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Yeah.. Baseball Gods Still Run Shiet..

.. and they rather cleverly tag-teamed with Mother Nature this time to prove it. Add this series loss [to a team 18 games behind in their division in the middle of June] to the.. surprises
of the Subway Series and you get their point. Don’t underestimate the
level of their cruelty [or count your wins before they’re in the
books.. or something like that..]
. As if winless against Boston so far
this season wasn’t enough, we must witness this:

nationals win.jpg


Side Notes:

– New schedule proposal: 20 games against the Mets next year, how ’bout it? At least then the Yanks could play crummy baseball and still win the games.

– I swear Adam Dunn = Seth Rogan + Wheaties/’Roids.

Congrats to Francisco Cervilli for becoming one of the few in the
game to make a great play that could very well be labeled a blooper at
the same time. Most hilarious dive for a ball ever.

Also in the category of stellar plays is Gardner’s catch and crash.
Can’t even bow down enough to the effort [and overall grittiness] being
displayed by Brett The Jet. That collision last night really didn’t look pretty. Not a moment’s hesitation from entire team to jog out to center when he went down. The kid is vital.

In the category of “about damn time” is Bruney’s re-return and Jose
Veras’ disappearance. No offense to JV, but that DFA was a long time

I’d still love to know why this lineup can’t, for the life of them, hit
rookies. The opposition can pick any random AAA arm out of a hat and
put him on the mound if they want a win against the Yanks these days..
and hey, look, a rook is on the mound for the Marlins tonight.

On Deck: Pettite
will face a 23 year old by the name of Sean West to start a 9 game
interleague roadtrip. Though the Yanks will probably continue to make
young guns looks like Cy Young, pitchers bat in NL parks.. and one
might just slip.

Some pics from Tuesday’s game, if interested:



Okay I lied.. that was more than some.

P.S. Almost forgot.. first homerless game in the Bronx this season last night. Never thought it’d happen.


And The Countdown To The Ones That Count Comes Closer To Its Culmination

of right now, there are no more months, weeks or days to wait for
another season of baseball to begin.. just hours. The ’09 season
officially kicks off in about 16 of those hours, with the first game of
the year to be played at 8:00 p.m. between the Braves and Phillies at
Citizens Bank Park. To say the least: Baseball is back. To elaborate:
Baseball is back… and possibly better than ever if you’re a Yankee
fan. If you’re looking for any indication, this past double dose
preview between the Yanks and Cubs was it. No, it was not anything especially spectacular, but it was a solid look at what the Yanks have going for
them. Though there is no need to lay it out, I feel like going through
the list, [merely because it puts a smile on my face], so here it is:

Why ’09 Is Looking Good In Yankee Universe:

1.) Because of the 5 fellas that make up the rotation to slay all rotations:

CC Sabathia, Chien-Ming Wang, A.J. Burnett

Andy Pettitte, Joba Chamberlain

No further explanation needed.

2.) Because the new stadium seems to have a mind of its own:

being a mere block away and having dimensions exactly the same as the
stadium once known by the same name [instead of with the “old” prefix
it currently has before its title], this new ballpark does not seem to
be the same playing field if you watched Friday and Saturday’s games.
Yankee Stadium [the latter] has apparently adapted the traits of its
inhabitants and has begun to exhibit signs that it isn’t satisfied with
the amount of home runs by the Yankees, despite the fact that that
facet of their game is what gave them their nickname, the Bronx Bombers. Two
unofficial games are obviously not substantial evidence, but 7 long
balls by the team in two days? The only possible explanations I can
think of are:

a) because the way the wind blows at the Colosseum is magically in the direction of the bleachers

b) because the Cubs were throwing BP

c) because the ghosts of pinstriped past made the trip for the games, took their cue from Christopher Lloyd and worked a little magic,


d) because the Yanks were just pumped [hopefully not because of any juice of the illegal variety]…

I think it may or may not be a combination of the above, but, either way, I think it’s still foreshadowing something…

3.) Because sooomeone likes New York:

with that someone being Mark “Does 2 back to back home runs in an
unofficial game still count toward my Yankeeometer?” Teixeira. Again,
despite the fact that the last two games were technically still Spring
Training and will not appear in official stats for the year, I still like to
think they count… they are the man’s first in Yankee Stadium. They
sure as hell mean something to him.

