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Back To Business

right. The break is over, the game faces have made thei
r return and no
time’s been wasted for the product of a much needed rest to reveal
itself. Despite the lack of excitement during the extended vacation [for some], void of games that don’t give the illusion that they
count, with the relatively uneventful HR Derby and All-Star Game this
year, the upside following the Midsummer Classic seemingly always
manifests with the surge that comes after. We’ve seen what could be
done with two days rest and now with four,
it’s getting interesting.

Fresh From The Break:

– Teix has hit one that may make it to Mars.

– Alex is milking the new stadium for all it’s worth.

asg surge.jpg

– Joba picked up a how to pitch book.

– CC outdueled Verlander.

moose sabathia.jpg

– And Moose made his return… for a day [as an Old Timer].

Side Notes:

– I mega miss Moose.

– Was let down Paulie & Tino didn’t show.

– Would love to see Mickey Rivers take on Brett Gardner. 60 years can’t even slow those legs down. Must have a 90 feet dash for next year’s Old Timer’s Game.

– My calls are on point this year. Check what I tweeted a few seconds before Teix’s bomb.

– I don’t know who was watching the Ranger game two days ago, but it was delayed thrice
not because of bees, midges, or black cats, but because the home plate
ump Brian O’Nora had to take multiple breaks after a ball bounced and
hit him in the worst possible place a male can get hit. Though O’Nora didn’t get on my good side with a game he called in April, took a hell of an effort to remain in that game, so *swisher salute*.

– Teix = beast beast beasssst.

On Deck: Andy Pettitte to start off the next series with Baltimore against David Hernandez. I’ll be there.. looking for four straight.


Oh No. . .

Say it ain’t so…



can’t even explain how hurt I am right now that Moose has decided to
finally hang up the uniform. There are very few pitchers in the game
that I personally enjoy watching no matter if they’re having a good day
on the mound or not, and Mike Mussina is one of them. He isn’t going
after the big 3-0-0, but he’s a Hall of Famer in my eyes, hands down.

P.S. I’m still hoping Moose will pull off a Roger Clemens.

In Retrospect

order of business, apologies to anyone who reads this blog for my month-ish absence.
Blame education. I’m in my senior year of high school but it feels like
college already. Papers due every week + applying to college madness =
no time & no fun. But, I’m back… well, for at least this post
[not sure how often I’ll be able to post these days] and I’m thinking
of starting a new “segment” on the blog to recap the events of the
week/month [haven’t decided yet] so, here’s to the first…

The Month Since My Last Post In Retrospect:

1. Phillies Win World Series:

anyone even care about this one? I swear, this might’ve been the most
boring and least talked about WS of all time. Had the Rays won, maybe
it would’ve generated more talk, since it would’ve been their first
championship in their absolute first year in the playoffs, but no, the
Phillies had to win and make the World Series something no one cared
about this year. Congrats gentlemen.

2. Yanks Make “Other Teams: Don’t Even Try” Offer To CC:

The economy is becoming the new titanic, while Sabathia is getting enough money to make it rain
pour for weeks. Why CC is still “thinking about his options” is beyond
me. I would’ve packed my bags and been on a plane the minute the Yanks
made the offer.

3. Hank Displays His Greedy S.O.B.’ness… In  A Good Way:

CC, Burnett oh my. We all knew Hank was coming dangerously close to
being more infamous than his father the minute he stepped on the scene,
but… wow, now he’s just leaving him in the dust. Mini-Stein Numero
Uno can’t just have a slice, he wants the whole pie and if you’re a
Yankee fan you’re probably thinking the same thing as me: Screw the haters, we have a sweet tooth. Bring us the big boys. [Gotta love a shopping spree.]

4. Yanks Put Swisher In Blue Pinstripes:

that’s not even the thing worth noting… the real story is who they
got rid of in getting him: Wilson Betemit [+2 minor league guys].
Forgetting about Sabathia/Lowe/Burnett for a second, this move right
here was bliss for me. I don’t know what’s worse than garbage, but
Betemit was it. I can’t even count how many times I wanted to take the
bat from his hands this year. But, besides Betemit, the other thing to
note about this move: the “dreams” of acquiring Teixeira. Yeah, say goodbye to those. But, if it makes you guys feel any better the Yanks also got a minor leaguer named “Kanekoa Texeira” with this move.

