new Yankee Stadium.. =D

– #1 Thing I Hate
About The Stadium: Stadium staff/security.. If you at any point wonder
why the stadium gets so deathly quiet during the games, odds are it’s
because of them. For one, the fun is nearly completely ripped out going
to the ballpark when you can’t move down to empty seats because of
staff at each opening checking to see if you belong.. It’s especially
stupid when more than half the stadium is empty.. [though the a large
portion of the other half is all crowded around, watching the game from
the staff checkpoints].. My second reason, however, is the fact that
staff & security do not tolerate jack shizz.. If one guy gets too
loud or tries to get the outfielders attention, the blue jacket people
give him a talking to quickly.. I’m sorry, but heckling and loud people are
apart of the game.. if they weren’t there, it’d be a library.. The
“heckling” wasn’t anywhere near bad either.. security, please, let
there be a little life.

One thing that did go a little overboard was some taunting turned into
an argument [two seconds from being a fight] between a couple guys up
top.. all over an umbrella blocking their view.. It was pretty stupid..
but we got some major laughs out of it, lol.. [I actually got a video
of it.. but it was a little NSFW with the language, so I won’t put it up

Another thing I got some laughs out of is Nick Swisher’s complete
ownership of the bleacher creatures.. That dude amps them up and
gestures for them to make some noise when he wants it, lol.. Another
reason he’s the coolest is that unlike most, he’ll wave or look in the
direction and smile to anyone or any group of people calling his name
loud enough nearly every time [not just during the roll call].. It would
be siiick to have him spend a game that he’s not playing in sitting in
the bleachers..

– A salute and some applause for Jose Veras.. didn’t think he had it in him to pitch multiple scoreless innings [let alone one]..

Crowd Quotes:

“Green umbrellas have herpes!”

– “Oh, c’mon.. My girlfriend gets wetter than your umbrella is right now.”

– “Daaaamon! It’s meee. Joohnn!.. from last niiight… Mellkkyy! It’s meee.. Jose!.. Arriba!!” [Completely random, lol..]

– “Sweeeeeeney! Nod if you can hear me!” … “Sweeeney! Move if you can hear me!.. Oh yeah!”

“Wait.. why did they make a big deal when he came out?” [Seriously
asked by my best friend right after Mariano’s entrance.. Yeah, she’s still a large
baseball virgin.. though she claims she’s a Mets fan.. more like a
Yankee fan in training, hehe..]

On Deck: First Boskees series of the year beginning tomorrow. Joba on the mound facing Jon Lester.. it should be good.

I completely called the Jeter home run.. 3rd correct call I’ve made of
the season.. 3 more than I made in ’08.. The stadium is improving my
stats as well..

P.P.S. Stock market trying to get their hands on a little of DJ Swish’s magic too? Swishness to the rescue. It’s all good.


A Heinous Home Opener & The More Fitting Follow Up

dressed it up, gave it a shoe shine,  promoted it as the hottest spot
this side of town and then opened up it for business, charging a hefty
fee at the door to compensate for the luxury. The people they targeted
filed in one by one, with big smiles and joyful faces, all for nearly
the same reason. Half had a smile that couldn’t be wiped from their
faces because they would finally able to satisfy what their eyes and
heart yearned for through the cold winter months as well as witness and
be apart of history in the making.. The other half wore grins merely as
result of the thought of later flaunting the fact they got the invite
and were simply present the day of the distinguished landmark’s
inauguration.. What the two halves had in common? They both expected
entertainment worth the entrance fee.. but disappointment gave each a
smack in the face instead. Lessons learned? 1.) Irony is cruel 2.) Baseball
Gods are malevolent and 3.) nothing can guarantee a win in the game of
baseball these days [especially when Jose Veras jogs in].

My Opening Day Thoughts:

– From what I’ve read, the crowd was disco dead
for large portions of the game, and though I didn’t state it here [I
], I honestly felt like that was likely going to happen. When the
price tag of a single ticket to a 3 hour game is more than an
iPod, you can bet the stadium will not be filled to the brim with the
true die hard fans and/or barbaric animals that it’s usually buzzing
with. I was once fortunate enough to get an invite to go to a game with
family friends who got free tickets from a friend of their own who had
seats about 12 rows from the field in the section behind the Yankees
on deck circle.. Though it was probably one of the greatest days ever
[coming close enough to Jeter to almost touch him] it was also fairly
boring. Fact Of Baseball: The “exclusive” crowd is too “cool”
to clap, raise their voice or act even mildly out of character..that or
they just don’t drink enough.

