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Screwed In More Ways Than One

thought it’d get worse than that 22-4 game.. but this just about did
it. No lopsided score, but this one couldn’t get any more cruel. It
really needs no recap, but let me lay out how ugly it was, how much it
pissed me off, and how the Yanks are screwed [at least for near future]:

1.) Joe G. has a twisted delusion that he’s a magician and can pull his managerial decisions out of a hat.

2.) Playing Where’s Waldo
Bruney was rigged.. he wasn’t even in the picture. Where was he? On his
way back to New York for an MRI for his elbow. And why were we forced
to play the guessing game and didn’t hear about his departure or even
the suspicion of a problem with his elbow until after we needed him and the game was over you ask? I’d love to know that too.

The only thing worse than Cody Ransom, is no Cody Ransom. Despite his
A-Rod-esque trouble under the pressure.. when you have to resort to the
backup’s backup.. you know you’re screwed.

Wang can reuse his blue badge once more as he is on the DL again.
Though there doesn’t seem to be an actual injury, with the Yanks
expected to merely make something up to get the extra roster spot while
he figures things out, I almost wished it were an injury.. At least
then we’d know the problem. But seriously, can our rotation ever last more than 3 weeks into the season?

5.) The ’08 Yankee offense just won’t die.. The reappearance of the sky high number of runners left in scoring position was ridiculous.

The ‘pen is a box of chocolates.. You never know which you’re going to
get. Seems to be a toss up between the good or the bad one when the
BruMo tag team doesn’t roll out. Tonight just so happened to be a mix. The Good: Phil Coke, Albaladejo and Damaso Marte. The Bad: Mariano Rivera… and Damaso Marte.

7.) J-Bay needs to learn a thing or two. You do not smack one off Rivera. Quite the opposite in fact. He smacks you with a cut fastball that your bat can’t do anything but shatter in defense against.. Next time, get with the program.

8.) Youk won this
round.. but just a head up: protect your ribcage later today facing
A.J. big man.. Ortiz’ only spoke of headhunting.. Everything from the
neck down is fair game.

Side Notes:

– Speaking of Big Papi.. a big old Golden Sombrero for him.. Not so mean without Manny behind you eh?

– Prez Levine is one funny dude. Despite the hint of bastardness, his comeback at Don Garber is priceless:

Don Garber discussing Yankee attendance must be a joke. We draw more people in a year than his entire league does in a
year. If he ever gets Major League Soccer into the same time zone as
the Yankees, we might take him seriously… Hey Don, worry about Beckham, not the Yankees. Even he wants out of your league.

– Speaking of.. I must say, Boston’s tiniest ones are the most dangerous.. I swear.. they are sneaky little.. well, you know.

On Deck: Some eff-n payback, I plead. Burnett must again be forced to perform big and now on the biggest stage in the second game of this season within the season, facing Josh Beckett at 4:10 p.m. ET.


So Pittsburgh Wasn’t Stupid After All – [Joba Update]

Xavier Nady + Damaso Marte

Jose Tabata + Dan McCutchen + Ross Ohlendorf + Jeff Karstens
Sounded like a pretty ingenious trade for the Yanks and a downright giveaway for the Pirates, am I right? [rhetorical question]

Well take a look at what two of these guys in the trade just did:

Jeff  Karstens – The guy just went 9 innings surrendering just 2 hits my friends, and had a perfect game going into the 8th. Oh and by the way, he also had two hits, facing Randy Johnson I might add. Since joining the Pirates Karstens has made two starts, earning a win in both. 15 innings, 7 hits, 0 runs.

Damaso Marte – The guy gave up a walkoff grand slam on Monday night to lose the game for the Yanks. Since joining the Yankees Marte has pitched 4.2 innings, allowing 6 earned runs and 4 walks while still somehow managing to strike out 8.

The trade still looks good for the Yanks with Nady tearing it up… but Pittsburgh isn’t looking so retarded now huh?

