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In Retrospect

order of business, apologies to anyone who reads this blog for my month-ish absence.
Blame education. I’m in my senior year of high school but it feels like
college already. Papers due every week + applying to college madness =
no time & no fun. But, I’m back… well, for at least this post
[not sure how often I’ll be able to post these days] and I’m thinking
of starting a new “segment” on the blog to recap the events of the
week/month [haven’t decided yet] so, here’s to the first…

The Month Since My Last Post In Retrospect:

1. Phillies Win World Series:

anyone even care about this one? I swear, this might’ve been the most
boring and least talked about WS of all time. Had the Rays won, maybe
it would’ve generated more talk, since it would’ve been their first
championship in their absolute first year in the playoffs, but no, the
Phillies had to win and make the World Series something no one cared
about this year. Congrats gentlemen.

2. Yanks Make “Other Teams: Don’t Even Try” Offer To CC:

The economy is becoming the new titanic, while Sabathia is getting enough money to make it rain
pour for weeks. Why CC is still “thinking about his options” is beyond
me. I would’ve packed my bags and been on a plane the minute the Yanks
made the offer.

3. Hank Displays His Greedy S.O.B.’ness… In  A Good Way:

CC, Burnett oh my. We all knew Hank was coming dangerously close to
being more infamous than his father the minute he stepped on the scene,
but… wow, now he’s just leaving him in the dust. Mini-Stein Numero
Uno can’t just have a slice, he wants the whole pie and if you’re a
Yankee fan you’re probably thinking the same thing as me: Screw the haters, we have a sweet tooth. Bring us the big boys. [Gotta love a shopping spree.]

4. Yanks Put Swisher In Blue Pinstripes:

that’s not even the thing worth noting… the real story is who they
got rid of in getting him: Wilson Betemit [+2 minor league guys].
Forgetting about Sabathia/Lowe/Burnett for a second, this move right
here was bliss for me. I don’t know what’s worse than garbage, but
Betemit was it. I can’t even count how many times I wanted to take the
bat from his hands this year. But, besides Betemit, the other thing to
note about this move: the “dreams” of acquiring Teixeira. Yeah, say goodbye to those. But, if it makes you guys feel any better the Yanks also got a minor leaguer named “Kanekoa Texeira” with this move.

5. Rasner Wants To Leave, Gets His Wish… I Think:

So Raz requests a trade and the Yanks deal him to Japan… I don’t know if Raz wanted to go that far, but all I can say is good luck.

6. Free Agent Madness:

one guy not sure if he’s even going to pitch again, another guy 
wanting to pitch just one more year and plenty of other guys now on the free
agent market, I can’t even tell which way is up right now. One of the
many reasons why I do not like the off-season is because of how much
goes on. I lack the ability to keep up so just tell me who’s on the
roster the day before Opening Day.


– Jeet & A-Rod win Silver Slugger and Moose picks up another Gold Glove, congrats to each.

– New Yankee Stadium is looking super sexy.

new yankee stadium.jpg

P.S. Lemme know if I missed any news.

P.P.S. Duh, forgot the election. Viva Obama.

P.P.P.S. Now, go and vote for Victor Martinez for “Oddity Of The Year” TYIB Award [formally known as Blooper Of The Year] because that kick of the bucket was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.


Of All Times To Start Winning

Of course the Yanks choose to start winning when it benefits the Red Sox.

treadmill cartoon-1.jpg

If the Yanks somehow
keep pulling off the magic act, pulling wins out of their hat, for
the rest of the season, it’ll be quite a work out trying to play catch up.

the Yanks are putting up a string of wins, they still can’t gain ground
in the Wild Card for their lives because the Red Sox have them on a
treadmill, not getting anywhere no matter how fast they run.

Side Notes:

It’s only fitting that the first use of instant replay in baseball
should be used to judge a homer by the man that will hit the most all
time. In the last 4 games A-Rod has gone 10-16, with 2 home runs and 11 RBI’s. I think he got the message.

Right now, don’t know what to think of Pav’s outing. Only gave up 3
runs, but only went 4+ and had trouble, allowing 6 hits and 2 walks.
The Yanks got the win so, as you would expect, I don’t care.

Anyone else feel like Mo has disappeared? I know we didn’t need him
today, seems barely at all lately, but now it’s 5 days rest. He almost
has to be used tomorrow to make sure the arm doesn’t get rusty.

– Check out the left on base total for this game: 7. I can’t think of how many times the Yanks have left on less than 10 in back to back games, but I know it doesn’t happen often with this team.

Raz on the mound tomorrow. He seems to randomly give up a number of
runs between 1 and 5. He hasn’t given up the same number of runs in
back to back starts in the last 10 games. He gave up 4 in his last
start so I hope the number will be on the other side of that scale.

Original post here.

Game 1 Of 10 Game Road Trip – Joba vs. Padilla 8:05

          The Yanks will kick off a four game set against my second favorite team the Texas Rangers tonight in Arlington. The Yanks will be facing the Rangers, the Angels and the Twins in the “Let’s see what you got” 10 game road trip that starts tonight. Joba Chamberlain will take the mound for the Yanks and face Vincent Padilla for the Rangers.

Game Time: 8:05
                                     joba profile pic-1.jpg                                                    ph_218894-.jpg

Updates To Come:

6:19: The Stache has met it’s demise. It had no more luck left in it so Big G finally said his goodbyes. I wonder if he’ll stay clean shaven or see if he can squeeze some luck out of a new ‘stache.

