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Back To Business

right. The break is over, the game faces have made thei
r return and no
time’s been wasted for the product of a much needed rest to reveal
itself. Despite the lack of excitement during the extended vacation [for some], void of games that don’t give the illusion that they
count, with the relatively uneventful HR Derby and All-Star Game this
year, the upside following the Midsummer Classic seemingly always
manifests with the surge that comes after. We’ve seen what could be
done with two days rest and now with four,
it’s getting interesting.

Fresh From The Break:

– Teix has hit one that may make it to Mars.

– Alex is milking the new stadium for all it’s worth.

asg surge.jpg

– Joba picked up a how to pitch book.

– CC outdueled Verlander.

moose sabathia.jpg

– And Moose made his return… for a day [as an Old Timer].

Side Notes:

– I mega miss Moose.

– Was let down Paulie & Tino didn’t show.

– Would love to see Mickey Rivers take on Brett Gardner. 60 years can’t even slow those legs down. Must have a 90 feet dash for next year’s Old Timer’s Game.

– My calls are on point this year. Check what I tweeted a few seconds before Teix’s bomb.

– I don’t know who was watching the Ranger game two days ago, but it was delayed thrice
not because of bees, midges, or black cats, but because the home plate
ump Brian O’Nora had to take multiple breaks after a ball bounced and
hit him in the worst possible place a male can get hit. Though O’Nora didn’t get on my good side with a game he called in April, took a hell of an effort to remain in that game, so *swisher salute*.

– Teix = beast beast beasssst.

On Deck: Andy Pettitte to start off the next series with Baltimore against David Hernandez. I’ll be there.. looking for four straight.


Yankee Stadium Will Settle For Nothing Less Than The . . . Dramatic

yankee stadium asg.jpg          The last All-Star Game in the last year of Yankee Stadium results in… something that could never have been scripted. Not a single American watching this game, playing in it or managing it could have imagined this: a miraculous 4 hour 50 minute win for the AL in 15 innings. This game was all that you could ask for and a bag of chips. If you’ve never really liked baseball before and watched tonight’s game, I bet you’re loving it now. If you’re not…. well, you’re just not normal. The game doesn’t get any better than that. Every player on the American League team got into the game and only in Yankee Stadium would the one guy who did not want to come into the game end up being the winning pitcher. Ode to Scott Kazmir.
          The MVP tonight: J.D. Drew, who I actually rooted for in the 15th [as I said, history was made tonight… but I will deny this if ever asked in a court of law]. Drew tied the game when all thought this game would be a sleeper. Miraculously, he was the only hitter for the AL, other than Morneau, to have a multi-hit game.
          The guy that drove in the winning run: the same guy that drove it in two years back: Michael Young, who shall now officially be known as Mr. Midsummer Classic.
          I wish I could spend hours ranting on how incredible this game was but 15 innings speaks for itself. Yankee Stadium enjoyed more history tonight [as if it hasn’t witnessed enough]. So, in closing, to sum up what this game was [and baseball is] simply, I’d say… life.

P.S. If you want to know my thoughts throughout the game check out the last post.
P.P.S. Also, just to mention: 34 total K’s tonight… hmm, think that’s a record?
Okay, one last note. I forgot to mention the greatest quote of the night: “Don’t try to be a hero. Try to be a winner.” -George Brett.