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Taking The AL East By Storm

Literally.. check the forecast..


Yanks could’ve afforded a roof right?

All jokes aside though.. playoff fight in July.. Gotta love it.

next meeting between the AL East titans isn’t for a couple of weeks,
but the Cold War has already begun. It’s a tie on top following the
latest walkoff in the new ballpark and the dramatic battle for October
baseball that was absent in Yankee Universe last season is about to
have a match lit under it.

Notes on the one from last night first..

Mid-Game Musings:

A.J. is hysterical. We all knew the pie to the face was coming and now
it’s a game in itself waiting to see how it’ll happen. After this one,
the camera stayed focused on Godzilla at the stadium as the celebration
went wild. Burnett could be seen lurking in the background. Mariano seemed
to be the one to distract Matsui with another handshake as Hideki was
waiting for his on field interview and then the prankster pounced by virtue of assault with a pastry.

Whoever is the guy in charge of the highlights shown mid-inning at the
stadium should be bowed down to. Middle of the first, what is shown on
screen? A highlight reel of Joba Chamberlain, complete with endless
variations of his trademark fist pump.. all surely for Aubrey Smart A**

– Was Melky & A-Rod’s “Bride Wars” type fight for Hideki’s flung batting helmet not hilarious? Alex took his cue from Hudson.

Though it goes without saying, the plays at the plate in the 8th were
beyond incredible.. not solely because they saved the game. Teix’s
throw was “jump onto the field and hug the guy” worthy, as was Molina
& Coke’s effort. Phil’s slamming throw of the ball to the ground
after the ump made his call was beyond badazz.

Beast Of The Ball Game:

beast 6:20.jpg

With the game winner.. no surprise.

Crowd Quotes:

– “Why are they booing?… Boooo… Why are we booing?” – The new mindless level of idiocy at the ballpark never ceases to amaze me.

On Deck: Sergio Mitre is being called up to start in place of Wang, who just a breeder of bad news, to face Rich Hill, with a sparkling 7.22 ERA, for the Orioles, making his first career start against the Yanks. Serg’s chance to make an impression. Make it 5 straight.


In Retrospect

get wrapped up in ditching class, trying to find time to sleep,
agonizing over the 5 game losing streak [that was just snapped
tonight], being lazy overall and this is what happens:

Re-Defining “Performance Enhancing Drugs”:

Talk about insane timing. I was considering just reusing my last ‘roid post title “Baseball Is A Dirty Rag That Just Can’t Enough” for this new bombshell, but I realized that just didn’t do the job for me after reading this:

two sources said the substance Ramirez tested positive for was a
gonadotropin. Major League Baseball’s list of banned substances
includes the gonadotropins LH and HCG, which are most commonly used by
women as fertility drugs. They also can be used to trigger testosterone
production. Testosterone is depleted by steroid use, and low
testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction.

and similar drugs are effective for erectile dysfunction in that they
jazz up your sex drive,” said Charles Yesalis, a professor at Penn
State University who has testified before Congress on issues of
performance-enhancing drugs. “But far more clinicians accept that
affect with Viagra and Cialis. It’s hard for me to understand if it was
erectile dysfunction why they would use it.”

physician with experience in international drug-testing said LH and HCG
are occasionally prescribed for men “whose testicles have basically
stopped functioning.”

– “Ramirez’s Drug Used To Stimulate Testosterone

what Manny tested positive for wasn’t exactly a steroid or human growth
hormone, it is said that “HCG is used to re-stimulate the testicles,
primarily in men with a history of steroid use”.. But if the fact that
Manny’s “performance”/testicular problems is now plastered everywhere doesn’t give you a good laugh, you need a sense of humor.

But, in all seriousness, HFS. [Hey friggin soos.] This game will never be rid of this. Never.
Take a game that encompasses picking statistics down to the bone, toss
in a fistful of tainted numbers and some tablespoons of doubt, stir exhaustively and
I guarantee you will no longer know what you’re eating / being stuffed down your throat.

The Return Of That Dude At Third Base:

talk about insane timing.. and not just on that first swing tonight.
The day after the Manny news is released and is handed a 50 game
suspension and hell of a fine, A-Rod plays his first game of the
season, after spending April and the first week of May on the DL
following some steroid news of his own over the offseason. So how does
it enfold?