4.) Because my gut is telling me RC will be having an incredible season [unlike his last]:

Reason #1: because he can’t have a worse one than he did last season, can he?

Reason #2: He hit the first homer [though unofficial] and the Baseball Gods plan these things…

#3: Robbie just seems like the bounce back kind of kid and has a fresh
start as an opportunity to do that. New season, new stadium, seemingly
new attitude in the clubhouse… ’06 Robbie is coming back.

5.) Because Joe G. has realized New York is not Florida:

… despite the fact that everyone from New York vacations and/or
retires there. However, tossing that tidbit aside, let me say this:
Thank you. It took a season Yankee fans are still popping prescription
pills attempting to forget to help you understand that talking the talk
ain’t good enough and that the managerial skills that got you Manager of
the Year as skipper for the Marlins in ’05 don’t mean anything in New
York, but you’re learning and shaking things up this year, so I’ll
award you some points. However, all is not forgiven. If you’re going to
promise something and wear that promise every night on your back,
deliver it. If you are unable to, spare us the sugarcoating attempts,

Other Reasons That Need No Excessive Elaboration:

6.) Brett Gardner: Two words.. speed kills [especially if you figure a hot bat into the equation, which I’m hoping he’ll display all season].

7.) Jorge Posada: IF he remains as healthy as he seems, it’ll be great to have him back.

8.) Brian Bruney: I’m positive he’ll step up to the challenge and perform in the set up role.

9.) Nick Swisher:
He may have lost his job before he got it, but his personality and
energy is still a plus to the team, whether or not he gets playing time.

Closing it out with…

10.) Mo: [Of course.] Despite the continued whispers we’re sure to hear [every year from here on out] of his ever increasing age, I’m sure he’ll still be kicking a** and taking names this year.

So, to sum it up, let me just ask:

ump brushing plate.jpg

Are You Ready?

P.S. Jason [the original MLBlog in-gamer host], over at Heartland Pinstripes, will be hosting an HDLR [Heartland Digital Living Room] for tomorrow’s game, so be sure to stop by and join in if you can. All fans are welcome.

First Look At The New. . . Stadium?

It’s still 90 feet to first.

It’s still 314′ down the right line.

It’s still home to the boys in blue and it is still “Yankee Stadium”.

So, what exactly has changed from the old ballpark to the new one the Yanks move into now?

getting the chance to see the stadium during the Yankees workout
earlier today, I think I’ve answered that question. My answer is
simple: Yankee Stadium isn’t a stadium anymore. I don’t think anyone who took a look at the stadium today could argue against the fact that it has moved well beyond that… possibly to the point where it’d be acceptable to refer to it as a Colosseum
… or a vacation getaway. I
don’t think I’ve ever been more amazed by a piece of architecture.
Pictures don’t do it justice, but here are some I took for you guys:




Notes From The Workout:

For a guy that will likely not see a lot of playing time, Nick Swisher
was mighty excited. He seemed more like the fans [kids in a candy
store] than one of the players [who were all pretty chill and laid

– For a guy that is a big part of the rotation and will hopefully
be a big influence [for what we’re paying for him], A.J. seemed pretty
down. He was showing no love. Though he did toss a few into the stands,
he looked like he didn’t want to. In one of the pics above he was just
standing there looking down at a ball that people were screaming for
him to toss to them… and then just winded up kicking it away. Swish,
it’s officially your job to brighten that man’s day. Force a smile on
him, will ya?

– I can’t explain to you how lame it is that the fans aren’t allowed into the lower sections without having a ticket in that section, especially when there wasn’t even a game and the stadium was only a fifth full… but whatever, me and my best friend managed to use our evil methods of trickery to get past Yankee Stadium staff… stealth baby, stealth.

– Looking at the ballpark from the upper deck is an insanely beautiful sight. With that said however, if you happen to be one of those fans that… I don’t know, actually pays attention to the games, instead of just the pretty scenery, the seats aren’t so great. I don’t know if it was just me, but I found them to be noticeably farther than in the stadium across the street… BUT, Yankee executives: Try all you want to exile us from the people on the cushion seats, but we still cheer the loudest!

– That last pic was what I thought of that. I made sure I made my mark with those converse imprints on those rich cushion seats, hehe.. =)

– All in all, good day though. I mega missed me my Yankees.