– Bleacher creature chant: “We want Swisher” in the 7th –> hilarious.

– Babe Ruth bat was a nice touch.. but kind of seems foolish now with the way the game turned out.

Though I couldn’t sneak my way in, I was around the stadium during the
start of the game breathing it in and wow.. you could smell the
desperateness [word check?] in the air. It was something straight out
of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.. cardstock with the Yankee inaugural season logo and the date
April 16, 2009 on it was the Golden Ticket and ever so often you’d hear a
quick “Ticket? Where? You selling?” and then a “Doh!” followed right

One thing I did see was the fighter jets fly by and wow.. the coolest
[for lack of a better word] thing I’ve seen in my 18 years, by far.
From outside the Coliseum they seemed really close and were going mighty fast. Something straight out of Transformers.

Seemed that the only thing that suited the widely held visions of how
things were supposed to go down on the big day thursday was the first home run.
Though many may not have predicted Jorge to do it, I think all were
satisfied that it was accomplished by a Yankee.. and where it landed
probably couldn’t have made it more perfect.


I may be completely alone on this, but I think the all the team flags
atop the stadium looks highly cheesy, or what we youth [plus Jeffy] call “wack”. Reminds me too much of a Fine Fare.

since I won’t dare speak of the final score or the multiple
heartbreaking hits that contributed to it, moving on to Take II, aka
home runs galore.

This one was more like it.. [see pic below].


My Thoughts:

The short porch in right always made Yankee Stadium a lefty ballpark, but jeezus,
the gulf stream to right center is exaggerating that fact. All five
solo shots by the Yanks yesterday were all to right. Also, as Pete Abraham pointed out, if you count the two exhibition games with the Cubs on April 3rd & 4th, 17
home runs have been hit in 34.5 innings in the new stadium.
[They probably should of saved the ASG & Derby for this year..] The new
park obviously wants to take the Yanks nickname to a whole new level..
what level exactly? Well, I like to call it outerspace.

– Speaking of smacking the ball into outerspace.. Mr. Thunderbolt actually managed to not be one of the five Yankees smacking the ball around yesterday if you can wrap your head around that.. and, in fact, unimaginably went hitless yesterday for the very first time of ’09.. *gasp*.. The impossible can happen.

Even though he put up an 0-fer, when Swish got on first base via a walk
in the 5th, the camera caught him literally howling [as in wolf style]
at one of his teammates in the dugout [whom I’m betting was Johnny

– Though I’ve said it before, Gardner’s speed is killer.. I can’t even stress it enough. Most entertaining moments of each game are Swish’s displays of awesomeness and Brett The Jet’s game of his own on the base paths.

A little heads up for the Yanks: The so called “Legends Seats” do not
seem so legendary when no one is sitting in them.. might want to give
that a thought.. just saying.

And lastly,

Though it’s a little different, I don’t care which spot in the outfield
he pops out of, Mo’s entrance still never gets old.. gives me
goosebumps every time.

P.S. I
was going to leave this out, but it must be said. For the execs that
may not get this: A ballpark isn’t a movie theater or an opera house.. the seats of the entire lower deck sicken me.. the La-Z-Boy quality is unnecessary and the isolation of each section, with the ticket police at every entrance, is a cheap shot.. The stadium is more than beautiful.. but  all those people that were stating that the Yanks were ruining the game of baseball [or at least the experience of it] building this luxurious stadium, well.. a part of me can no longer disagree with them.

P.P.S. Completely forgot to mention: Numero 26 on the Latest Leaders.. that number remind you of anything eh?

P.P.P.S. I don’t know how I missed speaking of Bruney, but I must say that he has been positively kicking a**.. He has K’d 12 in his last 5.2 IP, proving Joba left the 8th in good hands indeed..

The Sweet Smell Of Redemption And Barbecued Mitt

… specifically the mitt of Jose Molina, which received a lot of heat from what A.J. tossing today in his second start and second win of the season.

Though I didn’t know it’d be brought by A.J. Burnett, or that it’d even brought tonight, I told you it was coming.. payback.

burnett heat.jpg

It was probably only fitting that after a complete disaster, we’d get a near
no-no, but boy was that satisfying. There’s not even much else I can
say about it except can we see that again? [preferably by Andy

Side Notes:

– Though it’s probably far from becoming official just yet, it’s sure looking like Molina will be [or at least should be] A.J.’s personal catcher this season.. Their chemistry during the game is obvious.

