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So Much For Shea Sweep – Yankee Hitters Get Lulled To Sleep

perez.jpg          Girardi’s efforts to switch up the lineup against the lefty Oliver Perez turned out to be all for naught this afternoon… because he whooped *** anyway. Perez held the Yankee hitters to 1 run, allowing just 3 hits, while striking out 8 in 7 innings of work. Perez was dominate despite having to face all but one lefty [Damon]… making Girardi’s move to sit Bobby, Robbie and Big G seem… stupid. However, the only run scored by the Yanks this afternoon came off the bat of one of the righties Joe G put in, Wilson Betemit, who hit a monster home run, that kissed Shea goodbye in the 7th, but winded up striking out looking in the 9th with Jeet on first and chance to tie the game. El Capitan was the only hitter in the lineup with a multi hit game, continuing to efforts to raise his batting average before the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium at the risk of seeming unworthy of starting. The only other batter, besides Jeet & Betemit, to get a hit was that one lefty in the game for the Yanks, Damon.
          There isn’t much to say about this game. Rasner, who did a decent job, allowing just 2 runs over 5 innings [a lot better than his last outing], simply got outpitched. The embarrassment between the two New York teams turned out to be equal this series.
The Yanks end up leaving Shea with a
split this weekend [2 out of 3 of the original 3 games] and
now take
the subway back to Yankee stadium to face
the Texas Rangers [shoutout to C.J. Wilson, the closer for the Rangers, who is running a great blog at cjwilson.mlblogs.com]. The Moose takes the mound tomorrow. After the series with Texas, the Yanks host the Red Sox for a four game series in the Rivals Weekend Take II.

Other Notes:
– I knew Jose Reyes was young… but not that young. After receiving an error on a throw to first that he obviously thought Delgado should of caught in the 7th, Jose threw his glove down and put on the 12 year old pout. I understand that emotions run deep when you’re in the heat of the game, but there’s no excuse for that. Reyes needs to meditate… wooo saahh.
– There was that whole debate about Wagner using the Enter Sandman song, and how he was using before Mo a while ago… and taking a look at him coming out to the song today, I gotta say… it just doesn’t look right. He can come in to the tune of Metallica if he wants, and isn’t bad closer, but he just ain’t the Sandman.
– There wasn’t any delay today but the rain did come down again today. These teams can’t play a game without at least a drop.


Battle Of The Arms Leaves Blue & Orange With Another Loss And A Soaked Field

pettitte4.jpg          Does anyone have a mop? Seriously, what is with the pouring rain every time these two teams try to play a game this season? Not only was the start of the game delayed [when it wasn’t raining] but the game got halted in the middle of the 6th for nearly an hour when the rain, thunder and lightning finally came down in New York. However, the one thing that tonight’s erratic weather failed to put a damper on was Andy Pettitte’s performance. The Boulder went 6, allowing just 2 runs [each off of solo home runs] and 5 hits, racking up 5 strikeouts. Pettitte not only outdueled the twice Cy Young Award winner, Johan, but survived the mid 6th rain delay and could of gone even longer, after only throwing 88 pitches, had it not been for the no DH spot in the NL ballpark. Andy has now notched his 4th win in a row, allowing a mere 3 runs combined in those 4 starts. It’s obvious what Andy is thinking: “Moose leading the team in wins? Pff, it was cute… but that won’t be the case for long.”
          Though Pettitte got the win tonight, Johan didn’t let the Yankee offense do much. The Yanks got a measly 5 hits, 2 off the bat of RC, who drove in what turned out to be the winning run and who has been turning it up as of late [finally]. The Yankee hitters did manage to work 5 walks, driving up Santana’s pitch count early. Besides the quality outing by Andy and what little offense the Yanks managed to muster, one thing that must be noted is Mariano Rivera. El Máquina has been mindblowing so far this season. His ERA now sits at 0.79… can you say WoW. Oh, Farnsy didn’t do too shabby too.
          Raz on the mound mañana, coming off a horrendous outing in his last start, in which he gave up 7 runs and 10 hits in 5 IP. Yeah… let’s not let that happen again.

Other Notes:
– It was none other than a backward K of former Bosox member, Trot Nixon, to end the game… su-wheat [sound it out].
– Reyes got picked off on a moronic move toward third base in the 5th… haha.

Headline: F4TD Returns… [Cue The Crazy Background Music]

Note: For those who actually care, here’s some news: I’m still breathing. For those who don’t, here’s some news: Flair 4 The Dramatic is back, so take a memo. For anyone wondering, doubt anyone would be but, this blogger has not made a post in nearly two months for one reason: hell [which some may refer to as “high school”]. One would think that toward the back end of the school year the work would cease, but apparently that’s when it only begins, go figure… Feel free to send hate mail to the Board of Education… make sure your complaint is at least 2 pages. Nonetheless, despite the absence, this blog will be making a comeback, as will the Yankees for the rest of the season [you can write that down].
Thumbnail image for subway series.jpg         And, on to today’s games. The Yanks and Mets played one in the Bronx and… where do the Mets play again? Forget it, it doesn’t matter. Anyways, it was the definition of Subway Series. Two games in two different stadiums, home to two New York rivals, in one day… baseball doesn’t get any better than that. The Yanks got shmacked in the first game… twice, in their own stadium, but the Yanks returned the favor in the second game, keeping that other New York team off the scoreboard, in theirrrr stadium.. wait for it… HA! I can’t say that much about the games because a) the first was an embarrassment, and as much as  I would love to trash the Yankee arms responsible, I’m in a much better mood after the second game, and b) the second game spoke for itself. Muchas gracias to Sidney Ponson, Nuke, Veras and Igawa for redeeming the pride… I’m still in shock those four kept them scoreless as well. Praise for Bobby, who went 4-4, driving in 3 in the Yankee win, and MVP, who went 3-4, driving in 2 in the Yankee loss.
          The Subway Series continues tommorrow afternoon as Pettitte Perfect takes the mound, coming off three back to back to back wins, in which he has given up only one earned run in those past three games combined…  not bad. The Yanks regained some pride tonight after the afternoon fiasco, but they haven’t taken any from the Mets yet… let’s see if that changes.

Other Notes:
– Jeet finally got his 400th career double tonight, which turned out to be a few feet from being his 200th career homer. The now 34 year old shortstop [happy belated b-day] has had some career. He’s been slowly heating up lately and it’d be nice to see him back in above .300 territory.