First pitch.. first swing.. first homer.

return of a-rod 1.jpg

Gods can be pretty big a-holes some times, but they kind of know how to
script these things. A tad optimistic here, but would be too much to
ask for this beginning to lead to a storybook ending? [Yeah, I know..]

Paid Vacations In Abundance:

Oh how pinstriped boys love the DL…

disabled list.jpg

let me get this straight.. even the backup guys aren’t safe? Cervelli
better have some magic in him.. though I think we’d all no choice but
to settle for a decent job behind the plate and whatever he manages to accomplish in the batters box.

Other Shizz:

– Double half a squiggly
was A-mazing in this win. Reason why the opposition was held scoreless
in this one: the bullpen never got a chance to screw it up. Thought a
tweet by HTBP was pretty funny:
“We usually say the game is over when Mo comes in, now we can say the
same thing of our bullpen.” However, judging by the two long balls he
served up the other night and the fact that Joe G. is admiting he’s
having arm strength issues.. maybe no one can be a guarantee on this team’s ugly pen.

– Speaking of those back-to-back smacks off Mo.. does Joe G. have a set of functioning balls on him or what? Pulling out the Sandman in the middle of the 9th? Haven’t seen that since… time out, has that ever happened?

Uh.. I don’t even remember what else I wanted to say, but I refuse to
reflect much on those 5 knife stabbing losses before tonight, so I will
just say that let’s forget the problems and get moving in the right
direction [and avoid the bullpen at all costs].

On Deck: Hughes taking the mound to face Adam Eaton at 7:05 looking deliver an additional stellar outing to keep things on track.

Swish is still awesome. Really cheered for that ejection the other day.
The umpiring the entire homestand was ridiculous and someone needed to
curse one of those umps out. I would’ve did it myself when I went to
the Boskees game on Tuesday but my ejection wouldn’t have be so awesome
and would’ve been a total waste of a ticket.. so I winded up settling
for just yelling really loud, losing my voice, sticking it out through
the rain, developing a sore throat and being an hour and a half late to
school the next day instead.

I will likely deny this later, but I may have a slight new found respect for
Pap.. yeah, the Jonathan Papelbon.. though solely because of his response to the
Manny news in this interview:


Props.. However, I will continue to loathe him full force on the field.

Seriously?. . . What Does It Take?

Maybe yankees.com/ticketmaster knows something we don’t:

Picture 1.jpg

This blows.

Side Notes:

– No post for last night because last night never happened, okay?

– Only saw about 4 innings of this one, so blah… But playing below .500 again? Could we possibly have left that in ’08?

– Hate to diss Jorge, but why is it that we see the stellar pitching performances when Molina is behind the plate? Just sayin’..

On Deck: Our
hopes relying on Phil Hughes, who gets the start tomorrow in place of
Wang to face Edwin Jackson tomorrow night and end this 4 game losing
streak.. oh boy..

The Sweet Smell Of Redemption And Barbecued Mitt

… specifically the mitt of Jose Molina, which received a lot of heat from what A.J. tossing today in his second start and second win of the season.

Though I didn’t know it’d be brought by A.J. Burnett, or that it’d even brought tonight, I told you it was coming.. payback.

burnett heat.jpg

It was probably only fitting that after a complete disaster, we’d get a near
no-no, but boy was that satisfying. There’s not even much else I can
say about it except can we see that again? [preferably by Andy

Side Notes:

– Though it’s probably far from becoming official just yet, it’s sure looking like Molina will be [or at least should be] A.J.’s personal catcher this season.. Their chemistry during the game is obvious.

– If Red Bull ever becomes labeled as a PED in the baseball’s future, it’ll clearly be because of Swish. Another bomb hit by the man tonight and if he keeps it up.. well, Jeet may have to fight to keep his most beloved Yankee status.

And clearly not ready to let someone take that from him, DJ bashed a
homer of his own in the 9th to  finally put his recent slump to rest.
Though the homer forced Mo to sit back down in the pen, I’ll take it.
The 0-fers were not pretty.

– What was
pretty though was Bruney’s appearance in the 9th, which brought results of the white supremacist variety: K.. K.. K.. and ballgame.

I forgot to address it the other day, but when interviewed on Monday A-Rod
made a couple statements that suggested he is renewed and will be
keeping his head in the game this season, saying things like he’s going
to “cut some of the fat” and “refocus [his] career”. Currently, he’s
still working on getting people to believe that:

a-rod focused.jpg

A-Rod somehow manages to have a no nonsense season [without another
scandal], I will be the first to applaud him [if I don’t die of shock],
but right now, my brain can’t even imagine it.

