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Blast From The Past Gets Kick In The. . .

Note: I was two seconds from testing the censorship with the headline, but I figured you’d get my point.

This one may have not been a Beckham kick, but any win against a former
Yankee pitcher is one that should be exaggerated [for no other reason
than because it’s funny].. and despite the offense putting up 4 runs
on the board with 7 hits, the said “kick” in the game came from the
pitcher that went 7 innings, holding down the 1st place Royals [mind
blowing, yes] to 1 run and 3 measly hits: Andy Pettitte a.k.a.
Old Reliable a.k.a. the man you should give a contract with plenty of
zeros to without him even asking for one. I don’t care if he isn’t a
young stud anymore. The guy still looks good:

pettitte 410.jpg

… [and gives you solid outings to boot.]

Follow the formula that’s sure to bring approximately 158 more W’s with Bruney & Mo afterward and you get this:

yankee win.jpg

A hell of a let down for Royals’ fans [yeah, they have some]..

Ruining opposing team home openers–> love it.

Side Notes:

The other blast from the past, Nuke LaFarnsworth, opted to swallow
the tears this time and settle for payback by easily sitting down 3
Yankee hitters in order, all via the strikeout. We appreciate the love.

– Cano with 2 more hits today.. Did someone give this guy lighter fluid again?

DJ Swish drove in another one today. Though it may not make Nady/Matsui
happy, I say keep the guy with the hot bat in the lineup and screw the
original plans.

– Alex is apparently ahead of schedule with his rehab and is looking to come back possibly at the end of April [or at least before the original May 15th target date].. Though I’m looking forward to seeing his name in the lineup again [and not Ransom’s.. no offense..] his miraculous fast recovery just seems like it would be a definite backfire.. Reasons why I say this: 1.) It’s Alex Rodriguez. 2.) It’s Alex Rodriguez.

On Deck:
CC’s second shot at his first win in pinstripes against Horacio Ramirez
at 7:10 tomorrow night. Are these afternoon week games and
night games throwing anybody else off?


Breathe. . . Order Has Been Restored

… and no, it wasn’t restored just with a win.

What Happened [That We Wished Would’ve Happened 3 Days Ago]:

1.) The offense scored a load

box 4909.jpg

2.) the starting pitcher for the Yanks notched a K [multiple ones in fact]

3.) Tex forced O’s fans to realize best attribute: shutting up [which is tied for further making fools of themselves]

cano & swisher.jpg

and lastly…

6.) Mariano Rivera did what Mariano Rivera does [sit them down at any age because he’s Mariano Rivera]…

Fellas: This is more like it.

Side Notes:

– Beyond sad start to the day. It was recognized by a moment of silence before the game.

– Gotta love this quote by Michael Kay today: “Sometimes even a Lamborghini
or a Bentley has trouble getting out of the garage, but once it hits
the highway…” [he didn’t finish the sentence because it was obvious
that what happens is

Congratulations to Ramiro Pena for getting his first big league hit in
his first at-bat. Damon teasing him by tossing the ball [not the real
base hit one] into the stands was good stuff, lol.

– I love Nick Swisher.

– If you listen to the post game interview of the man mentioned above [which you can hear on Pete Abraham’s blog here] you can hear the music he played in the clubhouse today. He blasted some Snoop [which I did as well to pump me up for my pre-spring training workout]. When asked “You don’t actually ever give up on being an everyday player right?” his response was “Oh hell nah.” Lol.

On Deck: Pettitte vs. Sidney Ponson tomorrow afternoon… really looking forward to this, lol.

Blehh. . . Double Dud

it’s too early in the season to be let down like this and I’m too tired to elaborate on this disappointment, I’m going to
keep this post short and pay attention to the positives:

1.) The Yanks at least made this guy happy:


2.) A.J. has the opportunity to be the first Yankee starter to notch a K.

3.) Sooner or later the offense will realize ’08 is over… hopefully.