– If Red Bull ever becomes labeled as a PED in the baseball’s future, it’ll clearly be because of Swish. Another bomb hit by the man tonight and if he keeps it up.. well, Jeet may have to fight to keep his most beloved Yankee status.

And clearly not ready to let someone take that from him, DJ bashed a
homer of his own in the 9th to  finally put his recent slump to rest.
Though the homer forced Mo to sit back down in the pen, I’ll take it.
The 0-fers were not pretty.

– What was
pretty though was Bruney’s appearance in the 9th, which brought results of the white supremacist variety: K.. K.. K.. and ballgame.

I forgot to address it the other day, but when interviewed on Monday A-Rod
made a couple statements that suggested he is renewed and will be
keeping his head in the game this season, saying things like he’s going
to “cut some of the fat” and “refocus [his] career”. Currently, he’s
still working on getting people to believe that:

a-rod focused.jpg

A-Rod somehow manages to have a no nonsense season [without another
scandal], I will be the first to applaud him [if I don’t die of shock],
but right now, my brain can’t even imagine it.

– Oh, and apparently Nady might be injured [and the fun begins..], though it is unsure yet. He will have an MRI tomorrow on his right elbow to see if it’s serious, but the words “sharp pain” aren’t reassuring..

On Deck: Hopefully
another gem and the series win for us, with Andy on the mound for the
Yanks facing  another Andy [Sonnanstine] for the Rays at 4:08 p.m.
before the big home opener at Yankee Stadium tomorrow, which can’t come
fast enough..

P.S. – After
being reminded today by Pete Abraham that the Yanks got Nick Swisher in
the deal that shipped Wilson Betemit, I spent several minutes in awe
of the fact that that may very well be the greatest trade ever made.

Blehh. . . Double Dud

it’s too early in the season to be let down like this and I’m too tired to elaborate on this disappointment, I’m going to
keep this post short and pay attention to the positives:

1.) The Yanks at least made this guy happy:


2.) A.J. has the opportunity to be the first Yankee starter to notch a K.

3.) Sooner or later the offense will realize ’08 is over… hopefully.

4.) Tex’s updated average is .111. [Yeah, that’s a positive… for obvious reasons.]

mark teix sellout.jpg

5.) Only gave up 7 runs today and 6 walks.. that’s what I call improvement.

Side Notes:

Thanks to Mike, Jason, & Jane for stopping by for the in-gamer..
made this game much more bearable. Hope the next one is accompanied by
a win.

– Special thanks to the ballplayer by the name of Derek Jeter for getting us the least bit hype at the end there.

– Tomorrow
A.J. is on the mound for a 1:35 ET start… but if you look ahead, you
will see that we’re in store for the match-up of a lifetime on Friday night.
Andy Pettitte will be going head to head with… Sidney Ponson. Oh
yeah.. get ready.. lol.

In Retrospect

About two weeks later… here’s what I missed:

America: The Land of The… Losers?:

We were all optomistic at first, but in the end, the World Baseball Craptastic winded up ending
the same way it did 3 years ago… with team USA brushing off their
elimination and team Japan heading home with this bad boy:

wbc trophy.jpg

Surprised?… I’m not. Yeah, I admit I was one of the many who were hopeful and arrogant, thinking our boys had to take it this time around… but part of me knew the Baseball Gods would be playing the same cruel trick on us it had before, having the U.S. beat at its own game, just so they can get a good laugh.

To state the obvious:

Bad News: We lost again. We should be embarrassed.

Good News: The baseball we actually care about is starting up in a little over a week so… ehh, whatever.

[[Btw, I did enjoy watching the WBC though, despite the slight tinge of bitterness.]

Batting #2 In The Two-Hole… Leadoff:

Joe G. isn’t done shaking things up just yet. Apparently, he has
decided to switch DJ and JD’s slot in the batting order, trying Jeet as
the leadoff man for size this season. Though it will feel odd seeing El
Capitan’s name somewhere other than the two-hole [for more than a few
games], according to Peter Abraham, the move makes sense. Why? He says:

1.) Because of Jeter’s frustrating tendency to ground into DP’s.

2.) Because Jeter has supposedly become a singles hitter.