5. Rasner Wants To Leave, Gets His Wish… I Think:

So Raz requests a trade and the Yanks deal him to Japan… I don’t know if Raz wanted to go that far, but all I can say is good luck.

6. Free Agent Madness:

one guy not sure if he’s even going to pitch again, another guy 
wanting to pitch just one more year and plenty of other guys now on the free
agent market, I can’t even tell which way is up right now. One of the
many reasons why I do not like the off-season is because of how much
goes on. I lack the ability to keep up so just tell me who’s on the
roster the day before Opening Day.


– Jeet & A-Rod win Silver Slugger and Moose picks up another Gold Glove, congrats to each.

– New Yankee Stadium is looking super sexy.

new yankee stadium.jpg

P.S. Lemme know if I missed any news.

P.P.S. Duh, forgot the election. Viva Obama.

P.P.P.S. Now, go and vote for Victor Martinez for “Oddity Of The Year” TYIB Award [formally known as Blooper Of The Year] because that kick of the bucket was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Last Day Of Pathetic Season Pt. I: Moose Notches Win #20

Finally, the Baseball Gods show mercy and cease the torture upon poor, old Bullwinkle.


Here’s a direct quote from the mind of Mike Mussina [yes, I know what he thinks]: “‘Bout f***ing time.”

Side Notes:

Another quote from the game [this one from the mouth of Michael Kay]: “Joe Girardi is
managing this like a World Series game to get Mussina his 20th win.” Well… duh. He won’t be managing any actual World Series games this
season so this is the closest he’ll get to it.

I virtually bow down to Xavier Nady right now for driving in the first
3 Yankee runs today, putting them in the lead and Moose in position for
the win.

Though I expected something of the sort from them, those damn Red Sox
fans dared to hold up the number 2000 to remind us of the last year the
Yanks won a championship. My response to that: Chu wanna play rough?
OoOokay… Even if the Red Sox miraculously win the World Series again
this year, I’ll still be holding up a sign with the number of
championships they still need to catch up. That number is still in the
double digits suckers. *

Last Day Of Pathetic Season Pt. 2 to begin at 7:35… though that
could change with the flood-like rains that have hit Boston this weekend. I just
laugh at the fact that Ponson will be pitching the last game of the season for the Yanks [Jeff is likely laughing too].

– I knew this already, but for all those who didn’t: Papelbon is a baby. On
the rare occasion that Mariano suckks do you see him throw a hissy fit?
Never. Thus, Papelbon’s name should never be uttered in the same breath
as Mo’s.

to the cool Red Sox fans who might get all offended. However, to all
the not so cool Red Sox fans: you’re lucky I don’t say worse.

P.S. I have only one word for the Mets: HA.

P.P.S. I lied, I have 8 more words for the Mets: You’ll always be New York baseball’s ugly duckling.

to mention: Rookie hazing was the other day and guys… the village
people? Couldn’t have been more creative than that? I would’ve made
them dress up as the Teletubbies.

Original post here.

Yankees & October Part Ways. . . For Now

Yes, Peanut Butter Postseason & Jelly Yankees will not be together in ’08.


BFF’s for 13 seasons have decided to take some space for a year after
Jelly insulted Peanut Butter for 3 months and then completely severed
their relationship when they refused to apologize for the next 3
months… tsk tsk. However… I assure everyone, it will be peanut
butter jelly time again!

Now, moving on to things we didn’t already know a month ago…

Side Notes:

Moose train still going strong. It only has one more stop to make, but
only one chance to get there. The last game will now somewhat have

I gotta say… I like how on the YES Postgame Show they made no big deal that the Yanks
aren’t making the playoffs after not having missed the postseason since
’93. Since the Yanks have been a disappointment all year, they pretty
much made it no surprise that this would happen so I see how it would
be hard to say much other than: “The Yanks won’t make it to October
baseball… so yeah… how ’bout them Mets?” [If that other New York
team doesn’t make it again, the Yanks will at least have competition
for biggest embarrassment, great huh?]