6:21: Nady named Co-Player Of The Week for going 10-19, with 10 RBIs and 3 long balls. Keep making Cashman look like a trade God.

6:50: Just realized [courtesy of Sean of Yankees Daily] that the last regular season game at Yankee Stadium will be on ESPN. How crappy is that? It’d take me forever to list the reasons why I hate ESPN so I’ll cut to the chase: I want to thank whoever is responsible for this for slapping the Cathedral in the face. Nice job.

6:53: According to Pete Abraham, Joe G. has said that Dan Giese will start on Friday while Raz moves into the bullpen.

7:38: Melk is sitting out tonight and Girardi said he just wanted to give him a day or two off. Everyone knows Melky needs it. With the speedster Christian starting in center, it’ll be fun to see what havoc he causes on the bases.

7:45: It is currently 102 degrees in Arlington with 28% humidity making it feel like 104. It’s going to be tough just to breathe, let alone play baseball.

7:52: Good news: Mo says he’s ready and able to pitch.

8:13: Single by Bobby and A-Rod walks with two out. Big G up and looking weird.

8:21: And G comes through with a single to put the Yanks on the board.

8:24: The Yanks only put up 1, but have Padilla heaving for air.

8:30: Joba holds the Rangers down in the 1st, throwing 13 pitches.

8:36: Yanks go quickly and quietly in the 2nd.

8:43: Efficiency from Joba so far. Let’s hope that lasts.

8:55: Yanks fail to put up some more runs but push Padilla’s pitch count to 55 after 3 innings.

9:05: Joba ends a tough inning with a K of Michael Young. A run was prevented from scoring by a great stop by Jeet and Salty’s overslide.

9:15: Big G cranks a homer to put another run on the board for the Yanks. Should’ve shaved that ‘stache a while ago.

9:16: Robbie cranks one to tack another on. 3 – 0 Yanks. Padilla at 79 pitches with two outs in the 4th.

9:41: Balk gives the Yanks another run.

9:50: Red Alert: Pudge smiled.

9:55: Crazy inning unfolding for the Yanks. Someone get these umps glasses, pleease.

9:57: Joba now serves up another HR to make it 6 – 5 Texas.

10:04: Joba is taken out of the game with an apparent injury. Pray it isn’t serious.

10:20: Yanks get something stirring but not able to push across a run. Still waiting on word on Joba.

10:25: Edwar works a nice and easy 1-2-3 inning.

10:36: Yanks go down 1-2-3. With Joba taken out it seems the bats have got the air taken out them. The Yanks can easily tie this game and with the loss by Tampa, they have a chance to gain ground tonight.

10:40: As of yet, the word is “stiff right shoulder” on Joba.

10:44: Bruney pitches a solid 7th. Time for some more runs. A-Rod, Giambi and Nady coming up.

10:50: The X-Man strikes again! Homer! Tie Game.

10:57: The other guy in the Nady deal, Marte, coming into the game.

11:07: Marte allows a triple by Murphy but gets out of the jam by striking out my boy Crush Davis and getting Saltalamachhia to fly out.

11:19: Jeet had a chance to give the Yanks the lead but gets robbed of an RBI single by Hamilton in center.

11:36: It’s all over. Marte walks the bases loaded and Byrd hits a walk-off grand slam. One of the worst losses this season. Not a good way to start of the road trip.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by tonight.

Yankee Bats Seal The Sweep

jeter.jpg        With Hughes on the DL and Kennedy being sent down, all eyes, with hopes high, were on Rasner at the start of the game but the eyes quickly turned to the Yankee offense before the game’s end. The bats made their return official today with 8 runs on wait for it… 14 hits [seriously]. The top of the order kicked *** today, scoring 6 of the 8 runs. Damon, Jeet, Bobby and Matsui were a dominant relay team, each just handing on down the baton and keeping it moving. Johnny & Hideki had 2 hits, Bobby had 3 and El Capitan had 4… not bad. The C&C boys also made a reappearance today, as the Melk Man, Cabrera, and Cano had back to back homers [yes, I said Cano.] Nice to finally see the Bronx Bombers live up to their claim to fame again. I was honestly starting to forget what the ball looked like going over the wall… good times.
       With the burst of offense, Rasner’s start got somewhat lost in all the chaos. Even though the kid gave up 2 on a home run in the first, he didn’t do too shabby. All he needed to do really was go 6 innings and keep the score under 5 and he would’ve done better than Hughes & Kennedy have been doing. He did just that. After the mishap in the first inning, he settled down, had a bit of trouble but kept the Mariners scoreless for 5 innings after that. The bullpen had no problems either. Ohlendorf came in with a lead for a change and sat them down. Farnsy did the same. As did Mariano, who I don’t think should’ve been in the game, considering the 6 run lead, pitching two days ago and other guys in the pen who need work, but what-ev, no harm no foul.
       The Yanks get their second day off of the season mañana and face Cleveland. The starter for tomorrow is not up yet on yankees.com, but I’m assuming it’s Pettitte. He finally does not have to be the stopper with the last three wins, but it’d still be nice to see his stopper-esqe A-Game.

Other Notes:
– I am seriously willing to bet $100 that if you pick a random guy off the street, he’ll get more hits than Big G. They say even the worst hitter in the world will get a hit
once in a while… Giambi is the one exception. It’s okay though, he’ll do better when he sees the present I got him.
– The prices for the All-Star Game are seriously outrageous but as I said in the HDLR, I am willing to sell my liver… even my soul for those tickets, but I will take under consideration Mike’s suggestion of selling my kidney instead… I do have two of them.