3.) Because the change gives him more opportunities to reach base, which is a plus, with Jeet having a higher career OBP than JD.

In my not so intelligent opinion, I say:

In 37 at-bats batting in the leadoff spot over the past 3 seasons, Jeet
hit .216. In 10 at-bats batting second over the past 3 seasons, Damon
didn’t get a hit. [Note: I’m fully aware you can’t tell much from 10 or
37 AB, but it’s the only statistical evidence available, since both
have played nearly all their games in their regular slots.]

Girardi is primarily enthused about this decision because of what he
has seen of Damon in the two-hole during Spring Training, while Jeet
was off playing in the WBC. As far as I’m concerned the only real
decisions that should be made during Spring Training are those
regarding rookies, a position left to fight for, or players coming back
from injury/surgery that you aren’t sure will be ready for Opening Day.
Why? Because otherwise, it’d be like scouting high school ballplayers
based on how they hit in a batting cage. Can’t judge on practice.

Though the importance of a batting order may or may not be bloated
these days, it is a change from the norm for these guys, so it could
spark a change.. for good or bad will be determined this year I guess.

Abraham’s Verdict: It makes sense.

Mine: It’s promising.. but a toss up.

Double C Gets Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun…:

… with the call to start both the season and stadium openers, so hand the man some doublemint gum.

cc tossing.jpg

it was obvious C-Sab would be starting the season, I thought perhaps
Girardi would manage to figure Pettitte into the April 16th stadium
opener somehow, considering the fact that it will be a historic start in a new monument to the Yankees franchise and CC has just recently donned the pinstripes, but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Side Notes:

– Though Melk has turned it up now in S.T., it’s looking more and more like Brett The Jet will be winning the outfield
job over the Melk Man with the lineup swap of DJ & JD,
which would separate the lefties… Though I love Melky [the kid has
a lot of energy and brings a great vibe to the team] I think Brett
taking the job would be better a choice, as he brings another level to
his game with his dangerous speed on the bases to add to his abilities
in the OF, as his show of the bat. The only question is will he bring
it all season at the plate.

It was hard to keep up with the headlines while I attempt to not fail
any classes during my last semester of high school, but I caught the
front page story regarding some self-loving pics of A-Rod that were a
little… well… no comment. The only thing I will say is I thought
he’d be out of the spotlight after the surgery because he wouldn’t
likely be involved in another scandal… but how did I not anticipate

– Seems I also neglected to consider that the leeches we call “the press” would still be pining
for stories with his name on it enough that they’d go looking for more on his
past… However, I gotta give it to the reporter who found out the latest reason why people are baffled he, of all people, was blessed with the greatest talent in the game. Though linking him to Spitzer was probably bound to happen, impressive.

**Can’t believe I forgot this, but the new Yankee Stadium is looking beyond gorgeous. Add that to the fact that it will have a Johnny Rockets [whose cheese fries and onion rings I wish I could have on a daily basis] and what do you get? Me panhandling on the subway in the near future after spending all my money on as many Yankee tickets as I can get. **

In Retrospect

The World Is Coming To An End:

Okay.. not really..
but mine is. I’ve been without cable for the past two-ish weeks
[because the cable company is full of retards and the people I
surprisingly get my genes from are… well, I won’t go there] and
oxygen is running low. This is the reason I have failed to
update for a week [along with the fact that I’m lazy].. but I’m going
to attempt to cover it [simply because Jeff oh so politely demanded me to entertain], though I’m sure I’m the one that needs to be filled in and he and Allen are the ones better at the entertaining.

The Week In Retrospect:

Manny Apparently Not Completely Unwanted:

which was a surprise to me. I actually put money on him not signing for
at least another week, because we all know he’s the kind of idiot that
would hold out that long, but props to him for realizing he had no
other option. Extra props to the Dodgers for being the only team that
even cared.


that’s it. His sole name is, and will always be, a headline. The
multiple reasons why it’s bold today are a) because D.R. might not see
him play for them [yet again] and b) because A-Rod displayed his intelligent ability to never phrase his words correctly [yet again].