The only other positive I can take from this… at least the Yanks
didn’t take themselves out at the end. It took a Boston win to knock
them out with the Yanks managing to put together a 6 game winning
streak. If you know you’re going to lose, you should nonetheless finish
strong, so they’re doing something.

I haven’t made up my mind yet on whether I’ll be watching the
postseason with the Yanks out, but if I do, who should I root for?
Hmm… Can’t root for the Red Sox. The Angels have a real shot… but
my hatred for them could possibly be larger than for the Red Sox.
Basically I’m down to the other Sox and the Rays [or Minnesota, but
that’s not happening]… I tip my cap to the cockroach that wouldn’t
die [Rays] for taking care of business this year, but they literally
have no experience. I’ll probably flip a coin but it looks like Crazy
Ozzie and his guys are getting my vote. As for the NL… let’s face it,
I really don’t care about them.

– I never thought I would be so calm the day when the Yanks fail to reach October for the first time in essentially my lifetime but…
it is what it is. It felt better than postseason fever on Sunday, when
the House closed, so I’m content BUT if the crappy performance thing
happens again in ’09… let’s just say, I won’t be happy.

P.S. Much thanks to Mark for asking my opinion the Yanks’ failure to reach the postseason this year and featuring it in an article on mlb.com and yankees.com. Here’s the link:

Original post here.

Moving On To Last Series In Yankee Stadium

And the countdown sits at 3.


last series in Yankee Stadium will start tomorrow against the team the
Yanks “coincidentally” started out as. As for this game, wasn’t paying
attention through most of it today so the notes will be brief…

Side Notes:

The hope for 20 remains alive. The Moose train refuses to stop. The
wealthy applause from the fans as Mussina exited was nice. Mike Mussina
must be back in pinstripes in 2009 period.

– Abreu wants to be back in ’09 as well huh?

– A-Rod, stay away from the hair dye.

There have been a lot of sad things about the Yanks this season, but
how sad was it that it was even mentioned that this win ensured a
winning season for the Yanks this year? I don’t even have a comment for

P.S. I’m featured on the MLBlogs front page. Feeling cool 🙂 I’m actually from Brooklyn though, but w/e.

Congrats to Zach Hample for the two great catches, awesome dance and
uber amount of famousness [I hope that’s a word] he’s gotten
from it.

To add on to the Joe G. statements of denial/naiveness [again, hoping
that’s a word]: “Well, the season is not over for us”… Girardi is a funny guy.

Watching The Clock. . . Err. . . Calendar

You can cross off two more games… If my math is correct, there should be 14 more meaningless games to go.

Picture 2.jpg

horrible season has already murdered all hope with a smile on it’s face
so as each game goes by what is going through my mind? Here’s the growing list:

1. Why wait till the offseason? Can Betemit just get the boot now?

Does it just kill Girardi putting on his jersey every game with the
number that was to represent the championship he would bring, but

3. Did the curse seriously transfer hands in ’04?

4. Will a fan get to successfully steal a stadium chair?

In some alternate universe, if the Yanks magically won the rest of the
games while the Red Sox somehow plummeted, how angry would they be?

And one last one… When they Yanks face the Sox in the last series of the season, how terrible funny would it be if a certain key player of theirs got plunked and injured right before October?

Side Notes:

– I wasn’t kidding about Betemit. Ship him out A.S.A.P.

We can’t have anything this year can we? Unless Mussina wins each of
his next 3 starts [assuming he is kept on his regular rotation after
the off day], he won’t finish with 20 this season, yet again.

– I vote for the Capt’n to have the “C” on his chest.

– Hughes is back… whoever said “it’s never too late” lied… and laughed when people believed him.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so eager for a season to end… in
September no less. ’09 couldn’t seem farther away. I had said before I
would sell a kidney for tickets to the All-Star Game, but I decided to
save that baby for Opening Day in the brand new stadium instead. I
would love to tell my grandkids some day that I attended the first game
ever in the new stadium… and that I have one kidney because of it.

Original post here.