Programming Update

A minor heads up to the world:

be attending Yankees Workout Day on Thursday, which will be the first
ever event at the new [gorgeous] Yankee Stadium, and will be taking pictures like a maniac [assuming my cam is cooperating]. I intend to post them later on Thursday [or Friday] so stay tuned.

P.S. Yeah, this is my entire post. Shut up, it’s better than no update at all.. =P

P.P.S. Congrats to Brett the Jet for winning the center field job. Hope I see him wreaking havoc on the bases this year.

P.P.P.S. Come Monday, we’re back in business. The off-season was way too long. Time for some baseball.. and the best kind there is at that: brand new baseball, with clean slates, renewed rivalries, the chance for an underdog to prove itself, the opportunity to laugh at the usual losers who don’t even have a chance on day one, fresh ballparks, new faces in different uniforms, crackerjacks, and beer back in the bleachers [… be very afraid.] How did we survive without it?

In Retrospect

About two weeks later… here’s what I missed:

America: The Land of The… Losers?:

We were all optomistic at first, but in the end, the World Baseball Craptastic winded up ending
the same way it did 3 years ago… with team USA brushing off their
elimination and team Japan heading home with this bad boy:

wbc trophy.jpg

Surprised?… I’m not. Yeah, I admit I was one of the many who were hopeful and arrogant, thinking our boys had to take it this time around… but part of me knew the Baseball Gods would be playing the same cruel trick on us it had before, having the U.S. beat at its own game, just so they can get a good laugh.

To state the obvious:

Bad News: We lost again. We should be embarrassed.

Good News: The baseball we actually care about is starting up in a little over a week so… ehh, whatever.

[[Btw, I did enjoy watching the WBC though, despite the slight tinge of bitterness.]

Batting #2 In The Two-Hole… Leadoff:

Joe G. isn’t done shaking things up just yet. Apparently, he has
decided to switch DJ and JD’s slot in the batting order, trying Jeet as
the leadoff man for size this season. Though it will feel odd seeing El
Capitan’s name somewhere other than the two-hole [for more than a few
games], according to Peter Abraham, the move makes sense. Why? He says:

1.) Because of Jeter’s frustrating tendency to ground into DP’s.

2.) Because Jeter has supposedly become a singles hitter.

3.) Because the change gives him more opportunities to reach base, which is a plus, with Jeet having a higher career OBP than JD.

In my not so intelligent opinion, I say:

In 37 at-bats batting in the leadoff spot over the past 3 seasons, Jeet
hit .216. In 10 at-bats batting second over the past 3 seasons, Damon
didn’t get a hit. [Note: I’m fully aware you can’t tell much from 10 or
37 AB, but it’s the only statistical evidence available, since both
have played nearly all their games in their regular slots.]

Girardi is primarily enthused about this decision because of what he
has seen of Damon in the two-hole during Spring Training, while Jeet
was off playing in the WBC. As far as I’m concerned the only real
decisions that should be made during Spring Training are those
regarding rookies, a position left to fight for, or players coming back
from injury/surgery that you aren’t sure will be ready for Opening Day.
Why? Because otherwise, it’d be like scouting high school ballplayers
based on how they hit in a batting cage. Can’t judge on practice.

Though the importance of a batting order may or may not be bloated
these days, it is a change from the norm for these guys, so it could
spark a change.. for good or bad will be determined this year I guess.

Abraham’s Verdict: It makes sense.

Mine: It’s promising.. but a toss up.

Double C Gets Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun…:

… with the call to start both the season and stadium openers, so hand the man some doublemint gum.

cc tossing.jpg

it was obvious C-Sab would be starting the season, I thought perhaps
Girardi would manage to figure Pettitte into the April 16th stadium
opener somehow, considering the fact that it will be a historic start in a new monument to the Yankees franchise and CC has just recently donned the pinstripes, but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Side Notes:

– Though Melk has turned it up now in S.T., it’s looking more and more like Brett The Jet will be winning the outfield
job over the Melk Man with the lineup swap of DJ & JD,
which would separate the lefties… Though I love Melky [the kid has
a lot of energy and brings a great vibe to the team] I think Brett
taking the job would be better a choice, as he brings another level to
his game with his dangerous speed on the bases to add to his abilities
in the OF, as his show of the bat. The only question is will he bring
it all season at the plate.