– Oh, and apparently Nady might be injured [and the fun begins..], though it is unsure yet. He will have an MRI tomorrow on his right elbow to see if it’s serious, but the words “sharp pain” aren’t reassuring..

On Deck: Hopefully
another gem and the series win for us, with Andy on the mound for the
Yanks facing  another Andy [Sonnanstine] for the Rays at 4:08 p.m.
before the big home opener at Yankee Stadium tomorrow, which can’t come
fast enough..

P.S. – After
being reminded today by Pete Abraham that the Yanks got Nick Swisher in
the deal that shipped Wilson Betemit, I spent several minutes in awe
of the fact that that may very well be the greatest trade ever made.

The Awful, The Hideous, The Downright Criminal. . . & The Hilariously Awesome

it escalated. After taking into consideration approximately 40 minutes
into the game between the Yanks and Rays tonight the fact that I
probably should of saved yesterday’s headline to describe this
miserable one at the Trop instead of yesterday’s at Kauffman [which now
seems like skittles and rainbows in comparison], I’ve settled for
pushing myself to express how painfully dredful this game was in the
worse possible way I can [partially because it’d make me feel better and mainly because I can].

The Awful:

The man still claiming to be Chein-Ming Wang:

wang disaster.jpg

… and actually, awful doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The Hideous:

CMW’s “relief”:


Thanks Albalade-no-way-anybody-is-catching-that.

The Downright Criminal:

Take your pick. We have:

– The siiiiick Willie Mays type play that robbed Nady in the second.

– The play by Crawford to rob Swish of a double bagger, which clearly established the game as utterly unfair in the 6th.

– The multiple defiant pop ups from hell that just would not give the Yanks a break.

– Cody Ransom’s presence.

– Carlos Friggin Peña.

The Hilariously Awesome:

the mere use of the word awesome, you should already know who I’m
talking about: Nick Swisher. Because 1). Wang was so splendid 2.) the
Yanks brilliantly don’t have a long man and 3.) the pen was luckily
already running low on ammo, the mastermind was forced to bring out his not so secret weapon: DJ Swish a.k.a.
Stun Gun [that will be his new nickname] to pitch the 8th:

swish pitching 1.jpg

The moment I saw him on the mound was the moment I finally appreciated my curse
blessing of being uncontrollably compelled to watch all 9 innings of every game I sit
down for, no matter how disastrous. I swear, that was the single most
hilarious thing I’ve ever seen in baseball. Not only did he do his job tonight [knocking one over the fences], he did the pen’s too… Nick Swisher was the man.. now, he may very well be Jesus.

Side Notes:

hilarious as it was, how sad is it that Swish was the only guy who did not allow a run tonight and actually notched a K off Kapler, all while topping out at the high 70’s, while the fellas who get paid to pitch allowed 15 runs?

Comparison of the ERA’s Tonight: 

Wang: 28.93

Albaladejo: 4.26

Coke: 9.82

Swisher: 0.00

One more aspect of Nick Swisher’s awesomeness: the fact that he took
the time to tip his cap to Carl Crawford following that play listed
under The Downright Criminal that robbed him in the 6th. Great guy.

– A-Rod was at the game today and apparently he’s losing his precious hair and thought our slaughter was amusing.

I swear, I’ll never get used to the Rays as contenders. From last place
to  American League champs in a the span of a year and
suddenly Rays fans fill their ballpark and dare to chant  [rather loudly]
“Yankees Suck”… You know baseball ain’t what it used to be when those [formerly] bullied start to punch back.

– As per Pete Abraham – Swisher’s post game interview:


To also add to The Awful list: the deaths of both Harry Kalas &
Mark Fidrych.. I don’t know what is with tragedy’s stranglehold on
baseball so far this season, but I hope this the last of it.. Rest in
peace to both men.

On Deck: Payback.

P.S. Just watched the 8th over again on the encore on YES [because I have no life] and three more hilarious things I noticed: First) Swish was actually hitting the edge of the strike zone a few times.. could really teach Veras a thing or two.. Second) [Something Abraham also mentioned] Swish was shaking off Molina, despite Molina not holding up any signs.. and Third) Tony Peña was trying so hard not to cry from laughing, lol..

And That’s A Wrap

Couldn’t have dreamed it to be any better…

yankees farewell-1.jpg

In one of the most magical nights ever to occur, the Yanks end it the way it began… with a victory.