Side Notes:
– Abraham is reporting that Joba has been placed on the 15-day DL [also reported by the Daily News and NY Post] while Chris Britton has been called up. Still no word on what the Doc has said but I have a feeling we won’t be seeing Joba anymore. Ian Kennedy will be starting on Friday in place of Joba, while Dan Giese starts on Saturday.
– OMFG, Tampa won again today, despite being down 7 – 4 in the bottom of the ninth. They hit two blasts to score 6 runs in the last inning to win the game. What is with this team? When did they become the Yankees?

Here’s The Updated Story On Joba:
This from Brian Cashman: Chamberlain has what is being described as
rotator cuff tendinitis. He will be rested for “about a week” and then
start a throwing program after being evaluated again.

He will return to New York.

Just for your own reference: “tendinitis” is a nice way to say he has a little tear in his rotator cuff.

Joe Girardi said before the game he was optimistic Joba would play
again this season. But a rotator cuff issue is nothing to mess around
with. Don’t expect to see Chamberlain any time soon this season, if at
all.– Pete Abraham

Worst… Loss… Everrrr

Proof Below:
texas walkoff.jpgTie game in the bottom of the 9th and
a walk-off grand slam to win it for the Rangers… enough said. To say
this loss was horrible is an understatement.

Side Notes:
– Seriously, when the F is that instant replay coming?
– I know Marte is the veteran and what not, but the walk…  2 walks3 walks wasn’t a hint to pull him out? Nady ties it, but Marte hands the win to the Rangers on a silver platter [Pittsburgh laughing].
Oh and Joba left the game tonight with right shoulder stiffness… with the Yanks’ luck who knows how serious it is.
– Big G knows the trick to pick up some luck. Grow a ‘stache, get a few hits out of it, then shave it. Simple and it works. I like it.
– Case of Good News / Bad News: The Yanks avoid going another game back in the standings as both the Rays and the Red Sox lost… but they lose another chance to gain ground on both of them.
– Thanks to everyone that stopped by in the in-gamer tonight, especially to Jason, who stuck it out for the whole 9.

Big Note: From Pete Abraham:
Joba Chamberlain will fly back to New York tomorrow for an MRI and other tests on his right shoulder.
The injury appears more muscular in nature and does not involve the labrum or rotator cuff. “It doesn’t hurt in the wrong places,” Chamberlain said. “My velocity was fine.”
Joe Girardi said that at the very least, Chamberlain would miss his next start. The last time he said that about a starter was Chein-Ming Wang.”

Hmmm… Ian Kennedy might be finally getting his second shot.

Game 1 Of 10 Game Road Trip – Joba vs. Padilla 8:05

          The Yanks will kick off a four game set against my second favorite team the Texas Rangers tonight in Arlington. The Yanks will be facing the Rangers, the Angels and the Twins in the “Let’s see what you got” 10 game road trip that starts tonight. Joba Chamberlain will take the mound for the Yanks and face Vincent Padilla for the Rangers.

Game Time: 8:05
                                     joba profile pic-1.jpg                                                    ph_218894-.jpg

Updates To Come:

6:19: The Stache has met it’s demise. It had no more luck left in it so Big G finally said his goodbyes. I wonder if he’ll stay clean shaven or see if he can squeeze some luck out of a new ‘stache.

6:21: Nady named Co-Player Of The Week for going 10-19, with 10 RBIs and 3 long balls. Keep making Cashman look like a trade God.

6:50: Just realized [courtesy of Sean of Yankees Daily] that the last regular season game at Yankee Stadium will be on ESPN. How crappy is that? It’d take me forever to list the reasons why I hate ESPN so I’ll cut to the chase: I want to thank whoever is responsible for this for slapping the Cathedral in the face. Nice job.

6:53: According to Pete Abraham, Joe G. has said that Dan Giese will start on Friday while Raz moves into the bullpen.

7:38: Melk is sitting out tonight and Girardi said he just wanted to give him a day or two off. Everyone knows Melky needs it. With the speedster Christian starting in center, it’ll be fun to see what havoc he causes on the bases.

7:45: It is currently 102 degrees in Arlington with 28% humidity making it feel like 104. It’s going to be tough just to breathe, let alone play baseball.