It was hard to keep up with the headlines while I attempt to not fail
any classes during my last semester of high school, but I caught the
front page story regarding some self-loving pics of A-Rod that were a
little… well… no comment. The only thing I will say is I thought
he’d be out of the spotlight after the surgery because he wouldn’t
likely be involved in another scandal… but how did I not anticipate

– Seems I also neglected to consider that the leeches we call “the press” would still be pining
for stories with his name on it enough that they’d go looking for more on his
past… However, I gotta give it to the reporter who found out the latest reason why people are baffled he, of all people, was blessed with the greatest talent in the game. Though linking him to Spitzer was probably bound to happen, impressive.

**Can’t believe I forgot this, but the new Yankee Stadium is looking beyond gorgeous. Add that to the fact that it will have a Johnny Rockets [whose cheese fries and onion rings I wish I could have on a daily basis] and what do you get? Me panhandling on the subway in the near future after spending all my money on as many Yankee tickets as I can get. **

USA vs. Netherlands In Gamer: Brink Of Elimination

          Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the USA game against Puerto Rico
yesterday.. but being both American and Puerto Rican, it was kind of
hard to choose a side, so before it went down I simply said whoever
wins, wins [though I kind of wanted P.R. to get the W, to further embarrass D.R.]… but now with the U.S. set to take on the Netherlands,
who have already pulled off an “upset” in this Classic, in a win or go
home game today, I’m thinking I should host an in-gamer for this one. Hope all you
US Americans can join.

Game Time: 7:15 ET


Game Notes:

7:13: Chipper has been scratched.

7:43: 1-2-3 inning for Oswalt.

7:55: Bases loaded…..

7:58: And the U.S. only gets one run on the board.

8:02: Greeatt DP started by Rollins.

8:10: Could they emphasize the use of the mercy rule on yesterday’s game any more? I think the embarrassment has been made clear.

8:11: Ouch.. good tag to nail Braun at second.

8:14: 2 Run bomb by Rollins.. 3 – 0, U.S.

8:25: Schoop’s reaction to his K, before it was even called a K, was kind of funny.

8:54: Oh yes.. Oswalt gets out of the inning, sitting down Jansen with a K, and keeping the Devilish Dutch off the scoreboard.

9:03: Rollins.. again.. drilling it, this time for a triple.

9:06: Another triple.. Roberts, the fill in, is now a hr away from the cycle.. I can understand why the Dutch wanted to protest his name in the lineup.

9:18: 6 zip after 4.

9:19: Love the MLB ’09 The Show commercial.. hehe..

9:29: Bases loaded.. no outs……

9:30: Woah.. weirdest successful throw to the plate I’ve ever seen.

9:37: … Might we see another mercy rule game today?

9:53: Dunn hits it to the moon. 8 – zip.

10:07: The Netherlands manage to get on the board with one.

10:23: .. Okay.. the Dutch get another one.

10:25: Rooi gets one thrown behind the back.. and now some tension.. both sides warned.. things are getting interesting..

10:33: Score now 8 – 3 .. The Dutch better not have another upset stored in their arsenal.

10:49: 2 outs away from the Dutch’s elimination.

10:52: And game over. Team USA moving on.

P.S. I officially turned 18 this past Thursday, so I can now proudly say I am able to sign any legal document without parental consent.. so Yanks: hook me up with a contract.

P.P.S. Scored tickets to the 3rd game in the first series at the new stadium.. am I excited much? Mmm.. yeah.

It’s Official: Pettitte Reads This Blog

Yeah, and he took my advice.

Apparently the Yanks and Pettitte have resumed talks.

pettitte's back.jpg

No problem.

          However, despite fact that the boys are on speaking terms again, the crummy part is that that still doesn’t guarantee anything. The Yanks could reportedly still go after Ben Sheets [highly doubt it] or go with one of the party mix of pitchers they already have, which include: Phil Hughes, Alfredo Aceves, Ian Kennedy, Phil Coke and Jason Johnson… none of which I think are rotation ready, except maybe Hughes. I guess we’ll see what happens… but Andy, remember, sign the contract and you play in the first year of the new Yankee Stadium… and possibly start the first game [though it seems CC will be the #1 starter]… either way, that’s guaranteed history right there. I’m sure you’re used to signing your name by now, just sign it one more time. We want to see Murderers’ Row-tation.