those who may not know, I am Puerto Rican. For those who have
miraculously managed not to know, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans have had
a friendly, sometimes not so friendly, Boskees type rivalry with one
another for what seems like forever… and considering that nearly my
whole school is Dominican, and most of the guys I argue baseball with
are Dominican, naturally, after hearing Alex would be playing for D.R.
this time around, I heard a lot of this: “We got Alex. D.R. is taking it
this year! [Blah blah blah] Haha.” [They emphasized that last part.] Now, I
honestly couldn’t care less which WBC team Alex chose to play for, so
long as he came back to the Yanks ready to kick a**, but now, with the
news that he has a semi serious hip injury, I’m saying: take no chances. If Joe G. follows my advice [which he better], I’ll hopefully be lying saying: Haha, he doesn’t really have an injury, Alex just ditched you again. =P

that second bit about A-Rod, let me lay down the official quote: I
wish (Reyes) was leading off on our team or playing on our team. That’s
fun to watch. I don’t know about everyone else, but to me, that didn’t
sound like a direct shot at DJ… however, what it did sound like to me was complete stupidity. I would normally call it ignorance or a slip of the tongue if it were anyone else, but by now,
it’d be unfair to say that Alex said that, like so many other things,
without thinking. It almost never ceases to baffle me the fact that he
is completely incapable of predicting how the media will spin things
beforehand. You’d think he would’ve learned.

El Capitan Becomes El Capitan For A Different Team:

…that has an unsettling feeling in your stomach doesn’t it? With DJ’s contract expiring semi-soon, at the end of 2011, many are daring to envision him possibly in another uniform. Though I take the same stance as Joe Auriemma, “Derek Jeter is and will always be a Yankee“, Yankee fans got a little taste of what the minute possibility of him playing against the team he was born to play for would feel like yesterday, when he sat in the opposing dugout
at “GMS Field” [Legend’s Field sounded 10 times better]. When he was playing for the U.S. in the last WBC, it
was okay.. and I thought it’d be fun to see him play the Yanks,
instead of on the Yanks, for once, but let me say this: I don’t care
how competitive you are, if you’re joining forces with Pedroia and
Youkilis against your own team, you make sure you lose [and not go 2-4
with 2 RBI’s], because  in no way is this a pretty sight:

jeter wbc.jpg

never let ^that^ happen again.

Start writing the contract now [and don’t
be stingy] so that the thought of Jeet declining doesn’t have a chance
to cross people’s minds.

Latest Leaders:

won’t even make a separate post about this one because I dropped to
#41… but considering I posted once  the entire week, I have to say,
not bad at all. Thanks to everyone for continuing to come back.

Side Notes: [Sorry I forgot these..]

– For what real artistic MLB photography looks like, check this pic out here. Better than those other ones no? [It’s JD for those that can’t tell.]

– For the reason why all males are probably jealous of Yankees, check this out here. Yeah, Joba can rock the dorky glasses.

P.S. I seriously don’t know what else is going on in baseball.
P.P.S. Turning the big 1-8 next Thursday. Soooomeone should get me a Yankee uniform without the name on the back.

A Flashback & Moment To Kick Back

I’m numero 17 on the Latest Leaders this week, I thought I’d give a
quick flashback to game a few years ago, in ’04, that became possibly
the greatest game ever played in the Boskees rivalry, in which the guy
with 17 on his back drove in the winning run in the bottom of the 13th.

The Date: July 1, 2004

The Match-Up: Pedro Martinez vs. Brad Halsey [talk about throwback]

The Box Score:

box score july 1, 2004.jpg

Winning Pitcher: Tanyon Sturtze [remember him?]

Most Memorable Moment:

This doozy:

jeter dive.jpg

The One That Ended It All:

Pinch hit RBI single by John “Flash” Flaherty:


That game that day was something.

know its great when Manny goes deep twice, the Yanks get struck out 12
times and lose the DH, let the Sox score in the top of the 13th and still manage to win it in the bottom. Great baseball right there.

Moving on to what happened today technically yesterday…

Joe G. just didn’t feel like working yesterday, so he decided to take
the gang to shoot some pool out in Tampa and brilliantly disguise his
move as a way to get the chemistry up and the guys “bonding” as a
team… riiight.

The guy that ruled:

mariano pool.jpg

Mo.. of course. Superman can whoop a** at anything.

However, I’d love to see him go up against this chick:

me pool.jpg

Yeah, I’m a sure shot too and I think I can take on old Mariano. I obviously have the advantage, with me having an innate, cunning ability to distract people [by taunting them like Henry Rowengartner], plus all of my hair to boot, so Mo… bring it.

P.S. Ignore the mess.. it was a friend who doesn’t know how to clean’s basement.