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For NL, Higher Expectations Bring Same Result

And that result would be this:

asg 2009.jpg

Over/Under an eternity next time National League wins an All Star Game?

Side Notes:

– Hope it wasn’t just me who felt like baseball was dying with the odd “this is the last game that will ever be played” sort of feel to the pre-game.. essentially set it up to be anticlimatic. Producer must receive mid-season Overkill Award.

– Pretty weird, yet cool, to see Major League ballplayers starstruck for a change, during  their meet and greet with the President.

That fly swatter himself/leader of our nation, Barack Obama, was called on to toss
the first pitch in this All-Star Game.. and he did so with White Sox
gear.. in the home of the Cardinals.. bold. However, just in
case you  didn’t detect it from the boos Mr. President, the sea of red
and white in St. Louis didn’t appreciate the lack of bipartisanship..

This was a needle to the retina.

Was hoping to see a monster shot from Teix during the ASG, but apparently no one was allowed to take it over the wall at Busch.

– Charlie Manuel has some killer managerial tactics.. The guy still has me wondering how you choose to intentionally walk any guy in a lineup literally
full of All-Stars. The walk served up in the 8th robbed Victor Martinez
of an at-bat in the game, while the guy after him, Adam Jones, drove
in a run with a sac fly.. the run that happened to win the game.

Explanation needed as to why the national broadcasts are always the
worst.. Do we not endure enough sportscaster stupidity, Boston a**
kissing and Yankee salary criticisms throughout the year? Just sayin’.

Your Quick Bit Of Hilarity: Mo nailing down the save.. for none other than Jonathan Papelbon.. and he wasn’t even the one who truly
saved it for Pap, as Crawford’s catch in left robbed what would’ve been a
game-tying home run. MVP honor well deserved.. “Winning pitcher” label
in this one, not so much..

National League, your time will come.. when Mo

– Lastly, the all angles feed by MLB/Fox was seriously the greatest thing in the world since Red Mango:

all angles.jpg

Just about fell in love with it..

asg all angles.jpg

On Deck:
The second half of the season.. A 10 game homestand in store for the
Yanks, beginning with a three game set against Detroit, following the
next two off days. It’s that time again.

P.S. No Derby post because.. it was unquestionably lame. Did we all really want ‘roids banned in baseball?


Pettitte’s Problem & Making The Move

January quickly winding down and a deal yet to be done to secure
Pettitte in pinstripes, or any uniform for that matter, for ’09,  I
think it’s time to cue the music:

it was once thought inevitable that a deal would be done between the
Yanks and Pettitte at one point this offseason, that clearly hasn’t
turned out to be the case, with Andy still unable to definitively say
that he’ll be playing in the new Yankee Stadium this year… or any
stadium at all, considering his second option was thought to be back to
Houston, but according to their owner, they don’t need him… So, what
does Andy do now? He signs on the damn dotted line. If, by some miracle,
Old Reliable is reading this right now, there are two things you ought
to know:

We seriously want to see you in pinstripes another year… or at least
I do. I know many other Yankee fans love to see new additions, something the Yanks could possibly resort to seeking for to fill the role of the 5th starter,
but I’d much rather see you in the rotation than any other guy the
Yanks could get, or already have.

The Yankees… period. You’ve spent enough time with the team to
realize who they are by now, so if you’re still hoping they’ll budge
on the offer, knowing full well that  you have no other options,
well… good luck. I know Obama has preached many times about hope and
change, but this wasn’t what he was talking about Andy. The Yanks
aren’t changing the deal. I know it, all of baseball knows it, and deep
down you know it too, so break out the ballpoint pen and give us
something to cheer about next year in El Estadio Numero Dos.

And speaking of that new hunk of concrete gorgeousness…

yanks move.jpg

was the day the Yanks packed up the glory days and moved it on over to
the new Yankee Stadium to hopefully bring some more of those days to
come. To simply say that I can not wait for the season to start may be the understatement of
the year.

Start the countdown till spring training.

Side Notes:

The MLB Network may be the greatest thing to hit TV since The Daily
Show and/or Colbert Report [if you don’t watch either one of those I’ve just lost
all respect for you], but it seems like the network has been showing a
hell of a lot of Red Sox, or is it just me? I don’t know, but I do
recall scanning the guide and seeing “Red Sox Memories” and games involving the
Red Sox being shown on the channel for an entire day once, and if that
continues to happen, well… God / Allah / Baby Jesus / Oprah Winfrey / Tom Cruise, help us. We really can’t handle another ESPN.

– Thank you Joseph L. Bruno. You’ve added to the multitude of reasons New York will forever be Gotham.

– Speaking of, The Dark Knight got robbed. How a film can earn 2nd most all time and not even earn a nomination for Best Picture is beyond me.
If Heath Ledger doesn’t win for Actor in a Supporting Role there is no
justice in the world… which I am, indeed, still young too realize is already