7:52: Good news: Mo says he’s ready and able to pitch.

8:13: Single by Bobby and A-Rod walks with two out. Big G up and looking weird.

8:21: And G comes through with a single to put the Yanks on the board.

8:24: The Yanks only put up 1, but have Padilla heaving for air.

8:30: Joba holds the Rangers down in the 1st, throwing 13 pitches.

8:36: Yanks go quickly and quietly in the 2nd.

8:43: Efficiency from Joba so far. Let’s hope that lasts.

8:55: Yanks fail to put up some more runs but push Padilla’s pitch count to 55 after 3 innings.

9:05: Joba ends a tough inning with a K of Michael Young. A run was prevented from scoring by a great stop by Jeet and Salty’s overslide.

9:15: Big G cranks a homer to put another run on the board for the Yanks. Should’ve shaved that ‘stache a while ago.

9:16: Robbie cranks one to tack another on. 3 – 0 Yanks. Padilla at 79 pitches with two outs in the 4th.

9:41: Balk gives the Yanks another run.

9:50: Red Alert: Pudge smiled.

9:55: Crazy inning unfolding for the Yanks. Someone get these umps glasses, pleease.

9:57: Joba now serves up another HR to make it 6 – 5 Texas.

10:04: Joba is taken out of the game with an apparent injury. Pray it isn’t serious.

10:20: Yanks get something stirring but not able to push across a run. Still waiting on word on Joba.

10:25: Edwar works a nice and easy 1-2-3 inning.

10:36: Yanks go down 1-2-3. With Joba taken out it seems the bats have got the air taken out them. The Yanks can easily tie this game and with the loss by Tampa, they have a chance to gain ground tonight.

10:40: As of yet, the word is “stiff right shoulder” on Joba.

10:44: Bruney pitches a solid 7th. Time for some more runs. A-Rod, Giambi and Nady coming up.

10:50: The X-Man strikes again! Homer! Tie Game.

10:57: The other guy in the Nady deal, Marte, coming into the game.

11:07: Marte allows a triple by Murphy but gets out of the jam by striking out my boy Crush Davis and getting Saltalamachhia to fly out.

11:19: Jeet had a chance to give the Yanks the lead but gets robbed of an RBI single by Hamilton in center.

11:36: It’s all over. Marte walks the bases loaded and Byrd hits a walk-off grand slam. One of the worst losses this season. Not a good way to start of the road trip.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by tonight.

What. . . Is. . . Happening?

millar-2.jpg          First things first… I would like to state for the record that I officially hate Wilson Betemit. Can someone please just grab his bat and take a swing at his ribs for me? Better yet… put on a blindfold, picture him as a piñata [which shouldn’t be too hard] and see if you can get candy to fall out, which I doubt, but who cares? It’ll be fun either way. 

*Wooooo saaaahhh*
Okay, I’m feeling better now.

Now, ladies and gentlemen…
The list of things that just blew my mind tonight:
1. the Yanks attempted a comeback
2. someone hit a shoooot off Mariano
3. Pittsburgh actually has a reason to laugh tonight
[with both of their former players, that they so graciously gift wrapped and sent to the Yanks for no cost, each having a special part this loss]

4. Carl Pav-ow-no pitched two innings in the minors without allowing a  run or breaking a nail
WHAT is the world coming to?