There has never been a greater night to be a Yankee fan.

Side Notes:

The Yanks will likely not be making the post season for the first time
since ’93 but you’d never be able to tell that by looking at them
tonight. They don’t need the postseason. This one night will live
longer than the memory of any postseason game of past or future.

Last Win: Andy Pettitte. Last AB: Derek Jeter. Last Pitch:
Mariano Rivera. Just as it all should be. The only thing no one would
of predicted was the last HR, which goes to Jose Molina, for only his
3rd home run of the season… baseball is pretty random. [Other Lasts – Last Strikeout: Joba. Last Hit: Giambino. Last SB: Abreu.]

Watching the legends take the field prior to the game took the breathe
out of my lungs, while the farewell speech made by the Yankee Capt’n
Derek Jeter left me with only one word that I could muster… “wow”. It
was short and sweet but it felt almost as great as Gehrig’s.

– There
is so much to talk about and yet I have no other words to spill as of
yet… will probably add on later or tomorrow, but one thing I must
say: Yankee Stadium got all that it deserves tonight. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs.

P.S. For my tribute to Yankee Stadium check out my last post.

Sir Sidney Looking To Keep ‘Em Coming

          The Yanks are off to a mighty fine start to the second half with three straight wins over Oakland. They start a three game series with Minnesota tonight before heading to Fenway to likely recieve a hell of a lot of boos.

Sir Sidney to face Nick Blackburn at the stadium. Hopefully he’ll get the Yanks another win tonight. Game Time: 7:05

Doing an in-gamer today so:

Updates To Come:

6:38: On the pre-game show they’re talking about Posada as if he has died. I understand how much he means to this team and I love him as much as the next Yankees fan but… wow. Considering all the injuries the Yanks have had this season [Matsui, Wang, Hughes, A-Rod, etc.] this isn’t the end of the world. Good news though: Damon is back. He’s been activated and is back to leading off tonight.

7:22: Abreu hits it up the middle, but doesn’t hit Blackburn this time. A-Rod then hits it out. I called that one in my head.

Just found this pic of the back of a beer vendor’s head at Yankee Stadium, taken during the All-Star Game [curtesy of homerderby.com]. Talk about pride. I wonder if he got a bonus for that.

all-star-hair.jpg7:36: Oh wow. Close play and Molina is arguing up a storm. Just some advice Jose: Do not argue with umps from now on because 1) they always win and 2) if you get thrown out, the only catcher we have left to send in is Moeller.

7:48: Who was worried about Molina’s bat? Anybody?

7:56: All the bats are showing up tonight. Jeet drives in one. Who loves merry go rounds?

8:02: 6 runs are a whole lotta fun. Blackburn gets yanked [no pun intended] after 1 and 2/3. Now this is what the offense should have been doing since Game 1.

8:12: Niiice 1-2-3 inning there by Ponson.

8:13: Cano just smacks it out to right. No one is hotter than RC right now.

8:27: Melky makes one hell of a play. The kid can play center field.

8:41: This game is only in the top of the 5th?

8:52: So far only Big G doesn’t have a hit tonight. The bats have finally awakened. Thank goodness for the All-Star break.

8:54: 2 hits for Molina tonight. I don’t think the Yanks have to worry about behind the plate.

9:12: Not a bad job by Ponson. 5.2 innings, 3 runs, leaves with the lead.

9:15: Jeet drives one out for his 6th homer of the year. Would love to see more of those in the second half.

9:22: Kay and Leiter talking about being too smart for baseball and overthinking. Kay’s words: “Paralysis by analysis”. Lol.

9:32: Cano with another hit and RBI. What a turnaround… the kid went from being the absolute worst, to the hottest bat in the lineup.

9:43: Now they’re praising Joe G for the way he’s handled the bullpen this season, and I have to agree. Girardi has made the bullpen as strong as it can be this year. Last year, not to knock on Torre but, it seemed as though the same guys were coming out of the pen again and again and were consquently overworked. This year, Girardi has spread the wealth and the bullpen has turned out to be one of the strongest parts of this team.

9:46: Another hit for Molina.

10:10: The Yanks not settling for 11 runs? Now you know they’re hot.

10:17: Game over. Yanks win 12-4. Great game for the offense. Those devils from Tampa won tonight so the Yanks did not gain any ground, but a solid win nonetheless. Hopefully Boston will lose.