4.) Tex’s updated average is .111. [Yeah, that’s a positive… for obvious reasons.]

mark teix sellout.jpg

5.) Only gave up 7 runs today and 6 walks.. that’s what I call improvement.

Side Notes:

Thanks to Mike, Jason, & Jane for stopping by for the in-gamer..
made this game much more bearable. Hope the next one is accompanied by
a win.

– Special thanks to the ballplayer by the name of Derek Jeter for getting us the least bit hype at the end there.

– Tomorrow
A.J. is on the mound for a 1:35 ET start… but if you look ahead, you
will see that we’re in store for the match-up of a lifetime on Friday night.
Andy Pettitte will be going head to head with… Sidney Ponson. Oh
yeah.. get ready.. lol.

One For The Stress

To relieve the recent, and not so recent, headaches and heartburn, the real Yanks decided to make an appearance tonight.


Which makes it tough to make fun of them today.

Side Notes:

I don’t know what was with Ponson putting up a solid performance early,
but he corrected it by giving up a 3 run homer in the 6th. Seriously
though, he was actually hitting the glove… more than once.

I remember from the Paul O’Neill Yankeeography that Sterling said
something like “When a warrior is wounded is when you better watch
out”… which is what the Mariners should’ve done. Wasn’t there
something wrong with Bobby’s wrist? I bet in the post-game interviews
after the game he’ll be like, “Wrist bothering me? Nahhhh.”

It’s not too often that baserunning makes its presence known in a game
but it was responsible for some of the runs the Yanks scored in this win tonight. Jeet did his part, scoring from first in the 7th, with his
always great instincts, in no need of a 3rd base coach, to just get in
there. JD also stole two bags in that inning.

– Sometimes I feel sorry for the ball when Big G comes to the plate. One way or another it’s going to get smacked.

The Yanks gain back the game they lost yesterday and will turn to the
Moose in the final game of this series in Seattle. One of the few
reasons Yankee fans have to keep watching the games is to see Moose get
that 20 he’s been searching for. Mussina more than desearves that 20
win season.

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Yeah, That Just Happened

Yes, the Yanks just defied reason… they won.


Biggest jaw dropper of the game: the opposing team scored 9 runs and the Yanks scored more… again, defying reason.

Too bad the win means… absolutely nothing.

If they win more than 3 in a row I’ll be remotely excited… and of course by “remotedly excited” I mean I won’t change the channel mid-game or possibly  not count down the number of games left till the Yanks are mathematically eliminated.

Side Notes:

– Guess who drove in the most runs of the game today. None other than Mr. Double Play. The rally killer decided to drive in 4 runs in today’s game… atta boy.

– According to Abraham
[not Lincoln], Joba will be back by tomorrow, but will be limited to
pitching in relief for the rest of the season. Yeah, it’s possibly a
little too late to build up him arm again, but he could give a solid 3 inning start… as opposed to a trashy 3 inning start like, I don’t know… Ponson?

– Up next: Tampa, Seattle and LA… much to look forward to no?

A Walk-Off Win? *Gasp* Hell Just Froze Over

It took them 5 hours and 13 innings to get it but finally, a win.


It’s kind of sad that it took that long for the Yanks to beat the Royals,
but a win, however they get it, is a miracle for this team. It’s almost
funny that [with the 3 errors by KC] the only run the Yanks “earned”
today was the winning one. Like I said though, a win is a win.

Side Notes:

Say hello to your starting center fielder for the next 39 games. After
the send down of Melky Cabrera, Brett Gardner, with 3 hits in today’s
game, is getting his shot and taking it. That’s his second walk-off hit
this season.

– With another quality outing, Sidney Ponson [wait, I got that right the first time] Sidney Ponson is now officially a legitimate starter… who’d a thunk it?

– I think it’s time to sing a line from my favorite song: Wilson, Wilson, go away. Don’t come back another day ever.

– Now 6.5 back [until the completion of the game in Boston] in the Wild Card, the Yanks need to win… say 30 more times?

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