          In all seriousness though, what the hell happened? Fate seriously had a grudge against the Yanks tonight. I mean, the game started off normal. The Yanks blew chances, Raz let a few score, same old same old. But THEN…  Marte, one of the guys Cashman committed highway robbery for, watches the bases get cleared and the Yanks go down by 5 in a matter of minutes… the Yanks score two before the other guy Cashman committed highway robbery for, X-Man, comes up to the plate and K’s to end the inning that the Yanks could’ve kept scoring in [until it was Betemit’s turn to bat of course]… Mariano, El Máquina, serves up a blast to the first batter he faces, scoring what happened to be the winning run… and lastly, the Yanks actually come close to coming back from a 4 run deficit in the 9th when I thought they’d go down 1-2-3.
          Though the Yanks weren’t able to pull it off tonight, they did something they haven’t done a whole of this season: have energy in the late innings. I would love to see some more of that. I would also love to see someone do some voodoo magic so Tampa can go on a 20 game losing streak, like they used to… but I’ll settle for a 10 game losing streak at the least.
          Strangely, though the Yanks lost tonight, I don’t have any of the usual post-loss feelings [i.e. furiousness [is that a word?], hopelessness and/or indifference]. I’m somewhat surprised they put up a fight and I’m pretty sure that they would’ve won if Betemit had not been the last man in the batter’s box, but what are you gonna do? I’ll accept this loss. Raz wasn’t too shabby, I don’t know what happened to Marte & Mo, and the bats tried. I won’t accept another loss tomorrow though. Granted, there will be higher pressure put on Joba to end this mini losing streak, but Joba eats pressure for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Joba Chamberlain and disappointment do not rhyme. Let’s not get swept, shall we?

Other Notes:
– Big G had some day. He chokes in his first two at bats, with runners in scoring position each time… then gets two bloop singles and another off a comebacker that deflected off George Sherrill’s glove and winds up with 2 RBI’s tonight.
– Boston almost got no hit… HA. And I thought the Yanks had trouble against the Angels.
– I gotta post this quote from
Ramón Vázquez, who made 3 errors in tonight’s game for the Rangers in Arlington and then won the game with a double in the bottom of the 9th: “I just wanna say thank you to the fans that stayed here and were clapping for me to get a hit… and for those that were booing me, take that beep.” Lol. That was an intentional beep too.

8 Straight. . . Yummy. Where’s That Broom?

8fe464495a7e9c2055c8d451bd5c39d5-getty-80319920jr001.jpg          Who knew the All-Star break could act as an elixir of life? After a sub par start to the 2008 season the Yanks have come out of the All-Star break undefeated, winning their last 8 games, mowing down anyone in their path in the process [i.e. the Red Sox]. The Yanks scored 10 runs in today’s game to take the win in the middle game of this series against the Bosox and will go for the sweep tomorrow night.
          Pettitte had a tough time to start this game, giving up two in the first, and certainly did not make it easy on himself throughout the game. However, The Almighty bent but, as always, did not break. He winded up going 6 innings, allowing just 3 runs, while improving his record to 12 – 7… I have a feeling he and the Moose will be battling for the most wins on the team for the rest of the season. One of the things I love about Andy [that he happened to display in this game] is his ability to get out of potentially big innings and rough it, even when he doesn’t have his best stuff. Good work from him today and even better work from the bullpen. The pen did not allow a run today again. If some other team has a more deadly bullpen than the Yanks right now let me know. Even the new addition, Damaso Marte, got in on the party, striking out Big Papi on 4 pitches in the 7th. Wappah! How are the pinstripes feeling?
          The offense was outstanding as well. Though they started off slow, they poured on the runs in the 6th and 8th innings. The hottest bat on the team, Robbie Cano, drove in 3 runs and picked up 3 hits [one of which was a homer], giving himself his 7th multi-hit game in the last 8 games. Everyone has been asking for months: When the hell is RC going to start hitting? Umm… I’m guessing now. Cano, I got one question: Was that so hard? After the All-Star break Cano has been hitting with an avg. of .514. The real trick will be keeping it up. As for the rest of the offense, the only guys in the starting lineup without a hit in today’s game were Big G and the newly acquired Xavier Nady. X-Man will have to try to get his first hit as a Yankee tomorrow.
          X will have to try to do it against Jon Lester, who will be starting for Boston tomorrow against Sidney Ponson [though that might change] on ESPN [ugh]. Lester is tough, but I’m still saying 9 straight. Bring on the Crazy Stein!

Other Notes:
– Special thanks to everyone that stopped by today in the in-gamer. It was a lot of fun. Luckyleftie… if you’re out there, let us know!
– Edwar is still unhittable. Mariano devastates with his cutter but Ramirez is doing it with his changeup. *Loving it.*